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My dream aunty

I have had an experience many years ago which I have been contemplating on sharing with all of you. I have always been turned on by women who are older to me and in fact have been lucky to have intercourse with a few of them. One lady who has always fascinated me right from my childhood was my mom’s great friend Sbeba aunty. Though she was mom’s great friend, she was younger to my mother. She was not mind blowing material, but had a face that could attract any man. God had blessed her with just enough of everything, nothing extra.

Let’s just say she was the cutest married woman around. She was very friendly with me and used to laugh and joke with me for even the smallest of things. When mom and dad used to go for any functions or any such things, they used to drop me and my younger brother in her place where I would feel really happy. She had two kids of her own who where younger than both of us. Sheba aunty’s husband was a very renowned cardiac surgeon and hence was always busy travelling, and to while away her time, she used to paint. She was a good painter and excellent at portraits, and also a superb cook. Whenever I used to be in her house, I used to sit and admire her portraits.

This happened when I was just 18 and she was 36. My paternal grandfather suddenly fell sick and was admitted to the icu. Since my parents had to stay in the hospital an since both me and my younger brother had classes the next day, Sheba aunty told my mom that she would look after us till my grandfather was well enough to come back home. Her husband had gone to Germany for a lecture, so she had ample time to look after us. Our parents dropped us of in her house by around 8. pm and left. She had cooked a delicious dinner for me and my brother. At around 930 my kid brother went off to sleep as he was watching t. v. Now let me tell you something about myself. As I mentioned earlier, I have always been fascinated by women who are older to me and it was around that time that I started developing strong sexual feelings and had started masturbating. As sheba aunty was cleaning up the dinner table, she asked me to go and switch on the geyser in her bathroom.

As I entered her bathroom I saw a pile of her clothes lying on her dressing stand. As I looked clearly. I could make out that those where her underclothes. I just dont know what came over me. I started rummaging and fished out a bra and panty and started smelling it. The aroma that came from it was so overwhelming. I kissed the bra and some kind of feeling overtook me. Sheba aunty’s face came into my mind and it started driving me crazy. I took out my penis and started rubbing it on the bra. My penis was getting hard and then suddenly the door opened and Sheba aunty just walked in. She had not seen me. She was facing the other side and pulled up her nighty and pulled down her panty without knowing that I was in the room. I saw her fair firm buttocks and as she turned, I saw her hairy pussy. I managed to stuff her bra in my pant pocket without her seeing it. What greeted her vision was my hard young cock. As our eyes met, she couldnt help but keep staring at my cock and me at her hairy pussy.

It seemed like eternity. Both of us didnt know what to do. Finally I just said aunt I had come in to pee, and saying this I walked out of the bathroom. It took a lot of time for her to come out. I had already gone to my room and turned off the lights, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Her fair firm buttocks, her hairy pussy. . . . all this was driving me crazy. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. Finally at midnight I drifted off to sleep thinking about her naked body. I woke up at around 2am still thinking about Sheba aunty. I knew I wanted her at any cost and this was now or never, but I had no clue what to do. I got up from my bed and made my way into her room. She was fast asleep with both her children lying next to her. I made my way towards the little space that was available on her left side and lay down there without making a sound.

After around 10 minutes I gently hugged her. When there was no response or anything at all from her side, I gently started feeling her breasts. They were nice and round in her bra. When still there was no resistance, I grew a little more bolder and opened up her nighty front buttons and pulled her towards me and started to kiss her face and at the same time fondling her breasts. I went a step further and took out my penis and placed it on the palm of her hand and started slowly moving up and down. While doing this I unhooked her bra and started feeling her beautiful breasts. I wanted to suck on them and while I moved down to suck her breats she opened her eyes. She tried to push me off saying, anil. . . what are you doing?I was young and too strong for her. I just told her, aunty. . I love you, I need you just this one night. She just told me, anil. . . . this is not right. I didnt care what was right or wrong. I kissed her tightly on her lips.

I just pulled her towards me and in one swing I pulled of her nighty. Now she was just in her panties. Her breasts were bigger than I had imagined and with nice pink long nipples. I started sucking on her full breasts and pulled down her panties. As I kept sucking her full breasts, her resistance also went down. I could see it in her eyes. I slowly made my way down and started sucking her pussy parting her legs, as I have seen in end number of porn movies. By this time she was starting to moan and I knew she was mine. I took out my tongue and inserted a finger into her pussy. She was trying to suppress her moaning and I pulled her up from her bed and carried her to another bedroom where I put her down on the bed and tarted licking her fully. By now she was moaning loudly and I wanted to fuck her. I started kissing her lips and put my tongue into her mouth and was kissing her passionately and she was returning my kisses. My penis wanted her and I positioned my penis above her pussy.

She gently took hold of my penis and guided it into her pussy. I slowly inserted my thick young mushroom head into her pussy and gently started pushing it inside. Now she was ready and I started fucking her, going in and out of her pussy. In five minutes I shot my full load into her. She was protesting, telling me not to let my semen inside her coz she was still young and not yet finished her menstruation. I emptied my load into her and was hard again in 10 minutes. I loved the way her breasts used to sway to and fro when I was fucking her. We fucked 4 times that night till she was really worried about me shooting my load inside her. Now she has one more child and that daughter looks a bit like me. Now she has grandchildren, but we keep in touch and she tells me that I am the one who has brought a meaning into her life. I gave her the love and attention that her busy husband could not give her. Well I am still available for any lady who loves to have good and clean sex.