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My first man experience

He pulled away from me and I am standing there naked with my cock standing straight up completely disoriented wondering what was to come…

It was late and I was walking downtown and saw a porno movie and decided I was going to enjoy this.

I went upstairs and walked in a very dark balcony and the only thing that gave light to see by was the screen where 2 guys were fucking a woman.

I found a seat and made myself comfortable. A minute later this black guy sat next to me and started to rub his leg against mine. I was thinking that maybe I should move away but lets see what happens. Because I didn’t move my leg his hand went on my knee and after a couple minutes he started to move it up slowly, I looked at him and he smiled at me. I didn’t move and his hand got my crotch and got a hold of my stiff cock. Next he reached up to my Zipper and pulled it down, reached inside my boxers and pulled out my cock. I was paralyzed

I am sitting there with my cock out and some guy jerking it up and down. Another guy sat down next to me, he put his hand inside my boxers and reached past my balls to my asshole and started to play with it. My cock felt like it was going to explode. I got up zipped up my zipper and walked away looking for the bathroom. I found it downstairs. The 2 guys had followed me. There were other guys down there, I moved over to one of the urinals, pulled out my cock and was grabbed by one of the guys from upstairs. He pulled me over to him unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants, the other guy pulled down my boxer. The first guy took my cock into his mouth and started sucking, what a feeling, I had blow jobs before from women but this was much better. The second guy asked around if anyone had any Vaseline and some guy gave something he said was as good. While number 1 was sucking away I felt number 2 shooting some liquid up my asshole followed by a finger. I knew I was going to be ass fucked which I have never been. He bent me over number 1 who was on his knees, grabbed my hips and put the head of his cock against my asshole and slowly pushed his cock up into me. It hurt at first but then it got better as he kept pumping into me.

I could feel a load coming up my cock and number 1 pulled on my cock and I unloaded a giant stream of hot cream down his throat it was the best blow job that I ever had. In the meantime number 2 was groaning and I felt his cock getting thicker, he unloaded a huge hot load into my ass which kept coming as he kept pumping. What a feeling, I liked it.

As I pulled up my pants number 1 said to me that he liked my taste and asked if I would like to meet him again, he said he has an apartment not far from here. I said yes and he gave me a card with his number on it. I was very exited this was a new experience for me. I was not having problems with girls and I love eating their pussies but I never got as good a blowjob as this guy (Hank) gave me and getting fucked in the ass felt great.

He left and I was about to do the same when one of the guys hanging around reached for my cock, pushed against the wall, pulled down my zipper and pulled out my cock “beautiful” he said, got on his knees and took it in his mouth and ran his tongue around the shaft and the head, got me real hard and stated sucking moving his head up and down, reached for my balls and gently squeezed them. There were a couple of other guys watching, one reached the cheeks of my ass and was trying to pull down my pants but the guy sucking me stopped him and continued sucking. I felt a big load building up, I gabbed his head and pulled it to me as I shot my load down his throat, he jerked me a couple of times and got all of my cream out. As he pulled away another guy reached for me but I said I had had it, zippered up and left.

I went home and thought about Hank. It was late but called him anyway. I told him what happen after he left his answer was “you are a good looking white guy and like me I love to eat white cocks”. How about coming over tomorrow. I said yes I’ll be there at 8pm.

Hank 8pm the next day, I knocked on the door and he opened it grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me, kissed me with his tongue into my mouth his hands all over me, unbuttoned my shirt bent down to suck on my nipples while he is undoing my belt, pushed down my pants and boxers, ran his tongue down my belly and sucked the head of my cock into his mouth.

He pulled away from me and I am standing there naked with my cock standing straight up completely disoriented wondering what was to come.

I looked around and saw a large platform bed also saw an elderly white guy sitting in a corner of the room. Hank took off his clothes and came over and told me not to pay attention to his room mate, took my hand and walked me over to the bed. I laid down on my belly and he reached under to get a hold of my cock he whispered to me that he was not interested in my ass, only my cock. If I wanted to get ass fucked he would let his roommate fuck me later when he was through with me. With that he flipped me over and ran his tongue inside my thighs and around my balls, gently sucked on my balls as he was slowly jerking my cock up and down. It felt wonderful, I was breathing hard. He said he was not interested in my ass but asked his roommate for some Vaseline. He put some on his middle finger and pushed that finger up to his knuckles, took my cock in his mouth and started to suck as he was finger fucking my ass. I felt I was coming and Hank felt it too and stopped, waited a few seconds, I was shaking my legs and moving my hips up and down needing for him to continue. He continued sucking slowly not wanting for me to shoot my load, he squeezed the bottom of my shaft and told me to hang on.

I begged him to please let me shoot. He took me in his mouth and sucked hard, I shot more than I remember shooting with women, I kept on bucking and shooting in his mouth, he swallowed the whole load and with his tongue cleaned my cock. “That was great he said, I want more” He got up and brought me a glass of scotch which I had told him I like. We laid side by side and I felt his hand reach over to my cock to and stroking it.

Jimmy came over thinking we were through and maybe he could get to my ass. Hank told him to go sit someplace, we were not through.

Hank got up and went to a sink and came back, took my cock into his mouth and I felt heat. “I rinsed my mouth with hot water to give you a greater felling” I loved it and went rock solid. He jerked my cock while in his mouth and let his tongue run up and down my shaft. I was ready to unload again and Hank slowed down letting my load build up. He speeded up again and while he was holding the cheeks of my ass I unloaded another great load which he swallowed greedily.

I laid there and knew I could not go again for a while. Hank asked if I was willing to let Jimmy fuck me. I said “the poor bastard needs to unload after watching us so I said OK.”

I turned over on my belly, Hank told him I was willing, he came over, stuck his face in my crack and rimmed me with his tongue, this felt great, I never had that. With that Jimmy placed the head of his cock against my asshole and slowly pushed in. He was small, he grabbed my hips and started pumping, it felt good, I enjoyed it. After a couple minutes I heard him groan and I knew he was ready, he smacked my ass a couple of times and let go of his load.

It felt good.

He got up with a smile on his face, I also got up and he said “thank you, it’s been a while.” Well if I come back and Hank doesn’t mind you can fuck my ass when we are through.

Hank kissed me and I left.