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My aunt ass

Hi this is mohan. I am an IT employee in Bangalore. This story done before six months in my home town at evening 6 pm I hag going evening walk speed so more peoples are comes walk this place because a hill is there.

A small old stone house is there it’s has no window and door it’s a open house little dark is there. while rain come very speed I had also ran there and one aunt also ran with me after so many people come there that old small house has now space while so I stand in a corner and aunt stand front of me while more sounds form rain this time aunt comes little bit back again and again then aunt ass continuously touching my cock I had not control my erection my has erected but aunt not stopped that again aunt comes back this time a enough from and I shown outside Because and aunt back full covered on me then aunt also noticed my erected cock them I knew doing purposely while me also start to push my cock to her ass Aunt not refused she cooperates me while take more courage and touch her hips from my hands and slowly massaging her hips then she support me and give her left hand back and massaging on cock over pant.

Then I take next step I slowly massaging her stomach and breasts now she wants to fuck and she start slowly pushing her ass on my cock I know she has hungry and I insert my left hand in her sari and huge her tightly and sucking her breasts and start fuck her hardly. Her ass size so nice and big any man suddenly attracted to her ass. Her body is so heat in that rainy season also I gave soundless kisses to her back only she also enjoyed it. We had fuck together 10 to 12 mints while her mobile is ringing then told in mobile here very rainy now I am safe u come slowly then I knew her feelings rain has not stopped again she comes before stage but she wants more from me her hand seeking my big cock its 8 inch she got that in pant but she not happy for that then she try open my zip then I open zip give cock in her hand then she hand blow job on cock she doing in and out.

Again its erected more I insert my hands in her sari from below she accepted that then I massaging her thighs this time I massaging her pussy already it wet. I insert my finger inside just two Mint while we not able to fuck here because so many people were there I planned to fuck her I massage her ass hole and insert one finger for ass hole fucking but aunt shy she try to Rejects my inside her ass slowly after she also come to my plan this but she rejects it then I try to insert my cock inside ass but that’s so tight she try to spread her hips finely me also try slowly inside her ass hole and I opened her hips as much as possible i reach fully inside ass then start fucking slowly then I doing in and out this time aunt not control her voice but she hold tightly my to hands.

I increasing my speed and she pushing her ass opposites my cock after 10 – 12 mints I Cumming in her ass hole my organs slowly come down on her hips and thighs while voiced slowly isss, isss, now I take out my cock again she massaging my cock clean it from hand after 3-4 mints I had playing with her pussy and pussy lips I bitten slowly her pussy lips aunts said slowly “don’t do like that please dear” with her pussy her pussy Cumming again and again then peoples are going out from dark house we were also come out together after two her husband come they are went to home by car. After I contact her but afraid this incident and said sorry and suggest me to forgot that but I am not able forgot that now I am staying in Bangalore I am alone here any unsatisfied girl or aunty please mail me to mohancrazy1atgmaildotcom.