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My Cousins naughty Wife

My cousin’s wife Simran is a very sexy looking girl from a Sikh background . She is slim. Her boobs are very attractive. From the day she was engaged to my cousin, she always gave me a hard on. My cousin too lived in India but in different city. Once my cousin’s wife came to our place. Generally she comes along with my cousin but this time due to some reason she came alone.

Once she came to my office. She was wearing a sexy Salwar-Kameez. As usual just by seeing her my cock started becoming hard. She entered my room. After some time I offered her to play a game in my computer as I had loaded a nice game. She sat before the computer. I stood close to her. My cock was almost touching her shoulders. She pretended as if she didn’t notice this.

This encouraged me. I slowly kept my hand on her shoulder giving her advice how to play the game. Slowly my had slipped down. I asked her whether she was comfortable She smiled and said yes. This encouraged me further and I boldly put my hand on her boobs and caught one in my hand. She didn’t say anything. I lifted her from the chair and put her on my office table. I kissed her all over. From her face to her toes. She became hot. I removed her clothes in a hurry and licked her pussy. She held my erect cock in her hand and played with it. She got so horny that she asked me to fuck her immediately. I had waited for about 10 years to fuck her. I immediately put my cock in her pussy and started fucking her. I fucked her for a long long time and then we climaxed together. She kissed me and said that it was the best fuck she ever had. My cousin is suffering from Sugar and is not very strong and so he doesn’t fuck her hard. She said she will wait for me to be at her place and next time I can fuck her at her place. She waited for me for about a year but I didn’t get an opportunity to fuck her. I wish I can fuck her soon.

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