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Ms. Mamta teacher in camp

I am karan, a 20 year boy. The incident I will narrate happened some 5 mtnhs ago. It is about my Teacher, Miss Mamta and me. Everybody in our class, including girls, were her big fan. She was so approachable and cordial and seemed to understand our problems. She is beautiful happened to be just another plus point for her. I, too, worshipped her. It was during summer camp that her true colours came to my knowledge. Actually, she asked me to erect her tent and when it was erected she poked my friends that I didnt help them in tent erection.

When my friends were pulling my leg, she intervened and said No problem, karan will be with me in my tent. Truthfully, I didnt want to to be there as I thought I would be missing out gossip of my friends but after every friend denied me entry to their tents, I was left with no option but to be with Miss Mamta. In early evening hours she cheered me up and said, karan, dont you worry, your friends will allow you from tomorrow. After dinner we played dumb charades and then Miss Mamta called it a day. It had been hectic day and soon lamps of every tent was out. Miss Mamta, too, put off the lamp and asked me as to how was the day for me. I said it was good and I enjoyed a lot.

She talked for sometime regarding next days activities that she had planned while I tucked myself in my bedding. She then asked me to close my eyes till she reverses her command and kept on repeating it. It naturally made me curious and thinking that in just moonlight she could not make out wether or not I am obeying her, I kept my eyes open. My heart skipped a beat when she started to undress. Of course her back was towards me but I could make out her figure as she slowly removed her pullovers, then shirt and then jeans. I gulped and this was too much for me. My dick revolted inside my underwear (I had not changed ) and my breathing was heavy. Mamta Miss, continued talking about her plans to make this camping a learning cum fun filled programme. I just kept on replying in mono syllabe as my voice would have quivered.

She then removed her bra, and from side I could see her boobs, she rubbed her boobs before putting on a long T shirt type thing which went down upto her ass and perhaps few inches below it. She then untied her hairs and started brushing it with her fingers, from forehead to back. Once done, she suddenly asked me karan how is it . I gulped and kept mum, she again softly asked how do you feel here . I could barely manage good . She then went under her blanket and asked me you dont change before sleeping, karan and then said now for sound sleep, you should change into something more comfortable . There was some sort of command and I had to change. As I put down my jeans, a huge bulge was there in my jockeys. I tried to make it fast so that Mamta Miss doesnt see it but she surely did ( she told me later ).

I changed into my bermudas and a T shirt. The effect of what I saw was still there and the huge bulge was still there. As I again tucked myself inside my blanket, Mamta Miss softly said, karan, my legs are paining, I hope you will not mind if I ask you to massage my legs for few minutes . Her request were so commanding that I went to her bedding. She asked me to sit and gave me a moisturiser. I started to massage her feet when she very softly, barely audible, asked me to massage upto her calf. She put both the legs on my lap and they were inches away from my dick and her legs gently rubbed my bare legs as I massaged. I was getting more and more excited and I out reached my limits when I went upto her knees. Her smooth, velvety skin was arousing me more but my dick was maximum hard and the head was rubbing against my bermuda and giving me pleasure. She was continuously saying ohh god, what a relief aaaahhh karan, you got magical hands . She increased my pleasure when occasionally her feet started to touch my dick. After a while she again softly said oh! karan it was so good, please do me a favor, please massage my hands also .

She shifted aside to accomodate me there. I changed my position and as I settled there she said ummmm, you smell so bad, why dont you boys use deo, karan, go and bring that box, I dont have deo but I brought some aromatic oil . I gave her the box and she took some oil into her palms and said come here . I went near her crawling, so that she doesnt come to know about my bulge. She then asked me to lift my T shirt and then she rubbed the oil on my chest, stomach and shoulders. I had goosebums all over my body as she gently rubbed. She then, while rubbing, touched my nipples and for quite some time, sometimes with her palms and sometime with her fingers played around with my nipples. I was finding it difficult to breathe. Before moving down to stomach she tweaked my nipples two three times and softly said, are you feeling cold, you got goosebums all over . She then poured some more oil and rubbed it on my thighs, her hands were so near to my balls yet so far. I wanted her to touch them but she elluded it.

