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My first time

Hello to all the XB story readers i am prakash 28 years old and i am from chennai and now in bangalore and i am an architect i am staying alone here and my parents are in chennai and i am from a well to do family my hobby is to read stories of these sites and masturbate i never even dreamt of getting a chance to have sex with a gorgious girl / lady her name is pavitra and she was my neighbor.

I stayed in a posh koramangala locality of bangalore in a rented house on the first floor the owner of the house was a soft ware engineer mr anand living with his mom dad his wife he was around my age 28 yrs and his wife was around 24 years and his mother was around 45 yrs they were very nice and a well to do family mr anand and me were friends as we both studied in the same collage in tumkur i had come from chennai and he from bangalore that is how i got his house on rent oh am i boring u let me come to the main story my friend was a soft ware eng and had to work on a project of 18months in the u s after six months of my coming to there house on rent he was married for the last six months only i used to call my friends mom anty and his wife babhi we were very close and i used to have lunch in there house only when anand left for the u s i had to look after them as his father was very weak he had suffered a heart attack also i never thought of any thing sexy before in my mind towards aunty and pavitra my friends wife one day when i was climbing up the stairs in the evening i just peeped into pavitras room which was next to the staircase through the window whos curtun was slightly open she was changing her dress and she was in her panty and bra oh god she was looking gorgious and immidiatly i became heavy under my pants and from that day my attitude towards her changed and now i was seeing her boobs through the side of her saree and navel and the cleavages and one day when i was having dinner

She was serving me and her in laws were in there room her saree had slightly come down and i could see the cleavages i was seeing it without blinking my eyes and when i came to my senses she was staring at me and asked me what i was looking at and from then on she used to be care free when i was around with her dress one day they received a phone from auntys house saying that auntys mom had met with an accident in mumbai and both uncle and aunt had to leave they asked me to stay in there house only and left by flight on the same day and when the reached there they called us and told that her mother was serious and there is little chance of surviving and if something goes wrong they told me to arrange for pavitra to go there and disconnected now only i and pavitra was there we wee feeling bored i suggested that we go out for dinner it was only six in the evening and pavitra agreed and we went to foroum mall and did some window shopping and i she liked a chudidhar at isis so i paid for it to which she refused and i forced her saying bhabhi cant i give u a small present u cook and look after me very well and she accepted it by the time it was eight we went for dinner at the restaurant there and we chatted general things only about the mall about friends when we finished our dinner it was 9.45 pm when we came out i asked her can we go for a movie as there was no body at home and in case of emergency we would be called on our mobile she agreed and we got two tickets and went in it was a telegu movie and now the real story starts while watching the movie my elbow was touching her elbow and slightly pushing it towards her silently as though it happened accidently she took her hands off from the hand rest and i got scared and i was silent the next five minutes and then again i slowly kept my hands on the hand rest a little out side the hand rest now my elbow was touching something very soft

And when i saw from the corner of my eyes it was her boobs which i was touching i was shocked and now i continued to push my hands towards her this time she dint move or shift her position so i got a little courage and started moving my hand lightly as it rubbed her boobs oh it was a fantastic experience i could hear her breath heavenly as her breasts were moving fast now i slowly dropped my hands on her thighs as if by accident and she did not move or turn towards me i thought it to be a good sign and slowly started moving my hands she suddenly put her hands on my hands and held it tightly now i saw her face she had closed her eyes and biting her lips now i was sure enough that she was also interested and now i took my left hand from her thighs and put it around her shoulder and pulled her face towards mine and kissed her behind her ears she was instigated and she held me tight and started kissing on my lips very gently and while kissing our lips opened to a very fine french kiss our tongues started playing and by now the intervel was on i left her when the lights came i could not face her i just sat with my head down and went out to the toilet she also went to the toilet i offloaded my stock and came back with a pepsi and popcorn once inside again i kept the pop corn between her legs and the pepsi was on the seat holder i was eating and while i was taking popcorn some time i would drop ny hand on her thighs and the pussy part she never said anything and after finishing the refreshments i again put my hands on the shoulder and mind u we never talked any thing all through the movie only our minds spoke i think i put my hands on the shoulder and left my hands on her chest portion and inserted my hand in the gap of her pallu and blouse and started squeezing above her blouse and it was difficult for me to insert my hands as she had pinned the saree pallu tightly and now i put my left hand on her left shoulder and tried removing the pin i had to put my hands inside the blouse as it had been pinned from inside i tried removing it but could not so she only came to my rescue and removied the pin now my right hand could be inserted easily and after squeezing her boobs for a bout five min i started inserting the hand inside the blouse but my hands never went in so i tried removing the hooks now she stopped me by putting her hands and said not here that was the first words which came out of her mouth from the start of the movie and again i started squeezing her boobs above her blouse and started kissing also and in the same time my left hand was playing with her thighs and navel and i caught hold off her left boobs.

