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My dever Broke my Virginity

Hi everybody, im Simran from fiji going to narrate my story to u guys!!!!! My to be husband works for a popular company in this country and his cousin also works with him but in different section!!!!His name is daven the first time he came to meet us for dinner; i thought to my self” damn he’s hot” i couldnt resist looking at him!!! So most of the weekends we used to go out; clubbing with him and other friends! But one week we continously went to the club on Friday and Saturday.

I saw that he was always looking at my boobs and ass. On friday i was so tired from work that i just leaned on his back to relax my head! I could see he got turned on, so i removed my head and continued drinking tequila. The the time we came out of the club it was 2.30 am so i just headed back to my house and my devar went to his place . At 3.25 am i heard my cell ringing. Without looking at the number i answered it and said “hello”, the answer came from the other side was “hi sexy i wana see you naked in my bed!!!”,. I thought its a prank caller so i just hanged up. But on saturday when i checked my received calls list then i realised it was his number(daven’s). So i ignored what ever happened that morning! At 1 pm my to- be- husband called and asked my to get ready as we both had to go to his place to visit their parents. I was sitting in my car with my devar and my to be hubby went to buy some beer! We didnt say anything about the incident that happened,i saw that he wanted to talk to me, but didnt get any chances, we planned to go to the club in the nite so he got ready and we came back to my place,

I got ready then we parked our car and went to the club in the taxi, in the club we had some drinks, my to be hubby forced me and my devar to danced together , we went to the dance floor’; it was so crowded that we had to hold each other and be close to each other,i could feel his dick standing, he got horny and so did i , we were so close to each other that my lips were nearly touching each other! Suddenly my devar pulled me more close and gave a long passonate kiss! I was on top of the world. He asked if i wanted to spend the nite with him and i happily agreed! But the problem was my to be hubby, so i got in the taxi with my hubby and came to his place . I droped him at his place at went back to the club where my devar was waiting. We again got in the taxi and came back to my place; i couldnt even reach for the door , he pulled me closer and started kissing me! He picked me in my arms and pushed the door open i took me in my bedroom and pushed me on my bed, then removed my jeans and top, he started licking my neck, my face, licked my boobs and sucked them hard, by this time i was moaning! ” mmmmmaaaaa”; “come on baby rock my world”, the he remove my g-string and started licking my cunt as if he has been hungry for years.i couldnt hold any longer and came in his mouth, he drank all my cums !!!! He started licking me again from toes to head and made me come again, by this time i got so horny that i pulled him down on my bed and also his pants and started to stroke his lund , then i put it in my mouth and enjoyed very bit of it!!!!!He came in my mouth thrice !! Then he put his lund in my chut and pushed it hard, i coudnt bear the pain, i yelled so loudly,” oooooh itni zor se mat lagao, pliz”; but he was going wild and started to fuck me hard, and hard and hard.i could feel his cum in my chut.then he started to lick my ear and kiss me ,i was trying to get up from the bed but he pulled me again and started to lick my pussy and made me cum!

Then we tried 69 style and others, e told me that he was jealous to see me with someone else and to leave my to be hubby and live with him!! He made love bites all over my body. He had to go back to his place before 6 so we got up and started to get ready , he kept looking at me all the while, suddnely he came closer and pulled my jeans and top again and started fucking me in a standing positions, then he fucked me from back and all the unbelievable style! It was nearly 7 am when i droped him at his place. From then onwards we have been fucking and sucking each other !So people pliz let me know if you liked the story!!!