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My Girlfriend’s Shoot for Debonair Magazine

Chapter 1

“Okay, this time next week we’ll start looking at Raj Kapor’s Mera Naam Joker, and its impact on contemporary Indian cinema. I’ll expect you all to be familiar with the text by then. And I don’t mean watching the film a couple of times. Read the book, people. Read the book.”

The scraping of chairs on the floor caused a thunderous din as the class stood. Their chatter raised the noise level further still as they stuffed equipment into bags and prepared to leave the lecture theatre. At the centre of the crowd that slowly filed towards the exit, with so many people in such a small space, it wasn’t unusual for Anahita to feel bodies pressed against her, but she could have sworn that at least two of her classmates actually grabbed her backside and squeezed. And was it her imagination, or did someone try to slip a hand under her skirt?

“Anahita,” the lecturer called as she passed the front desk. “Just a quick word, if you don’t mind.”

“Excuse me. Oh, sorry. Excuse me,” Anahita said as she worked her way through the crowd, holding her textbooks and folder of notes pressed against her chest like a shield. “What’s wrong, Dr Ghoshe? It’s my last essay, isn’t it? It wasn’t any good.”

“No, no. It was fine. Very good, in fact. No, it’s your outfit.”

“My outfit?”

“Yes, your outfit. Look, understand that outfits like this are the fashion at the moment, but this one seems a little too…” Dr Ghoshe shook her head. “I don’t know if you’re deliberately trying to distract your male colleagues, but that’s certainly what you’ve done today. Throughout the lecture, I saw more faces turning around to look at you than I did pay attention to the discussion of Game of Thrones, which, quite frankly, is normally the most hotly discussed novel of this course.”

“I didn’t notice anyone looking at me,” Anahita lied.

“Whether you noticed, is not the issue. I will not tolerate distractions of any kind in my lectures. Do you understand?”

“I’m sorry, Dr Ghoshe. I didn’t mean—”

“No, I’m sure you didn’t.” She sighed, “In future, just tone it down a little, okay? This is a place of study, not a catwalk. Either that, or sit in the front row. At least that way, your admirers won’t risk a neck injury.”

Anahita sheepishly left the room to find her friend, Arjun, waiting for her. “What did the bag want?”

“Nothing. It was about my last essay. And she’s not an old bag. I like her.”

“Yeah, right. If it was nothing why d’you look so upset.”

“I don’t. I’m fine.” She waved the comment off. “Shall we go for lunch? I’m starving.”

After stepping out into the unseasonably warm spring day, they wound their way through the campus towards the Students’ Union Canteen. There were many people heading the same way and still more hanging around between lectures and Anahita noticed that she was attracting more stares and second glances than she usually expected, even for this outfit. After all, there were plenty of other good-looking girls about. Mumbai University students were well known for making the most of the warm weather when they had it.

Arjun appeared to have noticed too. “You’re popular today. Can’t say I’m surprised, though. You look good. I mean, you always look good, but today … Damn! Great outfit.”

Anahita smiled at him and said, “Thanks. I’m glad you like it. It’s one of my favourites.”

“Yeah, mine too.” After a pause he added with a grin, “Any chance of seeing a bit more?”

She raised an eyebrow. “There’s not that much more to see, Arjun.”

There were a few reasons she’d chosen to wear the short denim skirt and tight white tank top. The warm weather had something to do with, as did her knowledge that Arjun would like the outfit—he’d made no secret of how much he fancied her for the past two years and he always liked what she wore, even the baggy jogging pants and thick sweaters that made up her winter wardrobe. But had a third reason too. A secret reason.

Arjun’s grin became a leer. “I still hold out hope that I might get to see what’s underneath someday.”

She shrugged. “Who knows? One day you might.”

“So you’ll go out with me then?”

“How many times, Arjun? I’m not interested. We’re friends. That’s all.” If you weren’t such a child, perhaps, she added to herself. If you were a bit more mature, then things might be different.

“You’re still hung up on that Vaibhav guy that shares your flat then? You know it’s a wasted effort, don’t you?”

“It’s just a matter of time…”

“I reckon he must be gay or something. If I was him, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my hands off you.”

“Then I should be thankful that you’re not him, shouldn’t I?”

They entered the cafeteria in the Student’s Union, and joined the queue at the food counter. After they got their meals, they found a table by a window and chatted about Dr Ghoshe’ lecture. After a few minutes, a young man sitting at a table on the other side of the room stood and crept over to them. He had a magazine in one hand and a pen in the other. On any other day, Anahita wouldn’t have looked twice at a wimpy nerd like him. But today…

“Yes?” she said, tilting her head to the side. “Can I help you?”

