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My first sex experiance

Hi friends , hope all are fine. And this is my first sex experience
with my ex- girl and his elder sister.
I never except anything like this happen ,and I lost my virginity with
my ex-girl. And have fun with 2 girls for 2 days with unlimited fun
.lets go into my life , I am sid from Coimbatore , white complex
,athlete body with my 7’ inch rod. I was very charming person .i am
using to teach guitar and play cubes often.
And still I was going to guitar class ,not for learn to see girls used
to come .after getting job in an MNC in Coimbatore ,I don’t have
enough time to spend in class so I changed my class to Sunday .i was
sad because no one will come on Sunday for class ,,only few guys will
come for class .
One Sunday when I going to class I seen a girl she was most beautiful
than anything ,I never seen such beautiful girl.i was speechless and I
am waiting for my master to come for class .after that I called my
master he said he wife is not well ,so he wont come ,I said there are
10 guys and one girl in class .he said give phone to that girl.i said
okay and I give the phone to that girl.
When I went near I cant able to breath because of her fragrance which
attracts me too much .i handed over phone to her and master speak with
her .i dono what master speak with her after she speak she hand over
her phone to me .and says ur master for me today.when she speak to me
I was speechless ,she is so hot and by rod start to lifed up.i seeing
her eyes ,she caught me while seeing my bulge .
She said: you naughty!!!!!!when she my see my face her face became red
(blush).i intro her her “I am sid! May I know ur name?”.she said
“my name is renu!! Nice to see you.after give intro eachother and
see is too open with me . I said to her “I never seen such a girl in
my life,thank you god for showing me an angel”

She started to laugh and said to me that enough,let teach me now
atleast it is already .
I said okay.she is new joine ,so I geta chance to touch her .but day
goes good I have touched several times ,she never said anything at
last I forget to get her mobile number .i am back to hme .i am start
to do hand job for next 5 days think her to fuck .i am waiting for
next week .finally Sunday came I was took charming dress and guitar
went to class .i was shocked she didn’t came I am down .

My master said to put a tune for sad moment .i start to sing in guitar
with feeling and missing her .
I was closed my eyes and start to put tune .when I open my eyes she
was watching me in different way.everyone start to applause me .she
After that she said u r rockstar I don’t need master to teach me
guitar .can u teach me .i was very happy after listing this and she
asked my number I give her my number ,she said she will call today.and
we start practice the tunes and over in class.she said if u
free can you teach me in hme I said okay .
After that I ill call you after confirming time availability ,I said

In 6 pm I get a call from her unknown number and said come Quick to
hme ,and she give her is 5 km from my hme to her hme I
start driving to her hme .i reached her hme after 10 min.she said come
Quick I was shocked .i dono why she is that much hurry!!
When I entered she was happy and hugged me.i asked keep move from me
someone watch us .she said no worries no one in hme dear.we can do
what ever now .i was happy when she says and I start to take advantage
and started to kiss her .OMG!!! it was my fisrt kiss for first day
itself.and start to smooch her .she started to breath heavy, I was
getting too hot and my rod start to hit her stomach and said to me
that I think ur lil boy pointing me.
I asked her while smooching wht is her size ,she said 36 28 34 ,and
start to tear her chudidar she said stupid don’t tear my dress I
will remove my dress you too start removing dress.i started to remove
my t-shirt and pant .she too did the same and I was very eager to see
an women like this finally I am seeing a girl with bra and panty.i was
speech less and started to kiss her whole body.
Guys you wont believe that when you see a girl in that situation you
behave very fast move .she started to breath heavy and said lets go to
bed .i am following to her was AC room fully chilled ,once
again I start to kiss her for past 30 min kissing and smooching only
happen .i asked her can you kiss my dick ,she said I hate it sorry
.but I can all you every thing ,I don’t suck it ,but I have seen in
many sex movies ,women will suck males dick.she strongly oppose abt it
..okay let me suck ur pussy now .she said come on baby ,lets do it

