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My Cooking Lessons

Hi This is Sunny, my nick name. I am basically very healthy and have a good physic. I am from chennai, I had joined a company in Chennai, after few months I was trasfered to Mumbai for a project. I was given a flat with all the facility, TV,BED, Kitchen and a maid to cook food for me. This is a true incident that had happend. The maid is a lady of age 28 and she is married, she is very sexy and had a big booms and buttocks.She comes to my room early morning she preparess the breakfast and leaves.

She comes again during evening to prepare the Dinner. Usually I take the Lunch outside.On Saturday and Sunday I used to have all Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at home itslef. Intially the project is very hectic for which I want to work late nights, but after few months I became free and soon I started to feel boared usually I come home early and go late.

Usually I spend time watching late night movies, sometimes I buy pron cd and I watch it in my laptop.Initially I did not had any intention to have a sex with the Maid since from the age of 18 I always think to have sex with my wife or to a Virgin girl. Since I like fresh girls but as time passed I was not able to control myslef. Seeing the hot sexy girls in Mumabi I was not able to control. I usually mastrubate during nigt and sleep. One day I came home late and on that day I was very upset since nothing went right during that day at office. So I thought to have drinks I ordered for a drinks and had boosing during midnight and had my dinner and went to sleep. Next day mornig I got up early sine whenever I bosse I used to wake up early. I went to kitchen to have some water to drink, I saw my maid is preparing breakfast for me. I saw her from the back she was wearing blouse where I can see much of her back. I was tempted and thought to try her.

I went to near her to check what she is cooking. She told that I am preparing Allo parota, I asked her the recepie she explained, during that time I was watching her eyes and gave a smile. Usually I have a very powerfull eyes and my smile most of the girls die on my smile. She started to explain. then I asked her sometimes I tried to prepare rotti but it does not swells as u prepare. She told me that u need to prepare dough very smoothly. So I asked can u teach me. The she asked me to put the hands on the dough and asked me to press slowly. Since I am not able to follow her tips she told me that I will teach you. I asked you come before me and prepare the dough I will follow your hand from behind she agreed. As I started to massage the dough my rod touched her buttocks. Her body moved forwarded, then I thought she is not intrested then as I was preparing the dough again my rod touched her buttocks. This time she moved back little bit I find the courage to move forward and pressed my rod on her buttocks. It was really hot.

I slowly pressed and presed her tightly toward the kitchen slab. She is squezed between my rod and the kitchen slab. I then slowly moved my had in front and touched her stomach becuase of fear and nervous the stomach was icy cool. I then moved my fingers slowly inside the sareee and moved lower part and touched her vagina hair and pressed her clitrous. then slowly I fingered her she became very hot and turned back and kissed me we were passing our breath to each other this passed for few minutes. Then I asked her to wash her hand and even I washed her hand. I took her to the bed room removed her all the dress, even had removed all my dress. She was looking sexy with big booms which has very good shape and it is verry white. I started to massage the booms as I was massaging the dough, I told your boooms as very sexy and beautiful, I Sucked her booms for about 5 minutes and then gave a small bite on her nipples.

She started to screem. Then I ask her to lay on he bed but her legs were hanging. I was standing I was exploring all her body and finally sucked her creamy juice that was comming out. I sucked her like a hungry dog licking her delicious food. She was mouning and crying to fuck me but I was enjoying her cry. jumped over the bed sat on her booms inserted my rod in her mouth she was sucking harder soon I laid on the bed and she started to suck while she was sitting in doggy style. Finally I was not able to control and asked her to lay on the bed. I inserted my big long and thick rod in her vagina and I was kept my hand on her booms and given a big stroke she screemed again oh my god u made me to reach heaven.

My pressure is so much that even the bed was making lot of noice. FInally I had cummed I her vagina and took out my prick she now started to lick my rod and she drank the left out juice. Finally I had slept for few minutes on her body. She wishpered in my ear that the girl who is going to marry me will be very lucky,i asked why you are telling like that,she told me that you fuck the girl nicely. So from then I used to come home early and fuck her for three to four hours after she completes preparing dinner. I tried with her different styles like, fucking her using banana, cucumber, poured jam, on her booms and lick her.

I used to shave her pussy. This was going on for 2 months then my project got completed and I left for chennai.