“Erm…” The young man cleared his throat and tried to untie his tongue. “Erm, is it really you?” He tapped the magazine with his pen.

Anahita grinned. Then nodded.

The geek held out the magazine and pen. “Would you… ?”

Anahita blushed. She hadn’t expected to be asked for autographs. She took the magazine. It was open at the page he wanted signed. Anahita scrawled her signature on the magazine and handed it back.

“Th … Thanks.” He scurried away his blush even worse than Anahita’s

Arjun looked dumbstruck, his fork half way to his mouth. “What the… ? What was all that about?”

Anahita ate a mouthful of her lunch before she said, “Do you ever buy Debonair?”

“God, no! It’s patronising garbage. I can’t believe they think men are only interested in football, video games, cars and naked women.”

“You seemed interested in seeing this woman naked.”

“But that’s different. I mean, you’re gorgeous.”

Anahita blushed. Again. “So, you never read it?”

“There’s not all that much to read, really. I browse through it in the newsagents to see who’s in it—I keep hoping they’ll get Sunny Leone to do a shoot now she lives in India. but I’d never buy it. Not unless they do get her to do a shoot. There’s a rumour she might do something to tie in with that new film she’s in. Why d’you ask, anyway?”

“Well, if you look through it this week, I’m certain you’ll want to buy it.”


Anahita didn’t answer. She ate some chips from her plate. “Have you ever read The Beach before? I’ve only ever seen the film.”

There were no more interruptions during lunch. After they had finished and left the cafeteria, Arjun turned towards the campus shop.

“Where are you going?” Anahita asked.

“See what’s so special about this issue of Debonair.”

“Oh, okay. See you later then.”

“You’re not coming?”

I hope I will be later, she thought. “No. I have to get back to the flat.”

She walked a few paces and then looked back to see if Arjun had gone. She watched him enter the newsagents then quickly doubled back to follow him. Taking care to make sure he couldn’t see her, she watched him browse the magazine rack against the wall until he found Debonair. He took it down, opened it, and quickly flicked through. He stopped suddenly and stared at the pages. “Bloody hell!”

As if he could sense her watching him, Arjun turned his head and caught Anahita’s eye. She smiled at him, raised her eyebrows and waved. Then she left, certain that Arjun was already heading for the checkout.



Chapter 2


Anahita lay back on her bed, her hands behind her head, and stared at the ceiling. One leg was bent, with her foot flat on the bed, and her other leg was crossed over it. She bounced her foot idly and wondered if Vaibhav had picked up his copy of Debonair from the campus newsagents yet. She’d find out soon enough. He was due back any minute now.

At twenty, Vaibhav was an almost year older than Anahita. Instead of going to university straight from school, he’d deferred his entry, travelled around Europe on his dad’s money, and joined the volunteer effort in Africa. She thought he was fun to be around, although not everyone was of the same opinion, and he was without doubt one of the most intelligent people she’d ever met.

He was also drop-dead gorgeous, with a classically chiselled face and a fashionable, unruly mop of hair. She heard the door to the apartment open and then slam closed behind whoever had just walked in. She knew it could only be Vaibhav because the rest of her flatmates were supposed to be in lectures. The flat was owned by the university and accommodated six students, right on campus. At the start of the year, the three boys and three girls who were to share had been strangers. Now they were friends.

“Vaibhav? That you?”

“Anahita? Where are you?”

“In here. My room.” From the moment she had set eyes on him, Anahita had been smitten. He reduced her to a quivering mass of desire whenever she saw him.

“Yeah, right. Suppose you would be.” He stepped into her room. He still had on his green military style jacket, which Anahita thought suited his shaggy black hair, with his canvas satchel still slung over his shoulder. He held the latest edition of Debonair open in front of him, flipping back and forth between two pages. His big, brown eyes were wide, his mouth was slack. His tongue was almost hanging out.

For all his good qualities, there was one thing about Vaibhav that annoyed Anahita. He read lads’ mags. Each month he had Loaded and FHM delivered to the door. But his real weakness was Debonair, and its photo shoots of supposedly ‘real girls’. His love of ‘real girls’ bordered on obsession. He’d spend hours looking at them. He rated them out of ten and kept a league table of his favourites. He even scanned the pictures into his computer to make desktop wallpapers from them. It was a shame that his love of ‘real girls’ didn’t extend to one real live girl that he lived with.

Anahita rolled onto her side and rested her head on her hand. Her auburn curls cascaded behind her. She bent one leg so that her skirt rode up her leg a little further. Her grin was a mile wide. Vaibhav glanced from the magazine to Anahita and back to the magazine. She saw the look in his eyes that meant he recognised both her pose and her outfit. She knew exactly which pages of the magazine he was looking at. “So?”

