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MonaLisa – Mom, Aunty and Son

Hey im Peter, My Age Is 18.I Am here To Share My Experience with You.I
Am Student Of 12th Class. My Mom Name Is Lisa. Her Figure is 38-20-34
inches. She Has Most Beautiful Smile and eyes.I Love Her To See Daily.
When i see her i Feel like hugging her and Kissing Her Deeply. But I
only Hug Her Daily Which Gives me So Much Pleasure.

Coming To Incident What Had Happen is,Which Changed My life To Deep
Sorrow And Deep Pleasurefull Life.

One Day, After Completing my School. Returned Home,Hugged My Mom and
She Kissed My Forehead. that make me To Kiss her Cheek But She Was
About to move Back. i Kissed her Ears.

Mom – What are you doing Pete?
me – Nothing mom. I also felt like Kissing your forehead.

She Came near And i Kissed her Cheek And Forehead.

mom – Why so Much Love Today Pete?
me – I Love You Everyday Mom ( I Feel Hard in Pants)

Mom – Thank You Son. Atleast You Love Me After Your Father Death. Can
U Just Go to Our Neighbour house For Some Onions?
me – Okay mom I Will Just bring Them by asking Aunt.

My Aunt Name is Mona.Who Looks Like Perfect Milf. She Likes Me alot.
She Teaches Me About Physics Sometimes.

So as Per My Mom i Went to Mona Aunty House For Onions.After going
There. She was Masturbating infront of laptop. I Was Shocked I thought
That is Not The I Should Go For Onions.But Later I Thought I Should Go
For Another Epic Onions.
I Went Inside She Was Fucking herself like Whore Very Hardly by
Closing eyes. She slowly Seen Me. She Suddened And Covered her self.
i Faced My Self to Down.She came to ask why i am here.

me – Mona aunty Im Sorry for Disturbing You, My mom want some onions.

mona aunty – Okay, i will get them but never say about this to anyone
as you know my husband was died Thats why im Masturbating.

Me – i can Understand aunty i Never say to anyone.
Mona Aunty – Good, I will get you Onions.

Me -okay aunty, but i want big onions aunty.
mona aunty – ok i will bring them, they are in kichen.

me – no aunty, there are with you now.
mona aunty – no there are not in hall pete..
me -yes aunty but there are attached with your body those FUCKING BIG
MONA AUNTY – Eat how much you can and YOU CAN FUCK ME ALSO MOTHER

after that i Started fucking Aunty like biggest heaven of my life. we
done missionary,69,doggy style. while im catching her and fucking her
towards the wall. her moans are heavy.

Suddenly My mom was shocked by it. she takes a rod and hitten me very
badly,scolded aunty.
mom – What the fuck Are u people doing and you bitch. are you spoiling
my son.
Aunty – No, it is quite unfortunate Lisa. we Are Done it in Emotion.

mom – what emotion u bitch?
aunty _as you know my husband died so i fucked you r son.

mom – what!! my husband also died then. am i doing like that!!!
aunty – thats your bad Lisa. your son is very good. he want sexual
pleasures as he was 17 now. you hav to understand him. and also make
your desires done.

mom – stop you fucking bitch. you are so dont have any
me – please mom, its my mistake. aunty is good.
mom _ so you started all that. lets first go from this worst place.

after that bad incident. we ate dinner. and we went to different beds
and slept.

in bed i was talking to myself
me – i really feeling very bad but i had really great time with Moona
aunt. ihope she really sexually happy after long her husband
i remembering everything and felt like masturbating. i remembered the
word while mona aunty fucking me. she said motherfucker so many
me -am i really mother fucker. no but why did she say like that.
suddenly mom entered room

mom – because you are mother fucker not Aunt fucker Pete.

i suddenly shocked with my mom words and remain silent while she

mom – yes son you should be fucked me first. because even my husband
me – i m sorry mom.
mom – now kiss me you mother fucker.
we kissed hot. and i removed her clothes. we kissed 10 minutes
continuosly and i could
slowly listen the moaning of her and she was also involved in it and
she gave me a green signal and I started squeezing her boobs licked
her pussy inserted my dick in her pussy.i cummed inside her.
we fucked whole night with different positions like
doggy,69,missionary etc.

Next day we felt guilty because of not we fucked eachother but mom
made Mona aunty feel bad.
we decided we have to go there say sorry to her.

we entered into her house. she was doing chicken curry. We Called Mona

She Came Infront of us. she smiled to us

mona Aunty – Hi Lisa Im Really Sorry What Had Happen yesterday.

Lisa – No, That is Not Your Mistake Mona. I Feel Sorry For You. We
Scolded You. We Fucked Last NIght.
Mona – Haha That great, But I Know You Both Fucked Last
lisa _ What! Really How u Know that..
Mona – I Fucked Pete Yesterday but We Didnt Completed Our Session i
Felt uncomfortable. I Came Night To The Peter’s Window then I Saw You
Both are Talking and Fucking..By Seeing your fuck i masturbated there.
i felt happy n i felt like i completed.
lisa – its so nice mona. we will happy as usual.
mona – i never fuck you son again. he is mother fucker not aunt
me _ we cant be happy again.
mona – why pete
me – because im incompleted you bitch. you are also my mother from
now..i m the mother fucker. i want fuck you right now!!!!!!!!

lisa – oh my god! i will be disturbance for u guys. i will go out.

mona – wait lisa…

mmme- nooooooooooo, let her go…weshould our private space now.

mona – are very horny now…Come Start with my onions

the end.