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My english teacher

I was 15 years old.and bcz of my poor english my mom sent me to an
english iwent for couple of months.after that the teacher
said that she wants ro meat my for the next class i came with english teacher she was very tall big abt 5’9 and big boobs
and fat she was 27 years mom is 45 years old but lokk like a
teen her height was 4’3.too short and big boobs jumping woow bit her
ass cant describe itz sooo sexy….out.eoth full makeup.and my dad
works in foriegn..she was talking smthng with mom..after that she gave
me a work.and took my mom in to her was too long they din
cm..i was playing hames in my 4n…after a while it was abt an hour
soo i went out and climbd by the balcony part and peeped. Into the
upper window…omg i was shocked…my mom was undressed and she was mom was crying..teacher was pissing in her face…and making
her lick her pussy..after that they both started kissing…i was
totally out and i cldnt understand anything…i was too horny…and i
went to the toilet and jerked off…aftrr that i knoked the doot..and
teacher said wait son..and they came moms face was red…but
she was not showing it…after that daily my mom started to come…and
she became a slave of the teacher… she does watever she says…one
day the same thing happend..and after a while teachers husband and 2
of his friends came…i think they all fucked my mom.. i couldnt see
that wonderful thing….the next day aasha teacher came to our house
with 4guys…and they gave some money to her…and went into my moms
room…soo i knw that she made my mom a prostitute…my cock was
popped up..and she saw that…and asked me d u wanna fuck …my baby
girl shes ur mom….i was angry but icldn cntrl bcz i was tooo
horny…sooo i said yes…aftr abt 1 hour those ppl..went after fckng
my mom….and aasha tchr shouted baby come…then my mom came in a
sexy saree dress …she was cryng…aasha teacher carried her and kept
her in the lap…and said again remove ur dress…i was next to her my
mom was beggi g her i cant do it infrnt of my son…and teacher
slapped my mom…and removed her whole dress and said me to remove my
dress and fuck her …i rmoved my dess and started kissing my starting
sge was not responding but after a while she started to respond..and
shr took my penis to her hand and after that took it to her mouth and
i soon came in her mouth..and she dranked it…but i was still
hourny…i took my moms leg up and inserted my penis and that time
aasha teacher also joind she started kissing my moms breast and she
bit my mom was shouting…..after tgat she carried me and made her
fuck.bcz she was too big…after again i came teacher said me to go
and take i did…and she slapped my mom and pulled her to the
room and shouted something…my moms previous life was very
decent..she drwss ver beggy dress and aasha teacher made her as a
slut…frm that day aasha teacher also staid with us..and smtms her
husband comes …aasha teacher stopped her teaching job…and started
to earn by my mom…every day abt 15-20 customers come to my home to
fuck my mom…i also started to fuck woth my mom and aasha teacher
daily….ill continue my story this is a true story