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My first Sexperience

I am originally from dehradun. I came to Delhi to join an institution for coaching for SAT. I am staying at my granparents’ place. I saw an ad in a newspaper for coaching so i decided to go there. It was Sunday morning around 10 when i reached there. I entered the centre. it was fully airconditioned and since it was sunday no students were there.I went to the reception and I saw this very hot babe. She was literally a sex bomb. She must have been around 20 to 22. She had long black hair, very fair skin, and a great body.I could feel my cock getting harder in my underwear.I told her i had come for admission. She said that no teacher was available right now but i will have to give a diagnostic test of 3 hours 45 minutes. i called home on my mobile and told them that i will be late. Then she gave me a question paper and made me sit in a small room.

The room had a large table in front of a whiteboard. there were some chairs and desks. i sat on one desk and started the test. after about half an hour i felt thirsty. i went out to ask the girl for some water. as i went out, i saw that she was sitting at her desk in front of the computer.her back was towards me. as i went nearer i was amazed to see that she was watching a blue film on the computer.i smiled.i had read thousands of sex stories where people had shared their experiences and i had always wished to post one of my own.

now was my chance. i went near her and coughed. she was shocked to see me and in a hurry tried to turn off the screen. But i held her hand and said dont worry, i have seen lots of these.she was shaking from head to toe with fear. i said i wont tell anybody if…she understood what i wanted to say. she got up and closed the main entrance. she then took me to another room. it was much larger room with many sofas. she went down and sat on a sofa and smiled at me. i understood what she wanted. she was wearing a black tight skirt like the one that airhostesses wear. and a white shirt. her breasts were round and firm. her figure must have been around 35-26-36. i couldnt resist. my cock was by now rock hard and i could cum any moment. i decided not to waste any time. i went near her and took her in my arms and kissed her lips. she also held me and started to suck my tongue as we kissed.i fondled her breasts. they were the softest things i had ever touched.

she was wearing a light pink lace bra.i unbuttoned her shirt and her breasts were bulging out from her bra. she put her right hand on my jeans and started feeling my cock. by now it was i took off her bra she started to unzip me. i started to suck her breasts one by one. she started to moan in pleasure. we were both enjoying ourselves.then she bent down on her knees. i knew what was coming. ever since i had seen the DPS clip i had always wanted to receive a blowjob. she took out my throbging cock and started to suck. it was the most pleasurable feeling i had ever felt. she gave me a good blowjob for 5-10 minutes and then i decided to return the favour. i removed her skirt and made her lie on the sofa. she spread her legs and i started to do the job with my tongue. i could taste her juices as sweet as honey. i inserted my tongue in her vagina and sucked down all the juices.

she was screaming in pleasure. i couldnt wait any longer. i said that i was going to insert my cock in her. she said that she was a virgin and she might bleed. i told her that it would not pain much. i liked the woman on top style i lied down on the sofa and told her to sit on top of me. i positioned my cock and slowly inserted into her. she had a very tight pussy. at first it was difficult. she was screaming and i also saw a little blood but slowly her pain turned to pleasure.she started moving up down in a regular rhythm and we were having the time of our lives. i felt that i could cum any moment so i withdrew my cock and after a few strokes blew my cum all over her face. she licked my cock clean and gave me a blowjob once more. we again kissed a few times and then sat down on the sofa as we were both exhausted. she brought cold water and we both drank it. after that we got dressed. it was already 1 pm. i said how will i finish the test. she said no one knows so dont worry come again tomorrow and give the test.

she then kissed me and told her name was Prerna gave me her mobile no. and told me to ring her up whenever i felt horny. i went the next day and gave the test and got admission there. once or twice prerna came into the room and kissed and i fondled her breasts when no one was there. she said next sunday she will be alone again. i am hoping to go again.