He looked up again. “Is … is this really you?” Anahita had never heard his rich, deep voice quiver like that before.

“Yeah.” She blinked slowly and deliberately, and licked her lips. “It is. You like?”

“But … I mean … When? How?”

“You know those shots that Sabya took of me, Naina and Sushmita for his photography assignment before Christmas?”

“The ones in the Mrs. Claus outfits? Yeah, I remember.”

“I sent copies of them to the magazine. They liked them and next thing I know, I got a call to go up to Goa for a shoot.”


“Come on, Vaibhav, even you can’t be that thick.”

“You mean that shopping trip wasn’t a shopping trip?”


“So Naina and Sushmita know all about this?”

Anahita nodded. “Naina and Sushmita have a double shoot in an issue next month.”

“A double shoot?”

“They wanted all three of us together. Sort of a flatmates thing. But I refused.”


“I didn’t want you distracted from the pictures of me.”

“Oh.” Vaibhav looked at the pictures in the magazine again. His mouth was still hanging open. He glanced up at Anahita, but wouldn’t look her in the eye. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I’ve been waiting weeks to see the look on your face. And it was worth it.” She shook her head gently to loosen her hair. “You still haven’t said if you like it?”

“You look … fantastic. I mean, really fantastic.”

“You think?”


“As good as the other girls in there?”

“Better. Way better.”

“You sure? There’s some stiff competition.” She sat up and dangled her legs over the edge of the bed. With her arms at her side, she pushed her breasts together in imitation of one of the photos in the magazine.

“No question. Ten out of ten.”

“Where do I come in your league table?”

“Oh, I’d say you were definitely a championship contender.”

“Good. I can’t wait to see my wallpaper.” She stood and walked across the room to close the door. “I’ve been wondering which shots you’ll use.”

“This one.” He pointed at one of the pages even though Anahita couldn’t see which photo he was pointing at. “And this one…” He pointed at the opposite page then turned over to the next. “And this one. Maybe this one as well, but I might not have room. Perhaps I should get a widescreen monitor.”

“Yeah, you should.”

He shook his head. “I don’t understand why you did it though. You hate this magazine. You’re always moaning at me for reading it.”

“And by ‘reading’ you mean looking at the pictures?” She leaned back against the door in another pose from the magazine.

“Well, yeah. I suppose. But you’re always going on about how all the girls are fakes and all the “Local Lovelies” are set up. You said you couldn’t believe that girls just sent in photos and got in the magazine.”

“And you said that I should send in some photos and see. So I did and they proved me wrong.” She moved away from the door, put her hands on her hips and bent one leg.

“But I didn’t mean it.”

“I didn’t think you did, which is why I was looking forward to seeing your face. Besides, I figured that if I got into Debonair, you might actually notice me.”


“You’re not really this dense, are you?”

Vaibhav stared at the photos again. Anahita stood in front of him and pushed the magazine down out of the way. She put her finger under his chin and lifted his head until his eyes met hers. “Put that stupid magazine away and I’ll show you the real thing.” Her voice was low. She spoke slowly.


Anahita clapped a hand to her forehead. “Oh God, Vaibhav! D’you wanna see me naked or not?”



Chapter 3


Vaibhav opened his mouth. Then he closed it again and nodded. Anahita grinned and pulled her top up over her head. She was wearing the same red lace bra as in the magazine. She hoped that Vaibhav would notice, but there was no way to tell. He seemed to have lost the power of speech. His face was expressionless and his eyes had glazed over. He grunted. Anahita looked down and noted the growing bulge in his trousers.

As she unbuttoned her skirt and shimmied it down her legs, Vaibhav whimpered. “Good God. You look even better in the flesh than in the photos,” he muttered, barely audible.

“You think? How about now?” She reached behind, unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor.

Vaibhav gulped. “Er … Wow. Can I… ?” He dropped the magazine and reached out a hand. His satchel fell from his shoulder and hit the floor with a thud.

Anahita thrust her chest out. “Go ahead.”

Vaibhav touched her breast and whimpered again. Anahita shivered—his hands were cold, but that wasn’t why. A jolt of electricity ran down her back. “Oh, my God! Vaibhav, you do know you’ve got to fuck me now, don’t you? I’ve been horny like you wouldn’t believe ever since I did that shoot. It’s killed me not being able to tell you about it. And the way guys have been looking at me today … trying to work out if it really is me. I could feel them undressing me with their eyes. I could sense how much they wanted to fuck me. God in heaven, I’m horny. I need you, Vaibhav. I need you to throw me on the bed and fuck the living shit out of me.”

Vaibhav groaned and bent over. “Shit,” he said. “I think it’s a bit late for that now.”

