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My first college sex

It was during my first year in college. One of the girls named “Suvidha” was very free and enthusiastic girl and always very open in views and talking. She used to be a bit hyper active always and used to get quite close to me while talking. I thought she was like that only because she was quite excited to make new friends in new college and she was like that with everybody, so even i did not bother.

Within a few days she started getting very close to me while talking, and even started touching me and started holding my hand from time to time. This went on for quite long and by the time the 1st semester ended she was in great terms with me, and we used to talk durations while in college and even used to sms a lot after getting home. She was also very jelous when i used to talk to other girls, as I was quite popular among them both my batch and seniors.

In the holdays after 1st semester, our talking got less, yet we used to keep in touch atleast once in a couple of days. After the holidays when the college started, in 2nd semester, it took us a few days to get in the same terms as the previous semester. Also that i got bit more friendly with a 3-4 more other girls and ofcourse i also had a few friends with whom i used to spend sometime, i gave her much less time than before, which she did not like, yet she was still keen on me. As our terms got better, we started talking dirty with each other too, and she also told me that she saw a lot of porn movies during the holidays. I told her that it was my fantasy to have sex in public, or atleast with a third person watching and she always laughed and said that i have to have a lot of gutts to do that. As i told her my fantasy she started teasing me in public by brushing her boobs with my arms, or her ass with my hands in front of my friends whenever she got a chance, even though i enjoyed it(of-course).

After a couple of months our college festival started which is held every year and it is 3 weeks long. In the start its mostly sports so its in the day time only, but from 2nd week, the cultural activities start and students stay in college even at nights for preparations of the cultural compititions. Movies are plays in the auditorium by the students all throughout the night for relaxation.

One night when all my friends had gone for a midnight snack and i was left alone in college(from my friends circle) as i was working for my compitition, i went to the audi (which was quite empty with only a very few students watching the movie) after i got tired. I was sitting alone in my row on 3rd or 4th seat from the aisle and the 2 rows at the back and the front were both empty. The audi was dark and it was difficult to see anyone father than a couple of seats. After around 10 mins. Suvidha came and sit next to me. I said to her that i thought she had gone back home and it was already 2 a.m. She said that she was staying back for the night. Then she held my hand with hers, and i told her teasingly that its action movie that is going on and not a romantic movie. She tightened her grip on my hand and started pulling my hand towards her. It took me a minute to realise what she was doing. She was rubbing the back of my hands to her boobs. I asked her what was on her mind. She did not answer, but she took my hand straight below and started forcing my fingers into her pussy. I suddenly realised she was not wearing anything below her waist. I asker her where was her jeans, and she picked it up from the next seat and showed it to me. I asked her what if somebody watches us like this, or if lights are turned on to which she replied that it was my fantasy to have sex in public so why am i so afraid. I told her that it was wrong and tried to pull back my hand (or i must admit that i just acted that i tried-i was enjoying it too much to pull back). She told me “i’m too horny today. Aur agar tu chahta hai ki humein log is haalat mein na pakde to aaj to tujhko mujhe chodna hi padega. You have to fuck me”. I told her, “okay okay! i will fuck you. Par humein pehle safe jagah dhoondni padegi. Audi mein sabke saamne to sex nahi kar sakte. First you wear your jeans and then we’ll go out and find some place”. She agreed and did as i said.

As we left the auditorium i told her that all the lecture halls were being used by students for practices and preperations so we are left with no place to have sex. She said there is one lecture hall not in use, the one which is used by the guard sometimes to sleep, during the fest. We went outside to check on the guard. He was at the gate tonight so we decided to go in that lecture hall. As we entered the lecture hall, Suvidha was already out of her jeans and t-shirt by the time i bolted the door. She also removed her bra as i started undressing. I asked her that wasn’t she wearing any panty today to which she replied that she was but she removed it in the girls bathroom when she saw me going to the audi alone and decided to do what she did. By the time i was out of my shirt she was already working on my jeans button to take it of. As it got unbuttoned, she pulled down my jeans and my underwear together and my cock sprang up in front of her face.

Her eyes grew big as she saw my 7 inches cock and she held it in both her hands. Oh her hands felt so warm on my dick, i can still remember the feeling as it was the first time some girl (or as a matter of fact, anyone other than me) has touched it and held it. We kept our clothes on the teaches table which was just at the door and started kissing each other standing just next to it. It was foirst time for both of us, so we did not know much what to do, yet we were totally naked in contact with each other’s body kissing each other aggressively. Her nipples had become very hard and my dick was as erect as a steel pole.

