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My Confession-1

Hi friends, today I am going to confess one truth of my life. My name
is Sheetal Sharma. I have been married since last 3 years, my age is
28 years. Me and my husband work in a same private organisation in
Ahmedabad. I am having a figure like 34-28-38 and height 5’7″. I get
complements for my beauty where ever I go. Few years back I was not
that slim but my nanad is a fitness freak and she takes me to zym
daily. As a result I am just 54 Kg.
I am having a good sexual life with my hubby. My nanad is very naughty
and she always teases me, bhabhi I am not a boy othetwise I would have
f****d you daily two times. And I rush after her saying, you are very
naughty, now it is time of your marriage, otherwise you will become
more naughty and she laughs. I am very happy with my in-laws. All of
us live happily.
Last month I got a invitation card of marriage of my cousin sister
Komal (distant relation, but very close, mausi ki beti). Marriage was
after six days. My hubby was out of station for two months. So, I was
to go alone as my nanad must stay at home to look after my aged
Any way I went alone to Mount Abu, my aunt’s house. I caught Mount Abu
bus and reached there in the evening. My cousin Nandan came to bus
stand to receive me. I hugged him and asked how are you handsome? I am
fine Sheetal didi, how was the journey, he asked. I said not bad.
Nandan is around 20 years old. I said Nandan you are looking very
handsome and smart. He said, thanks, you are also looking very
beautiful, after marriage you have changed a lot. In fact I met him
first time after my marriage. In few minutes we reached home. My mausi
was very happy to see me. Komal hugged me tightly and said, kaya
Sheetal didi itni late aayin hain? I said kaya karoon chutti badi
mushkil se mili hai. In the night usual sangeet programme was there.
Next day every body was busy for welcoming the barat. Marraige was in
the night.
I was told to do the makeup of Komal, as I had done beautcian course
also and I am very good in doing makeup. We went to first floor in a
bedroom so that no one disturb us. Komal was in lahanga choli. I
looked at her and I was really impressed with her beauty, she is
having a face like a heroine. Lahanga choli was giving her a very nice
look and she is having really very nice figure. While looking at her I
thought she does not need any makeup. She had a face with pointing
nose. Her lips were very red and soft. I said, Komal, you do not need
any makeup, you are looking very beautiful. Komal sharma gayi and
said, aapse se sunder bhi koi hai? I smiled. I took foundation first
and applied on her cheeks she is having very smooth cheeks. Then I
applied all cosmetics items. I told her, Komal, I have to do waxing to
remove extra hairs on your body. She said, ok didi kar do. She told me
very politely. But for that you will have to remove your lahanga else
it will get spoiled, I told her. I told her to sit on the bed and I
closed the door from inside. Didi ap apni waxing khud hi karti hain ya
parlour jati hain, she asked me while removing lahanga. I go to
parlour, I told. She said aap kitni sundar hain. But you are very
beautiful too, your hubby will be very lucky man, I replied her in the
same manner. You must go to parlour regularly, be cautious about your
looks, I advised her. Are didi wo padne se hi fursat kahan milti thi
jo parlour jati, she replied me. Oh I see, but now your hubby will
teach you everything, I was becoming mischievous now. Oh didi ap bhi
bas, she blushed. I was doing the waxing. Kya apke
wahan hairs hain, she asked me in a very low voice, indicating place
between my legs. You mad, every woman has hairs there, I replied her.
So do you wax them too, she asked me. I use veet, usse easily nikal
jate hain, I told her. Achcha didi kya unke bhi waha itne jyada bal
hote hain, she asked me very curiously. Oh my god! you even don’t
know these small things, my dear they have a lots of hairs there with
one snake, I told her giving a wicked smile. Aap bhi didi badi
shararti hain. After few moments she asked in a very very low voice,
Sheetal didi, unka wo kitna bada hota hai? I smiled and said you will
come to know after your marraige. But she asked again. I said, tum
mujhe bato me hi laga dogi, let me do the job. I could see her very
fair and toned thighs. I was thinking how lucky is she. She had got a
figure to die. After removing hairs, I could see her very small and
lovely pussy. It was just like two tiny lips bonded together. I
touched her pussy politely, she shivered and maine aankh mar kar smile
di and said, you are very soft and small here. She blushed and asked
are you not like me? I said of course, but not now like you, earlier I
was like you, your’s is much smaller than mine, but it will become
like mine after few days when your hubby loves you. She said, you are
very naughty Sheetal didi. Then to my surprise, she asked in
whispering voice, Sheetal didi if you do not mind, can I see your’s. I
was really very much surprised but said okay. I lifted my saree and
laid on my back on the bed, lifted my big butts and removed my very
small penty. Komal said Sheetal didi your butts are very big and round
in shape, your butts are very beautiful. I said your’s will also
become beautiful soon. She said, you wear very small penty. I smiled
and said, to cover the two holes it is more than sufficient. I spread
my legs wide and said, look Komal, see my pussy. She was looking at my
love hole with a surprise and said, oh sheetal didi it is bigger than
mine, it is very very beautiful and she touched with her fingers. As
soon as she touched me, I got aroused. She saw my face and asked what
happened. I said, your touch flowed current in my body. She smiled and
said, should I touch it again, I said, please. As soon as she touched
my pussy I hold her hand and started rubbing over there and started
screaming. In fact my hubby was out of station and I did not enjoy for
more than one and half month, so I was starved of sex. Komal was
surprised and started rubbing with eager. I was enjoying her soft
touch. Then I said, please rub my clit. She smiled to listen that. I
spread my legs more wide and with my two fingers I opened the pussy
lips and asked can you see that now. She said yes, it is very big and
she touched with index finger I became horny and said please rub it
fast. Within few seconds my clit became erect and started throbbing.
