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My honey my mom Part 1

My mom’s name is Sasi. We stay in Coimbatore.She is 37yrs old but looks ten years younger. Any body would mistake her for my sister. I am in college first year. My father is in Chennai as he has business there. He would come twice a , stay for a month or so and then leave. My mom is a stunning gorgeous looking lady with a sexy sweet smile, sharp nose, full lips, twinkling eyes and high cheek bones. She was neither skinny nor fat just the right kind of body which could turn on any man or boy. She is tall 5’7 and about 64kgs. Whenever she would go to the market to buy things, the men and road side romeo boys would check her out. I would feel guilty and angry but I could not do anything.

My mom would not expose anything, it was just that she was so sexy and beautiful. I noticed that when she would walk her lovely round full ass would shake and roll sexily. I could make out the guys and men, even the baji wallas would secretly stare and glance at her ass and tits. I felt lucky that when other boys in my colony had real boring mothers, mine was a hot goddess with real charming look. I knew that the boys were discussing about her behind my back. This is the incident which happened 1 yr ago. Since then she is not only my mother but my best friend, whore and lover. Nobody knows about this except for her and me. At times when dad would come to covai, I could make out that they were busy fucking in their room. I would hear a shy giggle and dad’s moan at times. But I could not see a thing. One day I had seen my mom cooking kasari for us. I was watching cricket.

This was when I was in 12th standard. I wanted to go to pee. Since the toilet was in the way to the kitchen, my eyes darted toward that place. I saw my dad bending over mom who looked as if she was stirring the kasari with a spoon. I didn’t make a noise and just witnessed the scene. He was licking the back of her neck and squeezing her ass over her nighty. My cock began to rise slowly. She was not wearing a petticoat. I saw dad slowly lifting her nighty slowly. Wow! I came to see her legs, long and silky sexy. He slowly lifted it up till I saw my mother’s ripe pumpkin shaped ass in a red panty. It was the most erotic thing I saw round and big. I could not see the full thing as it was hidden in her panty but it looked delicious, I saw dad’s index finger going inside her ass. Dad was fingering her anus. I became mad with lust as I saw the scene. He removed his finger out and began to suck it. In her excitement mom moaned and dropped the spoon. Suddenly they realized that I would hear and mom pulled her nighty up.i disappeared from the scene.

The sight of her ass made me mad. I was so charged with lust that I masturbated for a week continuously thinking of the sight I had scene. I wished to see that lovely ass of hers again. When she would go the toilet to bath in the morning, I would imagine seeing her naked ass and sexy hairy cunt and would get excited. I could hear the buzzing sound of her bathing and would get excited. Let me tell you that this sound would be magnetically arousing to my dick. One day, I was reading my college book in my study room. Like always my mom would come to the room to sweep the room. I was addicted to watch her body while moving in the house doing house hold work. She moved her ass seductively and I watched her. Her ass was just inches away from me. Suddenly my cock began to i looked mom but she was started to sleep so slowly i pulled my cock and kept front of her ass and i enjoyed about fucking her from back mistake i move forcefully it began to touch my mom ass,she suddenly wake up and look back,knowing the position i covered with breab spreed,she asked what viji i said sorry ma accidentally kicked u but my mom said its ok close your eye and start sleep said ok and mom smiled at me and I loved her smile.

After some time, she went to the bathroom. She must be disturb. I knew that she had gone to loo. I was growing hornier. I wanted to see her doing her thing. Quite out of lust, I took my cock out and began to masturbate furiously. I listened to the sound of her flushing and I saw her coming out. I could not complete my act of masturbation. Mom came out and saw the front bulge of my pant swollen like a tent. “What were you doing?” she asked, “how did it become swollen?” I was afraid and did not say it. She said,”You were playing with it, no? Go to the toilet and piss. It will become small,” she did not sound angry. I went to the toilet. The toilet was still smelling of my mom’s piss. I looked in the bowl. The bowl had still some water piss smell which had come from her cunt hole. They were floating in the water. The smell in the air was turning me on as I masturbated furiously. I kept on shagging wildly. Mom was calling from the other side,”viji, are you finished peeing?” I said,”Mom, I am still peeing I could hear her laughing.

I began to masturbate till I came. I flushed the toilet thoroughly and came out. Dad had gone Chennai and there was no one in the house except for mom and me. One morning at 5.00 clock, I felt my eyes opened. I went to the other room where my mom was sleeping. Her nighty was lifted on to the thighs. She could not see me. But I could see in the dark that her fingers were between her spread fair soft full thighs. My mom was masturbating. I knew she was missing my dad’s cock. I saw her moaning softly as she orgasm. I could not see her cunt as it was dark but I could see her eyes closed and the pleasure in her face as she orgasm. My cock was so hard that I began to feel like fuck her then and there. One day in collage, my friend passed some obscene comment on my mom.when mom came to pay my fees He said,”see that lady looks too cute sexy and having sexy ass” I got angry and fought with him. I called his mother as bastard. He insulted my mom and said that my mom was a bastard. Because of the fight both of us were injured.