We were just started to get comfortable when somebody knocked at the door and shouted from outside, “andar kaun hai. kya kar rahe ho?”. It was the guard. He had probably come to take some rest and found the door shut from inside. I started wearing my jeans when suvidha asked me what was i going to do. I told her that we should open the door as soon as possible. If we open the door before somebody joins him, there is a chance we could bribe him or something. She agreed and started wearing her t-shirt and jeans. We were in out clothes yet without her bra and my underwear to save time which we threw under the table. I opened the door and was relieved to see that he was still alone. I turned towards suvidha and gave her a assuring look that we still have a chance, but i realised that her nipples were still hard and were clearly visible under her thin tight t-shirt. I realised the my dick was still hard too by our first sexual experience and my created a tent in my jeans which was visible to. The guard asked us in anger, “kya kar rahe the tum log?”. I replied to him hesitantly, “kuchh nahi guard bhaiya, bas baatein kar rahe the”. He saw our states and then he looked around the room and came very close to us and replied while touching my bulge with one hand and suvidha’s hard nipple with other, “baatein kar rahe the? to tera lund bhi baatein karte karte hi khada ho gaya, us is ladki chuchiya bhi”. Then he moved towards the tearchers table and said while picking up her bra and my underwear from below it, “aur tumhare kachhe baniyan bhi baaten karte karte hi utar gaye honge na beta”.

My ears became burning hot and suvidha’s face got red at this moment. I went to the door and pushed it to close it and said to the guard, “sorry guard bhaiya, hum behak gaye the. dobara aisi galati nahi hogi”. Guard replied, “haan beta, ab tumhe dobara aisi galati karne ka mauka hi nahi milega. kal jab principal ke paas jaoge to suspend to hoge hi, par jaante ho tumhare mata pita ki kitni bezti hogi. Maine bahut bachchon ko chumma chapti karte pakda hai, par aaj to kisi ko is haalat mein nahi pakda jisme tum ho, woh bhi 1st year mein. Itni himmat tumhare andar kahan se aayi”. At this point suvidha was almost at the verge of crying and i went close to her to calm her. I said to him again, “sorry bhaiya, galati hogayi. koi to rasta hoga (indicating him that he takes some money and leaves us)”. He came very close to us staring at suvidha from top to bottom and said, “rasta to hai, par mujhe nahi lagta tum manoge”. Listening to this anger started buring inside me, and it did show on my face because he looked at me and immediately said, “aise mat dekh mujhe, main woh nahi keh raha jo tu samajh raha hai. Itni chhoti umr ki ladki ko haath bhi nahi lagaunga main. Magar main dekh ke to maze le sakta hun. Main to yeh keh raha tha ki main tumhe tabhi chhorunga agar tum wahi karoge jo kar rahe the, magar mere saamne”.

I could not believe my ears. My fantasy was going to come true in my very first sex experience and suvidha had already shown enough boldness by removing her jeans in the auditorium. We immediately agreed and started undressing as the guard bolted the door from inside. This time we kept our clothes on the students table where the guard sat and watched us as we had sex on the teacher’s table. The guard also tipped us a few times to make our sex more comfortable and pleasuring. We had continuous great sex for atleast 2 hours after which we were totally energyless. We laid there for another hours time in which he told us stories of catching our seniors kissing and fiddling around. We laughed at those incedents, but we laughed more at our situation. He became quite friendly with us after that. After dressing up, we left her bra and my underwear on one of the students benches in the centre row for students to see and wonder what happened there. While leaving from there i thanked the guard and went to the door waiting for suvidha. She was very mischeivious and she went very close to the guard in a very sexy way, kept one of he hands onto his dick over his pant, hugged him and whispered in his ears, “thank you gaurd bhaiya, aapne bahut help ki humaari”. The guard got stunned for a moment, but as suvidha turned to come back, the guard regained his confidence and threw his arms around her from behind catching hold of both her boobs and poked her hard in her ass with his bulge in the pant, came close to her ear and whispered to her, “welcome bete ji, jab bhi man kare chudam chudai ka, aa jana. main aisi help karne ke liye humesha tayaar hun”. We all laughed and suvidha and I came out to leave for our home to get ready to come back to the college in a few hours hoping to be listening to the rumours going around in college that ‘somebody had sex in lecture hall last night’ when we return.