Komal’s eyes wide opened. I asked what happened? She said Sheetal didi
your clit is very big, I think it, is half inch long. I said, yes it
is. I lowered her face and told in a very low voice with a mischievous
smile, in her ears, Komal it is my lund. Komal blushed very much and
said Sheetal didi you are very very very naughty. I smiled. I told
Komal please lick my clit. She refused first but I requested her again
please Komal I am dying. She agreed and started licking my clit, I was
enjoying her tongue on my clit. Soon I felt, I was cumming. I said
Komal please do it fast I am cumming. She increased the licking speed
and I was in heaven. I said Komal I cumming yes yes yes ohh God I am
cumming yes yes Komal I am cumming yeahhhhh oh my Goooood I am cumming
and I shoot my cum. I was relaxed. Komal was very much surprised.
Seeing my satisfied face Komal said, Sheetal didi was it so good.
Touching her cheeks I said, yes poor girl and thanks a lot. She
smiled. I asked, do you want to experience this. No no Sheetal didi it
is wrong, she said. I said there is nothing wrong in it, I am not
going harm you, it will not tear you hymen. She was in fix. I asked
again do you? Hesitating, she said no. But I could see, yes, in her
no. I hold her hand and asked again do you want? She did not say any
word and lowered her eyes. I laid her on the bed. She was not wearing
any thing as she had removed her lahanga and penty to remove hairs. I
spread her legs, her very small pussy was clearly visible. I kissed
over there. Komal moaned ahhhhh Sheetal didi. I rubbed her pussy lips
with my tongue. She started screaming. I asked how do you feel? She
did not replied but her face was telling she was enjoying a lot. I
went little up and spread the pussy lips and found her very small
clit. I touched it with my soft tongue. She whisper ahhhhh oh my God
Sheetal didi it is soooooo goooood, please do not stop, keep doing
like that. I smiled and started licking her small clit fast. I was
feeling the wonderful smell of Komal’s virgin pussy. Within few
moments Komal said, Sheetal didi something is happening to me. I
understood she was going to experience her life’s first orgasm. I
said, yes darling you are going to experience life’s most wonderful
experience and I increased speed. Komal hold my head and started
crying in very low voice oh yes Sheetal didi you are so gooood, I want
to cum, I am cumming yes Sheetal didi I am cumming I am cumming, she
lifted her butts and in a little loud voice said ahhhhhhhhh yessssssss
yeahhhh oh God. And she threw her first cum in my mouth in a large
quantity. I drank every drop. When I get up, I asked, how was it? She
said Sheetal didi it was unforgetable. I smiled and said now you
understood if I can give you this much pleasure, think how much your
hubby can give, when he insert his snake in your love hole. She
blushed very much and smiled. After few minutes she repeated the same
question, please sheetal didi bataiye na. I said, kaya batoon? She
said yahi ki unka snake kitna bada hota hai. I said, darne ki koi bat
nahi hai, you will get pain only first time so you need not to worry,
lekin bad mein bahut maja aata hai, tum khud hi bar bar karne ke liye
kaha karogi. She blushed very badly but whispered, kitne inch ka hota
hai? You need not to worry its only 4 to 5 inches, I told her in a
very lovely way. But one of my friend, who got married last year,
told, it is 8 inches long and thick like wrist, she told me in one
breath. Urre she might be joking, I tried to convince her. No no she
was telling me seriously. Now there were so many questions in my mind
now. Was Komal’s friend telling truth or just joking? Is it possible
to tolerate such a huge tool. Kya soch rahi hain didi. I said, I do
not believe this. She said, no no my friend told me very seriously,
perhaps you have seen smaller one only. I was speechless now, my
hubby’s was four inches long and thickness was just like my two
fingers. I did not say any thing. I wanted to finish this topic and
said, we are getting late, let us go. She said, ok.
After that, I also became ready. Suddenly Nandan came there and his
mouth remained open when he saw me, wow Sheetal didi you are looking
so beautiful, just like an actress. I looked at him and said thanks
for the complements, you too are looking very very handsome and smart.
