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My Brother Turned Me Into A Wore

Hello every one, ma nickname is Choti, i m an engineer in mnc. This iz the story of how ma brother changed me 4m a shy virgin to a slut. This story takes me 4 years back, when i hade just joined ma job and ma brother had just completed his 12th and joined an engineering college in Bangalore. I also live and work in Bangalore, though he is my cousin brother yet v both r very close, so i myself decide to ask him to stay with me, when he came to Bangalore i asked him, and he agreed with me. Was very happy with, so he shifted in ma flat with all his stuff and v started living together. One day when i came back from the office i heard sum sound from his room, i decided to check it out myself instead of asking him, as i went near the door i found it open, i saw that a porn was going on in his laptop, and he was masturbating, i was shocked to c his such a huge dick, soon i was also arouse, so i thought to c him, as the porn got over; he open ma pic in the lappy and started to throw his jizz, ma god he shot his huge load that i had never seen even in the porn. That ni8 i was continuously thinking about his dick, and was thinking if he wanted to fuck me. So i decided to seduce him. I stared o wear small cloths, no bra nd panty at home with loose tops and small pants. Slowly it started having effect on him, he started to get bold with me, now he used to touch ma tits or butts and smile at me.

Then came his bday, as it was his 1st year so he did not have many frnds, so there was no party, i decided to play ma role on that ni8. I wore a very small dress with no bra on. Then i went to his room in try to seduce him, he was also very horny at time, i asked him to show me his browsing history, he was hesitating, then i took his lappy, and saw it myself. Then i shouted on hin “ kay ha ya? Ya karna tum yaha aya ho “ he was afraid, he said “ didi asa nahi ha “ then i asked “ or tum mera bathroom ma bhi dekhta ho na, jab ma naha rahi hoti hu “ nd a grabbed his cock, he was more than shocked. Soon his cock began to grown in ma hands. Then i said “ muja pata ha sab, tum mera photo dekh kar mut marta ho, i know all bro “ he said “ jab sab pata hi ha did to itna dram que kar rahi ho, jaldi sa kam suru kara“, i said “ to rok kon raha ha tumha “ then v started kissing each other, the kiss lasted so long that it seemed that it will never end. Now he started to press ma boobs, i was also getting hot now. Then i broke the kiss and asked him to show me his cock, he immediately took hi cock out and said “ c what u did to me “, i said “ now let me c what can it do to me “. I started to play with his dick and ball, then he requested me to suck his dick, i didn`t agree to it initially, but soon he was able to convince me. He was soon morning, and the he took hold of ma face and started to push ma dick deep in my throat, i was choking on him, but i think he was enjoying, soon he left ma face, nd i tok his dick out nd took a deep breath. He said “ di chusti itni accha ho, pehla bhi kisi ka chusa ha kay?“ to which i said “ nahi mera bhai, meri seal to tum hi todo ga “, he got very happy nd asked me carry on with sucking, nd i began sucking his big dick. Now let me tell u about me, at that time i was 25 years old, had a hight of 5`4“ nd body of 34 28 36, every1 in ma college was crazy 4 me, many in ma office were crazy, but i gave m virginity to ma brother, whom i trusted nd in whom i believed, but at time i didn`t know that he would turn me into such a wore.

