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My American lady boss

I work for a MNC in Bangalore. Our head-office is in America. My name is Rajan and I am 30 years old. I am 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and muscular body. Even in my college girls used to get attracted to me and I did enjoy with some them a lot. My company sends us to US to work regularly and we are put up in a 5 star hotel and looked after well. I have a lady boss in US.

My relation with her was professional. She liked me a lot as she felt I am efficient and did job on time and well. She was 5′ 8” tall, with a full body. She had an excellent figure for her age, which was 40 or so. Once I was called for some important job which was to last for at least 6 months. As usual she greeted me in the office the day I reached there. I was told by my friends out there that she just had a divorce as her husband was two timing her and he ultimately chose the other girl. She had a tough time adjusting, as her husband did not even care for their young son. She looked much less cheerful than before. The work was as usual and she was standing with me when I got a call from my girlfriend in India.

When I was leaving she asked me to come with her as she said she would drop me. While driving she asked me how I would spend my weekend. I told her that I have nothing to do and would just sleep away! She asked me if it would be ok for me to come and spend my weekend with her as her son was missing a male company. For me it was great as I used to waste my weekends anyway and I love kids. So packed and went with her. Her house was next to seashore and was a very nice place. Her son, who was just 3 years old, was initially very shy with me but as I have ways with kids, he was all over me in just no time! We played basketball and Frisbee and he was tired like hell and fell sleep even on dining table. My boss, Elena, looked very happy and told me thank you and when tried to take him to the bedroom could not lift him. I took him in my arms and carried him to his room. She again said thanks to me. I then told her not to say thanks so many time as I get embarrassed!

I was standing on her lawn looking at the sea when I felt a hand on my shoulders. I looked back and saw her in a neighty. As normal for an American woman it was very thin and semitransparent. As wind was blowing it clung to her and I could feel her figure. Wow she had a great finger. It showed clearly that she had no bra and the breeze made her nipples hard. I started to have an hardon! I was wearing shorts and it showed! She must have seen it as I felt her blush a little. She stood next to me and we faced the stiff and chilly wind coming from sea. She put her hand on my shoulder and asked me if I missed anyone at home. I told her I miss my mother and my gf. But told her that as I it was not really working out with her, we may be going our way. She looked concerned and asked me why. I told her that somehow the sparks have died after initial few days. What was the problem she told me. I told her that it is difficult for me to tell her. I am a woman going through all this so tell me. I told her that my gf is too conservative and would not do anything beyond simple sex and I could not despite lot of effort could even ask her to do minimum things like oral sex! She looked at me and said well give her up now and not after marriage! I placed my hands on her shoulders and told her to relax.

She simply broke down. Started crying and placed her head on my shoulders. I held her tight but could not but feel her lovely figure against me. Despite my best effort my cock became hard and was pushing against her tummy. Suddenly she looked up and our eyes met. I could just see a desire for love in her eyes. I lowered my head and kissed her on her forehead. She closed her eyes and I kissed her eyes one by one. Then I moved to her nose and then pushing her chin up placed my lips on her lips. Her mouth opened and I took her lower lip in my mouth and started to suck it. My hand which was on her back had moved down and was now touching her buts. I cupped her buts and squeezed them and her heard her moan deep in her throat.

Suddenly she started to pull up my T-shirt and I lifted my hands and she pulled it off and threw it away. I pushed up her neighty and she also lifted her hands and I pulled it out of her and threw it away. She was just in her panty now. She pulled down my shorts and I walked out of it. She now bend down and started to kiss my neck and down she went. She took my nipples in her mouth and sucked then. I had never done this before and felt an electric charge in my body and my cock became hard and made a tent in my jockey. She pushed me down on the lawn and I felt well cut lawn on my back pricking softly on my back. She took hold of my elastic of the jockey and pulled it down.

My 7 inch cock jumped out and stood straight in its full glory!! She took and deep breath and said OH Rajan you have a lovely and large cock! She then took the tip of the cock in her mouth and started to suck it. As she was sitting very near to me I pulled at her panty and she herself stood up and removed it. As she bended down I got my first close view of a white cunt. She was shaved and had a swollen cunt. The inside of her cunt was real red and the scene made me crazy. I tried to pull her down but she told me no! She took my hands and place them on her cunt and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. My cock was first time taken by a white mouth and the feeling itself made me go rock hard and it swelled to its maximum thickness! My fingers were not inside her and bended it upward to press her G Spot. Suddenly she said that it has been three years u know since I had any male!

She pushed my hands away and placed one leg on each side and stood over me. It was a great scene and she slowly bended and took my cock in her hand and glided into her eager chut! My huge tip opened her pussy lips and I felt her lips engulf my cock slowly. She slowly pushed and started to take it in. She was breathing hard and her tits were shaking and I held them in my hands started to squeeze them and pinch her nipples. She moaned loudly and tried to push my cock in. I was surprised to find her cunt to be so tight even when it was so wet. She looked at me and said in a hissed voice, ” You are big man! and I feel so full… I have not had a man for so long ……the cunt has become so tight….oh it feels so good! I held her by hand hips and pushed her down and my cock forced itself in. Her buttocks hit my legs and my cock was fully into her wet and tight cunt! She moaned and said oh god slow plz. Do you want to kill me? And she moaned loudly.

She now stared to move up and down and also pushed my pelvis up to meet her. Her cunt was not holding me tight and giving me time of my life. As she was moving up and down I started to cup and squeeze her tits hard and she started to move faster and started to breath harder and harder. She was now moaning loudly and saying things like yes yes yes!! Oh fuck me man fuck me hard! Suddenly I felt her become stiff and slowly lower herself to me. I held her tight and let her tremble. I felt her cunt muscles shake and give out the love juice. As she subsided I kept my hard cock in her and rolled her to her back and now I was over her. She looked at me with wide eyes and said oh god you still hard? I started to pump her wet cunt hard. I increased my pace and felt her panting under me. I was getting more and more pleasure and my mind was spinning and I kept the tempo up. She was panting under me and I kept pumping her hard. Suddenly she moaned loudly and went limp! I too gave a few big jerks to her and fell on her with a wild moan!

She looked at me and said that it was wild and one of the best she had in her life! I told her that that is just the beginning and slowly got up and lifted her in my arms. She clung to me by placing her arms around my neck. I carried her naked body to my bedroom and took her straight to the bathroom. The dry grass was sticking to both of us. I took out the shower and slowly started to clean her. Her hairs her face and then increased the speed on the shower and cleaned her breast. They swelled as water hit them and she started to moan. She tried to push me to tub but I said no. I went down and made her sit on the toilet seat. I opened her legs and first cleaned them. I now opened her cunt lips and placed the shower near it let the water hit and enter her. The water flowed down with my sperms! I pushed the shower very near to her and she moaned loudly. I let the water fuck her! Increasing and decreasing the speed of the shower.

Then I asked her to clean me. She then cleaned me and then I lifted and took her to the bathtub. I made a warm tub and we both slipped into it. I pushed her right let over my left leg and pushed myself to her pulling her both legs. She lifted herself and inside the warm waters of the tub I slipped into her! I kept my cock in her and started to move my but muscles and slowly moving my cock in her cunt. She understood it and started to do the same. Our bodies were moving just few centimeters and my cock firmly in her cunt! It was divine, and we both remained like this for I don’t know how much time! She came many times to my twice. Then we come how came out exhausted and moved to the bed and slept in each other hands till morning.