He just smiled. As usual, it was a very busy night. Marriage function
was over and Komal went to her sasural. I was fully tired. I wanted to
sleep and went to bed after taking breakfast. Afternoon I waked up.
Now I was feeling fresh. I took bath and became ready to go to
Ahmedabad. But my mausi told no no Sheetal you can not go. You came
here first time after your marriage, you have to stay here at least
for a week. She said very strongly and I could see a lot of love in
her eyes. I could not say no. I informed my in-laws and my office and
took leave for a week.
In the next three days all customs were over and relatives had gone.
Now only four members, including me were there.
At night after dinner we all were gossiping. At eleven o’clock mausi
told let us go to bed now, it is late now. There were four bedrooms in
the house. She told me to sleep in one bedroom but I told I have no
habit of sleeping alone in a room. Nandan told Sheetal didi you sleep
in my bedroom. Mausi told it will be good. We entered the bedroom. It
was a study cum bedroom. One big double bed was there. Nikhil said
Sheetal didi you sleep on the bed I will sleep on the floor. But I
told, why, bed is very big we both can easily sleep on bed. He
switched off the light. I said, Nandan please put on night lamp, I can
not sleep in dark. I was not feeling sleepy, so, I told Nikhil to come
close to me, so that we can talk slowly, others will not get
disturbed. He came close to me. We were talking about so many things,
as we met after more than three years. Suddenly he said Sheetal didi
you are very beautiful. I smiled and said, earlier also you told me
the same. Am I really so beautiful. He said, I swear I have not seen
any girl so beautiful. I laughed. He said after marriage you have
become more beautiful, what is the reason? I said, that you will come
to know when you get married. He was surprised and said what do you
mean. I said that means you do not know any thing till know. He asked
please do not confuse me, tell me clearly. I put my index finger on
his chest and said when a man loves a woman, both become beautiful,
now understood ? He was not getting me but I said, you are looking
much smarter than earlier, I was moving my finger on his chest. He
smiled. I started doing comb in his hairs with my fingers. He was
really looking very handsome. His cheeks and lips were very nice.
Nandan was enjoying my touch in his hairs and on chest. Niandan said,
Sheetal didi your lips are very nice, you looks even more beautiful
when you smile. Nandan was taking much interest in me, many times he
told me that I am very beautiful. What does that mean? I asked, do you
have any girlfriend. He blushed and said no. I said oh I see, that’s
why you are taking that much interest in me. He blushed again and said
I am sorry. I said, ok no need to say sorry. It is quite common. You
can say anything to me whatever you like. He smiled and said Sheetal
didi you are really very beautiful from top to bottom. I smiled and
asked have you touched any girl ? He said no. I asked would you like
to touch me, he said nothing. I hold his hand and put on my cheeks and
then slowly I put his hands on my boobs. He shivered and me also. I
smiled and asked how do you feel? He said, very nice. I knew whatever
was happening was not good but I was getting some excitement. I said,
squeeze them. I was enjoying his inexperienced touch. I closed my
eyes. My heart was beating fast. Now I was feeling itching between my
thighs.I opened my eyes and kissed on his cheeks, he moaned, oh
Sheetal didi you are so good, I kissed his lips, he closed his eyes.
Suddenly I saw between his legs, there was a big bulge. Komal’s word
came in my mind, eight inches long and thick like wrist. I thought
about the size of Nandan. I wanted to see his tool. He was wearing a
bermuda. Slowly I started moving my hand from his chest to down and I
touched on the bulge. Nandan opened his eyes. I said, Nandan you have
grown up. He smiled. I asked in a very lovely voice, can I see your
manhood. He said nothing. I touched again and surprised and said, it
looks very big. I said, can you show me your tool. He ashamed and said
no no Sheetal didi. I said, ok you see my body and I removed my
blouse. His eyes opened wide when he saw my firm boobs in bra. I
removed my bra also. He said wow and he touched them. I shivered and
my pussy started pulsating. I said lick them. He started and I started
moving my fingers in his hairs. I was enjoying. My blood was striking
to my mind. I was very wet now. I looked at bottom. The bulge was much
bigger now. I said ok now it is your turn, let me see your’s. And I
removed his bermuda. He was wearing a frenchie. I could guess the size
easily now. It was much bigger than my hubby. I said, wow you have a
special tool and saying that I removed his underwear. And then I saw
the most special thing of my life, oh
my God !!!! one big snake was moving up and down between his legs. Can
a penis be so long and thick??? I was hypnotized looking at it. The
tip of his penis was so big. It was having all veins and it was really
very thick. Even at such a young age he was having a penis much bigger
than my hubby, just double. My eyes widened fully with a great
surprise, Oh my Goddddd ???? Nandan, it is very very big. Nandan said,
what are you saying Sheetal didi. I said yes, I swear, I never thought
of this much big size. You are much bigger than my hubby, Oh God and
put my both hands on my mouth. It was more than seven and half inches
and thick like my wrist. Komal was right.