There after sucking his dick for sum 5-7minute, he stared to morn louder nd louder and soon he said “Choti i m cumming, i m cumming“, nd before i could react he had already shot his huge white load into ma mouth, nd now was fucking ma mouth. Then he took hi dick out, i wanted to spit it out as it tasted real bad but he forced me to sallow his load nd i did so. Then he again put his dick at ma lips nd said “ chal Choti jaldi sa mera land saf karda“ nd i was so horny that i did so. The he made me stand up nd removed ma top, ma melons were free now, he started to press them nd squeeze the. Soon he was kissing then nd playing with them nd sucking ma nipples nd that was really getting me warmer. After playing with ma boobs for 10-15minutes he turned towards ma pants, he soon removed ma jeans nd started to admire ma sexy legs and thighs, then he asked me remove ma panty, i was feeling very shy to get completely nude in front of ma brother whom i have played with in ma childhood. But then i removed ma panty slowly nd by seeing ma pussy clean shaved he was more than happy and he started to kiss ma pussy lips. This was driving me crazy, he soon made me lie on the bed with ma legs wide open nd he was licking ma pussy, he then fucked ma pussy with his lips, nd i was moaning wildly, without remerging that he was ma brother, forgetting the whole world i just wanted him to fuck me, nd so i stared to shout “ fuck me yash, fuck me, m ur bitch, just fuck me “, he was now figure fucking ma pussy with 2 finger, nd i was screaming with main and pleasure. Soon he took his fingers out of me, i saw that his dick was hard again, i knew that i was now that time 4 actual fuck, he was going to break ma hym . I got mentally prepared for it, he took his big dick in hand which was nearly 8 inches long and at least 2 inches wide, i was frozen to death when i thought that how will i take suck a huge cock, but he was in no mood to think such things, he just took his cock in hand placed it near ma pussy opening, as soon as the tip of his cock touch ma pussy a current passed thought ma body, nd he saw ma condition nd understood all that was going on in ma mind.

He kissed me nd gave a little push to hid dick nd his dickhead entered in me, i stared screaming as it was mining more that i had imagined, i had near felt such pain ever before. He kissed me again till i got calm then again with a push his 1/4 cock entered in me, it was dam painful nd i was shouting like hell but he was kissing me now nd then to calm me down. Then he again he pushed but nothing happened but nothing happened, his dick could not go in any further, i understood that it was ma hym, he took his cock back nd pushed in with great force, nd he broke ma hym. I was completely out of breath it was paining like fuck, i was bleeding in ma pussy and blood was all over the bed over his dick nd i was screaming at top of ma voice, the he started to kiss make continuously very hard soon i was not shouting but i had tears in ma eyes becuz of the great pain i had felt a few seconds ago. But i was not feeling any pain thought he was still stroking ma pussy, soon the pain was replaced by pleasure nd i was enjoying him fucking me. I was saying “ chodo muja or jod sa chodo, randi bana dalo aaj muja“ nd he began to increase his speed. I was going out of ma breath, but the pleasure, that i can`t describe in words. He soon began banging ma pussy at great speed, he was fucking me like a horse, and he was an animal on bed. Soon he took his cock out and asked me to suck his cock; i was more than happy and began to suck his cock in the best way possible. He was again too satisfied yet neither was i, so v again began fucking, this time he said that v will fuck in doggy style, i again. He made me a bitch on the bed and climbed behind me, nd entered in ma pussy soon i realized that he was in me 4 the 2nd time nd now his dick was bigger than before, nd he was wilder than before nd soon he began 2 give me full strokes nd fuck me dam hard nd i was enjoying it so much that i got ma 1st orgasm, i was screaming at top of ma voice “ fuck me u bastars, kaminey chodu apani behan ko sala bhenchod, chod muja sala, chod. Don`t stop, m cumming m cumming cumming “ nd i came, i realized that 9i was tired as fuck nd needed rest, but he didn`t seem near any orgasm nd was fucked me wildly, soon his strokes were arousing me, nd i was hot again. Then he asked to stand up as he wants to fuck me in the standing pose, i did as he told. Then he also stood up stocked his dick made me lean on the bedside nd penetrated ma pussy 4m back, i could not control nd let out a loud moan, this arouse him nd started to fuck me very hard, now i was feeling like a complete slut who was fucking her own brother nd had cummed already 1ce nd was getting near her 2nd orgasm, soon i let out a flood of ma juices as i had ma 2nd orgasm, i enjoyed it so much that i can`t describe it in words. He was also close to his orgasm. So he took his dick out of ma flowing cunt and made me sit on ma knees and before i could know what iz happening i had all his cum over ma face and nd he was still jurking.