She then breathed heavily and said, now you smell good, now please massage my hands . She turned away from me and she asked me to be fully inside the blanket and from inside only massage her. I started massaging her, keeping distance from her to avoid poking her with my dick. My fingers could occasionaly feel the suppleness of her boobs and I wanted to end my ordeal, shake my dick and get the heavenly pleasure of masterbation. She gave another shock to me when she suddenly turned and that caused my hand totally over her boobs, it lasted for few seconds only, but I will never forget the softness and a little hard pin poking my palms. Her nipples were erect and poked me like a pin. She turned towards me, narrowing the gap, rubbing her legs with mine on pretext of adjusting herself. Her face was inches away from my chest as she exotically whispered karan, please do it .

I started to massage her other hand when suddenly her hand fell over my hard dick. She acted as if shocked and gripping my dick she said oh my god, all this time you were thinking dirty about me, your teacher karan . She didnt leave my dick but instead her hands slided inside my bermuda and firmly gripping it she started lecturing me karan, you are also one of those bad boys, I thought you to be a good boy and blah blah blah . I was in cloud nine as she was gently jerking my dick and one of her leg was totally over mine and I could feel her pubic hairs rubbing and some wetness on my legs. I wanted a immediate release and stretched myself and moaned ummmmmm aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh uuunnnnnnnnnneeemmmmm .

She continued to call me bad boy but continued with her hand job. In pleasure, I put both my hands below my head as Mamta Miss, resting her body on one elbow and pressing one of her boob on my body raised her feet and held the bermuda with fingers and started pulling it down. I raised my pelvic and helped her as she increased the pace of jerking and simultaneously took my leg between her legs and rubbed her pussy. I peaked and she sensed it, she very timely removed the blanket and I shot my cum vertically upwards. I was feeling so relaxed. Mamta miss then said you dirty boy, you dared to spit on me, now I will make you clean my body as your punishment, you will have to lick your spit and clean me .

She then lyed down beside me and said cleam me now. I had understood that she will not mind if even I fucked her and immediately came on top of her and desperately removed her garment. I attacked her nipples and started sucking them. She combed my hairs with her fingers and started moaning softly ohhhhhhh karaaaaaannnn doooonnnttttt dooo thissssss to youur teaaaacherrrrr ummmmm . She pulled me up and I had my first kiss. Her tongue played with my entire mouth and then she thrust her tongue and asked me to suck it. I enjoyed doing it. She then expertly guided me down to her pussy and instinctively I licked it and sucked it. She kept on guiding me to all her body parts and ended finally on her smooth armpits.

I was a quick learner and played around with my tongue. She then whispered, fuckkkkk me nowww karanjjj you have made me hottttt and do it slowly. I entered her warm alleys and my dick experienced the heaven. As I started to grind her furiously, she checked me and said go sloooowwwww vabyyyyyy ummmm doooonnttttt spoooillllll ittttttt aaaahhhhh. I then gently rocked her boat with steady thrust, almost fully pulling out and then slowly going the entire way down. She was continuously licking my ears and breathing hot. She was in a way controlling my speed bcoz her both legs were on my legs, not allowing me to raise myself and only my pelvic movement was possible. She made me suck her nipples, kissed me as gradually her moaning became steady.

She was gradually releasing pressure of my legs and then finally I raised her legs to get that uninterrupted access to her pussy and started to pump her at rapid pace, still fully pulling out and then ramming her down. She moaned and then she pulled me down and came on top of me. Her pelvic movement was juicing me out as her one hand rested on my chest and the other played with herself. I felt she was pissing as my pubic was getting wet, she held both the boobs and moaned ummmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhh. She asked me to fuck her with all my might. I again put her down and rammed her holding and squeezing her boobs. The only thing that intrigued me was as to why she continued to piss. I then gave her all my cum, going deep down and ejaculating fully inside her…