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More Swap Plans – A soft swap

Me and my wife were in Delhi for a vacation. Went to a bar and resturant for dinner. After a couple of beers we both were discussing sex. Then I proposed why shouldn’t she try some different person. She bluntly denied to my out of the way idea. Then I tried to convince her (Just because I wanted to prolong the discussion so that I can manage couple of more beers). She was serious and conronting with me on values, love etc etc. I was enjoying the whole discussion and beer too. Then I tried to convince her saying that the life only comes once and one shouldn’t confide to just one man and woman if he/she has a good appetite for sex and all. Not to my astonishment she asked will I do this with another lady if I get a chance? Not with much of a thought, I casually said, “Yes why not?”. That was a punch line for her and she was a bit convinced. Then she said “Yea may be you are right.” That was the day and we came back to the room to have a nice sex and sleep.

Then one day in our home back in Mumbai, when I am back from my business, she told me, “There is a guy on net she accidentally came across who is insisting to meet her”. She even was having his phone number. His name was Rajesh. Then I insisted her to talk to her.

With much of a resistance she called her up in the night after 11:00. To much of my astonishment the talk prolonged for over 30 mins with discussions like professions, family, height, weight, vital statistics etc. I could she Rekha (my wife) was not that uncomfortable when Rakesh was asking her vitals etc. With speaker on we enjoyed the whole conversation. The guy was insisting every now and then to meet her. Then we made a plan.

Next day Rekha introduced me to Rakesh saying I am her classmate in the fashion training class and I know the whole story. Rakesh seem to be a nice man. He is much younger to me and my wife. He was just 27 while I am 32 and my wife being 30. He insisted to me to arrange a meeting between him and Rekha. The plan was finalized and we decided to meet at Chembur the next Sunday. Between that Rekha and Rakesh had a good deal of conversation on phone everyday during the day time in my absence. She used to tell me the story. They have started discussing about sex and married life.

The day has finally arrived and Rekha was very apprehensive about the meeting and excited too. I cool down the situation saying, “What max will happen? we are meeting in a crowded place and whenever u feel, u can draw the line saying No”. She was convinced and she started preparing for the meeting 2 hours before. When she came out of the bathroom ready…. I was stuned. She was looking beautiful in her sleeveless blue sort kurta and payjama, long bindi, well knotted hair and dark lipstic. I was feeling a bit envious about Rakesh too. I insisted to drop the dupatta and she agreed. As we called up Rakesh to finalize the meeting place, he told he has already made all the arrangements. He has booked a family table in a nice resturant and movie tickets for we three.

We drove down to Chembur. Rakesh was standing in front of that Resturant in jeans and red T shirt as promised. We greeted each other. He was a smart looking guy with good gesture of gentlemanship. He seem to be satishfied seeing Rekha too. I could see a spark in Rekha’s eyes too seeing the tall and handsome Rakesh. We rushed into the family room of the resturant. I pretend to be the common friend. Rakesh asked me how far can he go with her? I told I dn’t know but I don’t mind if she doesn’t.

So they sat down side by side on one side of the table and me on the other side. Rekha initially was feeling this setup as uncomfortable but later she settled down with me blinking my eyes saying cool down. I excused myself for a bathroom break and came out for a fag. When I went back I could see Rakesh holding Rekha’s hands and one hand around her on her shoulder. Seeing me he quickly left her hand but didn’t remove the other hand from her shoulder. I said, “carry on guys – don’t make me feel like a Kabaab mein haddi”. They laughed at me. Then we odered some beer and during the drink I pretend to watch the TV leaving them on their own. I could see Rakesh leaving no opprtunity. He started rubbing her shoulder and arms, pressing them. Then he slowly moved himself closer to her. The side of the table thy were sitting on was a sofa type setup. They were chatting something something at a very low voice avoiding me listening the conversation. I was enjoying the scene and so was Rekha. He was sitting almost touching her body. Then he started rubing her back and neck from behind. In one hand holding Rekha’s hand. Then he took that hand below the table and put her hand on his thigh. After a while I could see Rekha rubbing her hands on his thighs (I just assumed as that was happening under the table). We finished our food quickly as we were becoming late for the movie. We rushed into the theater. Till then Rakesh and Rekha were walking hand in hand. I could realize the stage was all set for both of them.

After entering into the theater, I realised the guy is not only handsome, he is smart too. He has booked the tickets in the last row and the corner seat towards the wall. Rekha sat beside the wall and Rakesh next to her. The theater was almost blank that day as the movie was not that good.

As soon as the lights of the thater went down and the movie started, Rakesh didn’t spoil one second. He turned himself to Rekha traying to block my vision and started kissing her. From the side I could well judge that they are kissing eachother. I could see Rekha’s hand around Rakesh’s neck. She was teasing me waving her hand at me. With the right hand around her shoulder he started touching her thighs with the left hand. Rekha’s left hand was also on Rakesh’s thighs. Then he started caressing her thighs, then belly and then the rose his hand to her breasts and started pressing them rigorously. I could see Rekha lifting one of her legs to half of the backrest of the front seat in excitement. He was kissing and pressing and rubbing while she was rubbing his inner thighs, kissing back. Then Rakesh slowly unzipped the zipper on the back of her skin tight kurta and started moving his hand on her bare back on the bra strap ( All these i was imagining at that time and later heard from my wife). Then he put his hands in the front around her neck in her bra and squeezed her firm boobs. She couldn’t resist and moaned lightly which I could hear. Then he opened her bra hook from behind and by then Rekha was becoming restless. I could see her touching his bulging cock and pressing it. Then she opened his pant zips and set the cock free. Rakesh was shivering in excitement. Then he started touching and finguring her cunt on her chudidaar. She started sagging his cock. He pressing hard and hugging tight, finguring etc. She was kissing his chest, face, neck and simulteneously sagging his hard cock. I could see him ejaculating in her hand. The ejaculation was strong.

In the interval both of them went to the bathroom for a wash. The second session continued after the interval.

While coming back home her lipstick was nomore existing on her lips. Her juda was not that neat at the time. She was looking tired and satisfied. But finally she agreed to the point I was making in the resturant in Delhi that it’s different.

They started talking to each other everyday with Rakesh much more eager now to have her in full. ……………