My mom saw me and began to scold me for fighting. I told her what happened. She began to apply balm on my wounds and index. After some day my mom got my friend in front of me. I was angry to see this. My mom said that you boys should not fight on small things. Friendship is more important. My friend began to thank my mom for kindness and said sorry to me(as he now only known that she is my mom). Then we boys became friends. After one week my mom asked me if I loved her that much that I had to fight with a boy, Akash. I said,”Mom if he says dirty things again, then I will break his face.” My mom said,”Forget it. He is just a despo guy. He is just hungry for sex. Most of the boys at this age are like that only. Even you said dirty things about his mom” I said,”But mom you are sexy, he told this because …. she cut me,”what how do you know I am sexy… she began to laugh… I began to caress her neck. She smiled and asked me,”What are you doing?” “Feeling the softness of your skin, mom, I wish I could kiss it.”

“Then kiss it” I began to kiss her neck and then kissed her lips. She stopped me and said,”Don’t do this..I am your mom” I made a sad face and said,”This is my bad luck. All the boys and men can ogle at you but I cannot do so because I am your son. If I was your lover, I would have kissed you up and down” She made a face and said,”See if you are horny what can you expect your friend to be?” I caressed her shoulders,” Mom your boobs can make even a small kid’s cock hard” She slapped me on my face,”Enough.” I started to weep, she consoled me. Seeing my plight, she cuddled me and said,”Why do you talk such things ?” I told her,”Mom, I know that you are missing dad, I saw you masturbating one day. I also saw dad fucking you in the kitchen” My mom was dumbfounded and then embarrassed.

She did not know when I had seen her getting fucked in the kitchen. I told her about the kasari incident. She did not know how to react. She told me,”Beta..since you saw everything let me tell you, I was masturbating because I was missing your dad” I kissed her on her cheek. I stroked her face and said,”Mom, I want you to be the happiest woman in the world. She had tears in her eyes. My hand was caressing her right breast cupping it gently applying pressure as I kissed her. My erect cock was rubbing against her calf as I kissed. I whispered in her ear as I squeezed it more,”mom can I play with your ball”.she pulled my hand and slapped in my face how bold are u doing this to me she started to scold and started to beet.i felt in her foot and beg not beet me and suddenly she stop and said this is wrong ,but i kept my face dull an d after few mins i beg her to touch only once her breast, She gave a sexy smile and said,”Let me remove the nighty jip”. She removed it and I could see her breasts looking tight and hot, medium sized in her bra. I put my head down and began to suck on the left one through the fabric.

She smiled and said,u said u would touch only but u where doing something else i begged mom please only once she said ok but once once i said ok and started to press,”by the time my mom said Go slow, it is a woman’s breast not a ball that you use to play cricket” as I squeezed the other pulpy meat of flesh. “Mom, you know when people stare at your boobs, I feel so mad” She caressed my head and said,”viji, you love me, you are entitled to see me. They have not seen my boobs…I will show you, you don’t have to be mad anymore but promise me you will keep this a secret. I am showing you because you wanted to see me in nude. I don’t want you to feel dejected,but she refused so i began to beg and cry like a mom under stood my feeling and said ok ” There were two pins which held her nighty together from the front. She went ahead and opened them. Her bra flipped apart and my eyes feasted at those two full ripe apple like boobs of mom.No wonder dad was a fan of these.

She does not wear a sarees at home. I asked her,”Mom don’t you ever wear a saree in home? She said,”I wear dear but only when I go out” I looked at her nipples. They wear dark brown strong nipples looking sexually attractive. I told mom,” I want to suck your nipples” She caught one breast in her hand and offered to me as if feeding me. I began to suck on her nipple. The pleasure was extra ordinary. I left sucking for a moment and wanted to ask her something,” Mom why are your nipples dark while other girls have light colored ones?” She said,” Young girls have light ones but once they give birth to kids the nipples become fatter and darker” I loved my mother’s knowledge. I began to suck again like an animal. She could not take the pressure and lied down. I began to attack her breasts like an animal, kissing and licking her whole area of breasts, massaging it slurping at it. She, getting turned on let her hand wander around my crotch area. She found my hardon jutting out through my shorts and pressed it.

