My Aunty Shakeela My Darling

Shakeela was my real aunt, we are still very much in love. this incident happened in 2009. my uncle was in UK & seeking for immigration chance to get settled there. i did a lot for Shakeela’s ailing brother those day. i donated blood to him, i took Shakeela long way to see her brother twice a day.

Her brother got able to start his job in a month. i never had any bad feeling towards Shakeela. she got very frank & polite to me later on. i thought it’s ok. i used to go to my grand home almost daily for a while. we talked freely, a lot of joke & on all different matters but never had anything nasty. i even told & agreed her to get engaged to her youngest sister who was 2 years older than me. my mother opposed a lot but i, my uncle & Shakeela requested her to accept this relationship. (later i was married to shazia in november 2005)

Shakeela was living in my grand home with my grand mom, her two children. my grand mom had told me to come & stay there in my off days but i was not keen to do so. i was there to see then one day, it was raining a bit so my grand mom forced me to stay that night in her house. all of us had a lot of chatting. i suddenly noticed that Shakeela was wearing a very nice flowery shalwaar kameez. she was looking so cute & young, means not 38 but as young as 25. grand mom slept at 2230. i was in her room. Shakeela came to me & asked to come in her room & watch TV. she was getting boar.

I went there & sit with my sleeping cousin. Shakeela was lying on bed, i was watching TV, i just had a look on her. her beautiful cleavage was so deep & open. As we were very frank, i told her that she is so pretty just like a man’s dream. She told me i wanted to tell you something. i asked what? she told me that she likes me a lot. i kept quite she told me that she did not care about anyone even me if i do love her not. by god, it is as she said. she held my hand & kept talking. we were watching a movie khawaish (Malika sharawat), it was full of kissing.

I asked her why do these actresses kiss men & what happens to them after kissing? she told me please lay down. i did, she went to grand mom’s room & came back quickly & sat on my lap. I was shocked but she told me to keep quite if i love you. she came face to face & kissed on my lips. oh my god i was flying in the air. she kept kissing & my body was on fire. i held her by force & started licking her lips. we were kissing each other passionately. i touched her breast but she removed my hands away by giving me a sexy smile.

Dear all, trust me & experience that smile when a woman is sexually arisen. i could see her huge breast popping out of her shirt. my penis was on it’s peak, so hard that i was pushing it against my aunt’s cunt. i could feel the depth of her paradise valley whenever my penis was rubbing through her cut. then she got up & sit on a chair & told me how do i feel. i asked her please come to me. but she said no no no just feel me in your senses. i got up to catch her but she ran away in the drawing room, i followed her.

She was there sitting on a sofa, i understood her game, she was smiling & her smile was an open
invitation to explore her beauty & sex. i quietly locked the door & held her in my arms we started kissing on lips, cheek, neck. she moved away & told me to take my clothes. i told her to do it first. because i did not wish to fool myself later on. she was laughing and told me she will not run but i insisted her to take off her clothes first she agreed & took off her shirt. trust me by god, by my mother, she was so beautiful.

Her breast were getting of bra. she removed bra & i got stunned to see her 40+ breast with dark brown nipples. she took her shalwaar of now. her round white healthy thighs were so sexy & mind blowing. i tried to catch her but she said to get naked first. i took off all my clothes. my 6inch long penis was erected so hard. i held her in my arms & kept kissing her all over her body on lips, on neck, on breast, on her belly, on her back & everywhere. she was holding my penis & rubbing it in her hands.

It was my first experience to be with a woman who had all knowledge of sex. she was on fire, i could feel that it’s time to do it. i removed penis from her hands & took her her on the carpet. she told me to lay down & wait for her. i laid on the carpet, Shakeela sit on my lap & held my penis in her hand. i did not know whatever she would do she just looked on her cunt & rubbed it ob her cunt. i felt something very pleasant & hot. she just pushed herself down & i felt my penis somewhere in.

She just moved left right a bit then put her wight on me. my penis was full in her cunt. she moaned aah ah it was so nice to listen to her by god. i asked her what happened, she said shut up, you don’t know what happened. i held her in my arms & made closed to me her breast were on my chest. she was kissing me passionately & moving on my penis she was taking half penis with a stroke then all in her cunt. i was on fire. Shakeela got up & told me to strike. when i got up & see her cunt, it was so wet.

She opened her legs & asked me to sit between then put penis in her cunt. i did it ant pushed
my cock gently inside. i was pushing in and out. i felt fire all over me & got an orgasm. my penis was injecting a lot fluid in her, she was holding my tightly after my orgasm, i wanted to take my penis out but she told me to stay on her we were kissing each other with joy & talking. my penis was in her cunt relaxed but just after a while a felt a new life in it. penis was erecting again. i was kissing her now passionately.

She smiled & asked me if i was ready again. but i was on fire & started pushing penis very fast this time. she was laughing & telling that first time paani juldi choot jata hai mard ko time 2nd round me milta hai pr 2nd round mein mard aurat ki phudi ka hashar kar deta hai. i saw her cunt having my penis inside out. my penis so wet & beautiful at that time. i was really so nice to see my penis moving inside her i held Shakeela tightly in my arms. she was crying, moaning & biting me but i was fucking her hard. it took us 10 minutes to get orgasm. we both were so cool & relaxed. from there on our relationship get started. all comments & feed back are welcomed

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