Now both the boobs were in my both hands and i played with them nicely and now my left hand moved towards her pussy and inserted inside her saree fold she pulled her stomach inside so that my hand can go in easily i put my hands inside the panty and started playing with her pubic hair and when i touched her clit it was already wet with her cum i could not do much other then just touching and rubbing due to space crunch and by the time the movie was going to end and i took my hands off and we came out she had not pinned her saree again when we came to the car i got in first and opened the door for her she bent down and came in while bending and coming her pallu fell off from her shoulder and i could seee the cleavages very clearly for the first time so deeply and when she went to put the pallu again i stopped her and kissed her there only in the parking lot inside the cat and squeezed her boobs once she told bus baba lets go home first when we reached the home she went first and i parked the car and went next when i went inside she was in the room locked i got scared and i tapped the door she did not open for me i still got very scared and after five min she came and opened the door now i looked at her quizingly she said she went to the toilet urgently i was relived she asked if i wanted some tea it was already 1.30 in the night she went to the kitchen to make tea i followed her to the kitchen i Sat near the breakfast counter and asked her if i had done something wrong she saw me sexily and smiled and said it was normal but she slightly felt that she was cheating and told she did not have sex fr more than seven months now that was the reason for her compramise now i got bold and went behind her and hugged her from behind and kissed her neck i licked her back and kept on licking her earlobes which made her hot for me my hands were squeezing her boobs and the they was boiled and she escaped from me and poured the tea in two cups and came to the hall we sat besides each other i was just playing pranks while sipping tea after sipping the tea she told good night and was going to keep the glass in the kitchen and was going to the bed room i caught hold of her hand and pulled her to me and hugged her saying after taking this tea how will i get the sleep i want honey so that i can sleep with ease she laughed and told me that there was no honey at home i touched her pussy above her sare and told her i want the honey from this pot she laughed and turned towards me and kissed me we went straight to the bedroom and we started kissing passionately while kissing she was pulling my hairs so hard that i thought it would come out and i slowly started moving my hands all over her body and now we cut our kissing and i started slowly undressing by kissing her each exposed part first her neck i licked her neck and kissed her neck and removed her blouse hooks one by one when i removed two hooks she out of shy ran away from me and stood near the window i ran behind her and from back i again started removing the hooks by kissing the back or her ears and neck and back at last i had removed her blouse hooks and turned her towards me and removed her blouse she was now only in saree petticoat panty below the waist and bra about the waist she was gorgious now i pulled her saree near her waist fold

She was wearing a pin there so it did not come i went near her and removed her pin by my mouth by going down there by kissing her on her tummy and navel and i pulled the saree and the strings of her petticoat wow she was an angel in disguise and now i pulled her again to me and kissed her it was a lovely french kiss in the mean time while i was kissing her hands automatically went to my penis and was smearing it and she removed the zipper of my pant and inserted her one hand inside oh it was heaven for me and i stopped kissing and wanted to breath easily now her lips were on my chest playing with the hairs of my chest i removed two buttons of my shirt and now she played with arosoles with her lips and also suck it hard it was taking me near heaven and now my hands unclasped the hooks of the bara and removed it i was surprised it was as hard and standing erect i thought that anand must not have played much with it then i removed my dress and i had my under garments and even she had her panties on like that only we hugged and fell on the bed and we started kissing again and now i put my mouth on het boobs and i was biting her tits as i have seen many blue films i knew how to arose a girl but it was my first particles experience her hands were playing with my penis and my hands were playing with her pussy now my mouth was playing with her tits one after other and i had inserted two of my fingers inside her pussy and finger fucking her she was hugging me very tightly i think she had cum and her grip came loose and now i removed my fingers and i came down to her stomach area from the boobs kissing and i continuesly kissed her from her breast to her toes and took her toes in my mouth and sipped it like a ice cream she was jumping to my deeds and then from the toe i came to her knees and was licking her kneees for two min and went up to her thighs and now i was playing with my tongue around her pussy and suddenly she pushed her hands on my head and took it to her pussy and i inserted

