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My cousin sister Neethy

Hai every body this is my first story.i dont write any stories before it .so hope u enjoy it.  The insident was happened one year ago i was at 16 and she is 19 .my lived kilometers from her.

one vacation i goes to her place there she ,her mother and her father was lived her father is in gulf.he came just 2 day before i came .in the evening her father and i goes to a film .he is a gay like person he go to a sex include film .

while the filim running he touch my 4.5 inch penis and erected he gave me a hand job i was in a mood .while return its the time belong to 12.00 pm.  When we reched home they are all slept .her father say me to sleep with him but i hesitate it because i know it happened a butt fuck .so i go and slept beside neethy . I cant sleep there because the scenes in the cinema was in my mind.

my penis was erect and i want an immediate masturbating .i put off my sip and take my penis out .but suddently it happen  neethy turn to my side and take her hands on my penis i was totaly upset and i turn to other side for moving her hand.her hand moved and i sealed the zip.i want a masturbate so i was unconsious and the evil came to my mind i decided to use her for sex.

I slowly move to beside her and slowly take my hand to her place 15 minutes there and slowly pressed she is a little fat and her boobs are like a water filled balloon.she ware only a skirt and t shirt .

so its easy i put up her tshirt and press her nipple and sucked it.she not to respond of my every act and i know that she is not sleep but i dont react i slowly put her hand on my penis and pressed it with then i go slowly down and touch her pussy its wet.

i slowly inserted my fingure and finger her pussy when the milk oze out.then i tried to fuck her but she resisted.then i go to her face and kiss her.and suddenly open her mouth and insert my dick and gave a mouth fuck .and that was over with fill my cum in her mouth …..