At the end he let a huge load of cum on ma face, ma boobies were also wet with his sticky cum, i got angry at him but i didn`t scold him cus after drinking his cum, i started 2 like cum very much. I took his limp dick in ma mouth nd cleaned it off his as well as mine luv juices nd went to bathroom 2 clean all the cum. When i went to bathroom i thought that it was all over, now as i was a virgin before this, i didn`t have any practice information about sex and knew that ma brother was also virgin before this so i thought that he also would be very tired after his 1st fuck as i was, but i was wrong he had gone mad as i was his dream gal nd he always wanted 2 fucked, so after fucking he had gone crazy nd he wanted to fuck the most out of me in that ni8 itself. As soon as i went out of the bathroom, he was sitting there with sum oil in a bottle nd was stroking his cock, i asked what’s the matter he said “ Choti ma tum ko abhi or thoda chodna chata hu“ i said “ r u crazy, itna to chod lia, ab kay jaan la ga? Ma ab or nahi chud sakti, mera 1st time ha “ us na kaha “ didi mera bhi to 1st time tha na, nd plz aaj mera bday ha yaar“ in such condition i couldn`t say no, so i agreed with him, nd got on ma knees to suck his dick back to life and i was shocked that his dick again stood rock hard within a few minutes, i was amazed to c that ma brother had already cummed twice yet how can his dick grow so hard so easily, may be because of me. But this time he didn`t allow me to suck much, instead he soon made me in doggy pose and started to fuck ma pussy, after fucking like that for nearly half hour i was dam hot nd crazy for his dick, he suddenly took his dick out, i was shocked nd asked him y he did that he said “ ab tera dusra ched ki bari ha meri bhena “ i asked him “ dusra ched, kona sa “ but i undersatood ity without his reply, i started to say“ nahi yash gand nahi, plz meri gand mat marna, ma mar jayugi, bohot Choti ha, us ma tumhara land jayga to to meri gand phat jaya gi nahi plz“ us na bada aram sa kaha “ Choti yahi to ma chat hu ki teri gand paht kjaya, nd jah tak darad ki bat ha to pheli bar to chut ma lata time bhi dard hua tha na, tu tensom mat la, bus bharosa kar muj par“ or ye keh kar us na apana land mera gand par rahk dia. Ma bohot dar gai thi. Us na dhera sa ek dhaka mara or uska dick head mera gand ma chala gaya, muja bohot dard hua or ma dhera dhera bolna lagi “ yash plz, nahi plz,nahi plz “ par usna meri ek na suni or ek jor ka zakta ka sath apana adha land meri gand ma ghusa dia, ab muja control nahi sua or ma zor sa chik padi “ yash “`vo ghada ya sun kar or kush hua or us na ek or zhakta ka sath baki ka land meri gand ma dal dia, ab meri akho ma asu a gai, or meri gand mano sach ma phar gai ho vasa dhukna lagi, lakin usa mano koi fark hi nahi pad raha tha. Us na thoda dar ka bad meri gand marna surau kar dia, phela to vo dhera dhera mar raha tha, lekin thodi dar ka bad vo zor zor sa meri gand marna laga. Muja yakin nahi horaha tha ki aaj sham thak ma ek virgin, shidhi-sadi ladki thi or ab ma ek randi ha vo ek bar apana bhai ka cum pi chuki ha, ek bar usa sa chut marva chuki ha or ab ussa gand marva rahi ha. Ab ma bohot horny hogai thi or phir sa ma ek bar jadgai, lakin mera bhai abhi bhi javar ki tarha muja chod raha tha. Ab usna kaha “ Choti ab mera pani pena ha ya tera sarir par dal du?“ mena kaha “ pena ha “ to us na apana land meri gand sa nikala or sidha mera mu ma dal dia, ma us ka land ko jor jor sa chusna lagi, kuch der chusna ka bad usna achanak apana land mera muj sa nikal dia, or land ko idhar udhar nachna laga or ma uska land ka taraf apana mu ghumana lagi, lakin us na achnak apana sari pani phrla ki tarha mera sara sarir par dal dia, muja us pa gussa aya to mana uska hatsa us ka lund chen ka chusa or saf karna lagi. Or us rat vo itna thak gay tha ti muja par apana muth dalna ki thodi der bad vo vahi so gaya, to ma vbhi us ka bagal ma nangi hi so gai. ………………. Ab ma app ko agali stry ma batu gi ki kasa yash na muja apana dosto sa chudya or kasa ma asi randi bani.