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Mom’s Affair

It was Sunday afternoon. Everyone was at home. Dad was watching movie. I was sitting on the stairs of my apartment. My neighbor Mr. Ramanujam was fixing the water pipeline to his house. Mom was standing near me, and talking to the watchman of our apartments. Everything seemed normal. It was 2 pm, and dad went into bedroom to sleep. Mom was still outside talking to the watchman. I came in to watch TV. I suddenly felt there was some activity going on near my main door.

I moved into my balcony to see what was happening. My balcony was such, that we can see our main door. My eyes grew wide, seeing Ramanujam squeezing mom’s ass. I was shocked. My mom has a great figure. Nice round ass, well endowed breasts, and a slight tummy. She is fair and of moderate height. She is a woman who can be a nice partner in sex. I returned back to the living hall and called out for mom. She came in hurriedly, adjusting her saree over her ass.
Later, in the evening Mrs. Ramanujam had asked me to sleep in their house for about a week coz in the nights Mr. Ramanujam would be out of his apartment and they have some precious things inside and as she was going out to her native place. They do not have any children and so she keeps roaming places performing pujas, to get children. I agreed and that night I slept in their house.

Mom came, early in the morning at around 4 am, the time usually dad go for a morning walk. She came to wake me up. Just then she spoke to Mr. Ramanujam that tonight she will give me a heavy meal so that I sleep long and they can have a great session tomorrow morning. I suspected something fishy between them a long back but never had a confirmation. Now things got clear.
All through the day, I encountered their romances. They were stealing a reason to meet and tease each other sexually. It smelt like a run up for the long run tomorrow morning. After the dinner I went to his house and mom accompanied me. While Ramanujam was leaving mom had given him a great show. He was ogling at her boobs, all the time when he was wearing his shoes. He bid bye to us and gently pressed mom’s vaginal area.
Mom bid bye to us both and left right behind him. Dad was already sleeping and so mom went down to drop him till the car. I was hiding myself on the stairs to see the events. Mom was waving bye to him and in the meantime our watchmen hugged her from behind and started to squeeze her breasts. Ramanujam said starting his car “Daani pukuni naaku konchem migilchi unchu. Mottam nuvve naakeyyaku”(Dont completely use her pussy. Leave some for me), to this our watchman replied “Ee lanja puku enta dengina malli malli dengachu sir, meeru vache sariki malli mamulu gaane untundi”(This whore’s pussy is intact how much ever u fuck, by the time u r back it wud be back to normal). I was pretty well excited to their talk. Mom turned around kissed him on the lips and said “Naa puku neeku ippudu ivvanu. Repu podunna Ramanujam vachaka, iddaru kalisi dengandi, anta varaku calm ga paduko”(I am not gonna let u take my pussy now, after Ramanujam returns, both of u can fuck me). Saying this she started to climb up. I ran inside the apartment. She closed the door and left.

I put the alarm at 3 and woke up. I got fresh and was pretending to be sleeping. After a while the door opened. Dad went for his walk and our watchman came up. Mom locked our apartment and came into Ramanujam’s apartment. Watchman hugged and started to suck her lips. Just then Ramanujam arrived. Seeing mom and watchman kissing, he went behind mom and started to kiss her waist.
Mom has asked watchman to check whether I am awake. He was coming towards the bedroom. The bedroom was such, that the living hall was seen completely. If there are lights on it was all clear from the bedroom. He just peeped in and after confirming me to be sleeping went back. There in the living hall mom was busy in sucking Ramanujam erect dick.
As our watchman reached her, she rose her ass in the air and shook it gesturing him to take it. He lifted her saree alone with her petticoat and started to widen her ass cheeks to give an easy access to her asshole. He ran his tongue all the way over mom’s ass crack. After making Mom’s ass sufficiently wet, he started to open her asshole by inserting two fingers.
Mom was moaning and yet sucking Ramanujam. Our watchmen has now made a good opening in mom’s ass and pissed into it. Mom turned towards watchman and started to suck him. Ramanujam started to remove her saree, blouse and petticoat one by one. Now she stood completely naked. Ramanujam got naked and took mom from behind. He entered into mom’s asshole and started screwing it.
Mom was shaking her ass rhythmically to his shots in her ass. Now she has lifted one of her legs and asked the watchman to eat her pussy. He was doing it with great excitement. Mom was filled with ecstasy. She was enjoying the session. She then asked him to ride her pussy. Now her two major holes are filled and being ridden by two hard dicks. Ramanujam was squeezing her boobs from behind and watchman was sucking them.
Both men were ready to release their load and then mom asked them to go ahead and fill her ass and pussy with their hot and thick white fluid. After both of them withdrew mom’s ass and pussy were dripping with thick cum. Now she has asked them to fill her mouth with their cum. They masturbated and mom too helped them. After a while they shot a second round of cum into her mouth and she swallowed it, relishing every single drop of it. Everything got over in an hour and mom licked them dry.
All they got dressed. Mom was still wet with their semen’s down there. She came inside, woke me up. We were leaving, both the men pressed her pussy and rubbed their hands over it. Mom spread her legs got it pressed well and came back home. Three of them had another quick round in the afternoon and then continued this every morning.
Mom so has her share of cum as breakfast every early morning.