Anahita looked down at the lump in his pants. He pulled his jacket closed but was too slow. Anahita saw a small wet stain spread slowly. “Oh, bollocks! Never mind. Guess I’ll just have to put in some overtime.”

“I’m … I’m sorry. I’ve never … I mean … I…”

“Vaibhav? Are you a virgin?”

He nodded.

“You’ve travelled all over Europe and Africa, and you’re still a virgin?”

Vaibhav shrugged. “I suppose I just never met the right girl.”

“Well, you have now.” She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. He offered no resistance when she pulled his head towards her for a kiss. Anahita thought a tender moment was appropriate, but Vaibhav was a little too enthusiastic and offered a little too much tongue. She couldn’t help but think that he was practising something he’d once read in a book. She gave up on tender and forced her tongue past his and into his mouth.

She ruffled his hair and pulled him harder against her. His hands were still by his sides. She pushed his jacket off his shoulders and it fell to the floor. Then she ran her fingers down his torso. She could feel his tight, toned chest and tummy beneath his tight, white T-shirt. She moaned. Anahita desperately tugged his T-shirt from his jeans. For once, Vaibhav got the message. He stepped back and pulled the shirt over his head. It joined the growing number of discarded clothes on the floor.

Anahita grabbed his waistband and dragged him across the room. She pushed him onto the bed, climbed on top and locked her lips to his. She was forceful, desperate and passionate. She rubbed her crotch against his.

Still hard. Good. “What you reckon, Gav? Think you can handle a little tongue bath without flooding my throat?”


“Never mind.” She slid down his body, running her tongue over his well-defined muscles. She tugged his fly open. He jumped when she fumbled his cock out of his shorts and stroked it a few times to make sure he was at full mast. She needn’t have worried. “Just a little taste, okay? Then you’ll fuck me? All right?”

“Oh God, yes!”

She licked his cock from base to tip before wrapping her lips around the head and sucking. He groaned again. His breathing quickened. Anahita was scared he’d come early again. She squeezed the base of his cock with her fingers. She read somewhere it helped delay orgasm. She sucked all of him into her mouth, then pulled him out and gasped for breath. She knelt up and tugged his jeans and shorts down to his knees. He fumbled, thrashed and kicked a leg free. While his cock pointed at the ceiling, Anahita shuffled and shifted until her legs were either side of his. She lowered herself slowly she felt his cock prodding her her bottom.

“Wanna stop?” she asked.

Vaibhav shook his head.

“Me neither.” She pulled the gusset of her red panties aside. Vaibhav held his cock still and Anahita impaled herself on it. She sank slowly until she had all of him inside her. She threw her head back and moaned. “Ohhh, God, that’s good. So good.”

Vaibhav reached up and fumbled with her breasts. Anahita supported herself by putting her hands on the bed and then ground her pubis against him, moving his cock inside her, and driving herself nuts. Her orgasm built quickly. She moved faster. Faster. She screamed his name when she came, forcing herself down and holding him at full depth inside her twitching pussy. Her whole body shook as the relief of her release washed over her.

Once recovered, she moved slowly up and down Vaibhav’s cock building up towards a second sweet ‘o’. As it approached, her energy returned in a rush. Her breathing quickened and the canter became a gallop. She put her hands on his shoulders, gripped his sides with her knees, and rode him like a thoroughbred. Vaibhav’s breath was ragged. He couldn’t keep his hands on her tits as she bounced on his cock, so he gave up. He grabbed her hips and tried to hold her still. Anahita guessed what was coming and stopped moving. Vaibhav fucked up into her, driving her towards that second orgasm she so craved. With a roar, he came, firing his load inside her. It was enough to send her over the edge and together, they came.

Spent, she collapsed on top of him and covered his face with tender kisses. She could still feel him inside her. He was still hard. She squeezed him with her pussy.

“That was amazing,” he said. “I can’t believe I just fucked one of the Debonair “Local Lovelies”. It’s like a dream or something.”

“You know,” she said, “if you’d taken your nose out of those damn magazines, we could’ve been doing this for months.”

“I realise that now.” He blinked. “Hey, this isn’t just a one-off is it? You’re not punishing me for being stupid or something?”

“If that was the punishment, then you better commit some more crimes.”

“So we’ll be doing it again?”

“Absolutely, we’re doing it again! And another thing, the girls that do these shoots quite often get more work out of it. Think you could handle a glamour model girlfriend?”

“You’re my girlfriend now?”

“If you want me to be.”

“Fuck, yeah. I want you. And, if doing these shoots makes you so horny that you fuck like that, then so much the better.”

“Excellent. Ready to go again?”


Anahita nodded. “Only, can you go on top? I’m knackered.”