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My experience with Maid

This story is about how i seduced the maid in my bosses house, last week every body in the house of my boss left to malaysia, after dropping my bosses family to airport i went to their house to drop the car, tthe maid in the house is the watchmans daughter poor girl her husband left her and married another girl, though she is very sexy though she is very dark in colour, let me come to the point, wen i went home it was already 12:30 in the mid night and found the watchman had fully drunk and had lost his senses, when i was about to take my bike out she came.

By the way her name is Revathi, she came and said why are u going home so late as there are no body in the house why dont u sleep here only as her father had lost his senses, and i agreed and slept in the varanda of the house, for very long time I could not get the sleep and for the first time i started fantasising revathi, after some time I took courage and knocked at the door and found she had not bolted it, i entered the house and saw she was sleeping on the floor, in that dim light i could see her pallu had moved and i could see half of her breasts which was round in shape, and could not control, then i slowly moved towards her and slowly kissed her on her cheeks, she did not respond, i thought she was having sound sleep.

Then with out touching her i started to smell her, breathing all over her body from head to toe, then i slowly touched my lips on her toe and saw her toe shaking and she did not respond even then, then i slowly went to her face and licked her cheeks and kissed it, then i found out she acted as if she was sleeping and was enjoying my moves, then i brought my face near her ears and said revathi, i want you, if u agree touch my hands, if u dont push me to the side, i wont disturb u, after two minutes she brought her hand near mine and pressed it hard, i got the green signal and i proceeded, i first removed her blouse and found no bra inside and after seeing her breasts i got excited and removed her full sari, goune and made her completly nude, then she took my lips completly inside her mouth and started sucking it, and removed my dress and made me nude completly and before i could start she went down and took my cock inside her mouth and started sucking it lik an cone icecream.

She was playing with my balls and wen i was about to com i pulled her and i went down and sucked her pussy, and brought her flowing and could feel her orgasm, twice and started to squize her breasts as hard as i could and i went tourds her breasts and took it inside my mouth and started to bite slowly, she started to mourn and asked me to com and satisfy her and i went on her and she cooperated by lifting her buttocks, to my strokes, after nearly ten minutes, both of us had the orgasm together and both of us started to sweat very badly, then for the whole night we had sex for three times, and she told me never in her life she had enjoyed so much. by the time my bosses family came back we had sex for nearly 25 times and we enjoyed different tipes every time we had sex.