After that I start to look her panty and bra start smell ,I really
said you guys if u r going to drink wine/vodka don’t need side dish
,it will give u best ever side dish.i start to move her legs wide and
start kiss those thighs and finally reach the pusssy lips !!!i start
to kiss and start sucking ,her sound makes me more Horney .my dick to
start to precum it .i said can I insert in your hole .she said okay
lets do it man.i start to palce my dick in love hole it is not going
inside .she said I m virgin ,u r the one to take my virginity .i was
happy abt it .but suddenly door bell rang.
I was shocked and asked her we got fired now .she too shock and said I
too dono .after that her mobile phone is ringing it is non other than
her sister pavitha .she asked her to open the door, and I was in fear
and said take dresses and wear it .and she went to open the door .when
she open she asked wht happen? To renu .

Renu :I am sorry d ,I was in mixed feel so I asked my boyfriend to
come and give her company
Pavi: seri ,yenga andha payan(where is that boy)
Renu: please d avana vituru(please leave him)
Pavi: dai veliya va da pakki(you bastard come out )
Renu:please d
I:srry nga ini mel indha thapa panna mata(hereafter I wont do it)
Pavi:renu kadhava sathu yaradhu patha avlo than (renu close the main
door, orelse someone will see)
I start to beg her sister ,she too start beg her sister and I said I
will do whatever you ask.pavi:nan yenna ketalum pannuviya (wht ever I
ask will you now)
Renu:tell me wht you need (asking her sister)?
Pavi : (to me )wht ever you did for my sister you need to do it ?
I: no I wont
Renu:please da ? do whatever she ask orelse she will create problem in
I: okay
Renu: do it Quickly with him, dad and mom will come hme
Pavi:no worries they wont come for 3 days .

I was confused wht will happen .once again I start to kiss her sister
in fornt of renu.pavi is responding well my rod got eract once again
.i ask pavi size she said 38 32 34 ,lil dusky and I start removing her
dess she too start to remove her dress.i said sorry to pavi.and pavi
said no sorry make me happy now.
I said I need to take virgity of ur sister first after that I will
come to you .do you like my sister .i said yes .then we can gang bang
sex.pavi asked to renu to come naked .and renu too remove all dress
and came near me .i asked her to sleep I will take her virginity of
I start to kiss her boobs and fondle it and place my dick in her love
hole .but It is failed for 2 times.pavi get anger and said I will help
yu she kiss her sister boobs and make her Horney and pavi aksed to
take her bag .when I open I found an condom packet.i was shocked .when
I take one and I dono how to use,pavi place one condom in my dick and
said ur cock is too big.
I really need to suck it before u place in her pussy.i was happy about
it within no time she atart to suck my dick.i was in cloud 9 and place
my dick on renu pussy with her sister help dick went into love hole .i
start to do it in missionary position .renu was crying ,I start to
pump her and she said it is paining enough .her sister said do it fast
to my sister ..and start sucking renu round boobs
.renu:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH please leave me it is paining ,i said I am
cumming .finally my condom was fully cum.
I removed my dick outside and renu ran to bathroom. now pavi is
watching my dick once again she start to kiss my dick and start
sucking it .my dick is ready for next round without gap she make me
more Horney .i was out of mood start missionary position.
I start to pump her very hard and she said do it high speed .
OAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa!!!!!!!!!!fuck me dear !!!!!!!!no more now
!!!!!!!!!!!hit me!!!!!!!pavi was too hot and I was hitting very hard
and cum into her pussy!!!!!!!! Renu say this action and once again she
is ready !!!!!!!!pavi went to bathroom and renu: you r really good in
this lets do this
I said I am out of energy …but she start tease my dick it once again
started ..i said u can sit up and do ..she agreed and start hitting me
.her sis too came .i too cummed in her pussy and sleep for 2 days in
that room .3 of them where naked ..i was in tired and both of them
hold my dick and sleep with me .
So while leaving both said “can we plan next week” I said I cant
do gang bang ,one for a week .if it is okay we can .they too agreed
and after an 2 months they shifted to Chennai .and once again I feel
lonely .i need a company for now!!!who will give me ?