My tongue and started tongue fucking her in between i was biting her clitiors with my lips she was lifting her back and thrusting on my face and i was licking really fast once she held my head tightly and loosened i knew she had climaxed again now i lifted my face from there and saw her she had tears in her eyes i asked her if i had hurt her she hit on my face and told that she had not experienced this type of sex in her life time sex to her was very straight ashok would lift her dress and start fucking immidiatly and would cum in two min no oral sex or would he wait for her to climax i felt happy that i am atleast fulfilling a women desire i was elevated now again i asked her weather she has done a blow job she said no oh i told her i needed one and explained to her how to do it and now again i put my mouth on her pussy my pennis was on her face we were in 69 position and first she felt very ackward to suck mine she licked form the top and slowly put it into her mouth we did this for another 7 min and both of us came i shot the whole load into her mouth she drank the whole load and i drank her load it was the happiest moment i had masturbated before but this was entirly different now i came to my original position from 69 and she put her head on my chest and her hand was playing with my chest hairs and we started talking about her sex life and first night she was a virgin on the first night but had masturbated many times before her marriage after seeing a live sex show of her aunt and uncle in there house one day she said they were doing it really nice and i had imagination that sex was beautiful until my first night ashok had simply kissed her and lifted her saree and fucked her but she said that his penis was 9 inches long and it was nice but he did not know how to engage in sex he would cum of quickly and leave her dry without coming some times he would fuck two times in a night but the duration was same hearing all this my penis got erect again and

Now i started to rub her pussy lips and kissed her and started playing with her boobs and now she was ready to take my penis inside her pussy i made her put her legs by the side of the cot and i stood on the ground and inserted my penis mine was 7 inches only compared to ashoks 9 inches i inserted and started to fuck her slowly and then increased my spread and my trusts were hard and continious i held her boobs and licked her tits while giving her the hard thursts we were in the position for five minutes she had climaxed and we slowed down and did not remove my penis as i had not cum i asked her to change the position and asked her to stand in a doggie position and i came from behind her and started doing hear also i was squeezing her boobs and tits in this position also she climaxed once and then i asked her to come on me that is sit on me and do it she tried but due to lack of experiance she could not do it throughly and now i came to the regular position i on top of her and started again i told her to bite my tits and play with my tits and we enjoyed a lot for almost ten minutes she had cum two more times and she told me to cum as soon as possible because she could not take more as she had cum many times and was tired also and now i increased my speed she was telling that it feels as if my penis was hitting up to her throat and coming down when i was ready to cum even she was ready and we both climaxed together we had fucked for almost 25 min and we had a great climax she hugged me and i fell aside and closed my eyes when i woke up it was 9.00 am in the morning i i did not find pavitra there so i got up slowly and found a towel wrapped it went out of the room pavitra was in the kitchen preparing breakfast she had already taken bath and smelled fresh with jasmin flowers on her head i went and Hugged her from behind she turned and told chi and asked me to take bath first i insisted she should bath me clean she came with me to the bathroom and when i removed my towel mine was erect again she hit it with her hand and laughed saying that it is not tired of the overnight duty and she came to bath me i told her to remove her saree as it would get wet she said ok and went out and locked the door and told me to take bath myself and come out by the time she would finish her kitchen job i took bath and came to her nude she was sitting on the sofa both of us were freash and we started to play again and ended up in grand finale when we finished the phone bell rang and it was from her father in law saying that ashoks grandmother had died and asked me to make arrangements for pavitra to go there and they had informed ashok also to come directly to mumbai and every arrangements were made after the cermony ashok steyed for the rest of the week as he had come on one week leave and left for the us in the mean time he had fucked four times and left now it was difficult for me to have sex with pavi now i had started calling pavi in privecy we were touching touching and smooching whenever we got a chance but fucking was limited to once or twice a week after 1 month i was told that she had missed her periods and she thinks she is pregnet i was happy as i thought that the baby was mine and ashok was happy that the baby was his and ashok mother was happy that her mother is going to born in the family again but i was slightly in a bad mood as i cannot ask her for sex until she gives birth but she gives me blowjobs once in a week when no one is there she is 4 months pregnant now and i have to wait six more months for having her again i think which is impossible because by that ashok will finish his project and come back lets see what is in store for me to enjoy if u have liked my experience please do comment and have a nice day.