Her eyes popped out as she gasped at my size. She didnt say anything but her eyes said it all. We ended smooching each other. I loved the feel of her bangles as she touched my dick through my i started stroking my rod from out, I left her and removed my shorts as my mother watched in excitement. I removed my brief and my cock naked and proud jutted out in the open waving up and down in front of her lovely face. She smiled and said,”she said what i need to do i request to too and hold for mins but she refuse i started to beg by she said ok and started to hold my thick and long rod” She caressed it and I felt sexual current running through my body. This was the woman who had touched my cock when I was small while bathing or helping me pee and now she was about to suck it. “mom please suck it” Understanding my lust,she said no way but i start to force her to suck kept near her face,suddenly she hold tightly &she opened her mouth over my rigid piece of meat. I was in seventh heaven. My mother was a good cocksucker.

She was giving that kind of a pleasure he can never dream of. I was very jealous of appa and I wished I was older enough to be her lover or husband. Mom wanted to have fun, she was a horny bitch just like a horny dog I am. She knew that if she has fun with me, I would not tell anybody as I was born out of her vagina. I wanted to see her pussy but the way she was slurping and teasing my dick with her mouth made me forget everything else. There are little hairs around the base of my balls. She was nuzzling at it, licking my balls alternately as she sucked my lollipop. Then she just gave a sexy blowjob on my dick as if trying to remove my dick out of my body. She also began to skillfully tease my balls with her fingers and bob her mouth on my dick, I felt a warm rush of fluid coming through the tip and it shot through my pee hole and on her face, lips and inside her mouth. I shouted,”OHHH mommmmmmm” through out my orgasmic tremors. She looked at me and my dick as it vibrated and shook through the orgasm.

The way my mom was staring at my orgasmic penis and the pleasure on my face was out of this world. After some time, I felt real guilty. I don know whether to thank my mom for giving me oral pleasure or say sorry for being such a beast in lust. She being an experienced woman understood my confusion told me to lie down for some time. She said,”viji I know what you are thinking…you are feeling guilty, it happens with men, first they are in lust and after orgasm they begin to feel sleepy and embarrassed. Does this not happen to you after you masturbate?” I replied frankly,”Yes mom, what about you?” She smiled and said,”Don’t worry about that. You wanted to see my breasts and you wanted pleasure. I don’t want you to be so sexually obsessed. If you are horny come to me, I will make you feel good and relieve your hornless. Nothing more than that.but it should be secret between us i smiled and said promise. Now just lie down, I will get you water.” She picked up her nighty and wore it back. I was feeling bad.

MY mom was a woman a mother who cared about me. A woman will always hide her inner feeling and give pleasure and happiness to her mate,husband or brother. I wanted to give her her share of happiness. She might be burring with sexual hunger and I should give to her. Like a devoted son and a passionate lover I must fulfill my son obligation and give her romantic sexual delights also as a lover. If she had seen and pleasured my dick, even I should lick and fuck her cunt. Mom was taking time. I knew she had gone to get water. She came late in 5 minutes, her hair was tied and her face was looking pretty. She gave me the water bottle to drink,”Drink.” I drank and I was looking at mom with interest. My cock was soft like a small fat noodle resting between my legs. “Wear your underwear,” she said but I did not agree to her. I asked: why did you take time? she replied: I went to the bathroom I asked: what for? She replied sarcastically:what do people go for,peeing and washed my face for freshen up.

I said: I thought you went to bath She made a face and said: chee, at this time… I went to pee, I made a face,”If you had called me, may be I could have got a chance to look at your hole body nude” The dirty tamil word made her stare at me. Somehow she said,” You know it is raining and one feels like peeing a lot in these days, I was controlling it from fifteen minutes, I could not have left in the middle of the thing we were doing and gone to the toilet.” I told mom,” Mom you have great control” She did not reply and then scolded me kiddish: why are you naked? Wear something or do you want to pee? I told her,”Mom you have gr8 control on your bodily functions but you should not curb your sexual desires.” She did not answer. I took her palm in my hand and caressed it. “You gave me pleasure, showed me your tits, made me touch and suck them, sucked my dick…may be I should give you pleasure by sucking and kissing your hole body and give a great pressure” She told me flatly,”viji I cant show you my hole body” WHY? She replied,”Because it is a woman most sacred thing, I showed you my boobs, if you want I can even flash my thighs to you, but not my hole body…It will drive you mad.Evan I am a women i cant show to a men,than I am your mom i cant show u my body and my private part’. Even I will not be able to control it. ” I said,”so what don’t you want pleasure?”

She said,”But this is incorrect, imagine a son kissing and licking his mother’s body.”but i requested her to show only her peeing part as i never saw any woman part (but i had saw only in books)as if i showed my hole body even my private parts u get mad and then u will think to enter me then it would end in bad starvation i asked what would happen see said u might think to have pressure with me,i asked as if i like a kid she said u might have sex u might fuck me. Her language was turning me on. She could see my cock rising as she said these words. She tried to avoid seeing my erection coming up. It was half hard now. I told her,”What is wrong mom, if you can give me a blow job and satisfy me desires, why cant I? Who knows about what we do here? You are a woman first and I want to give you happiness and satisfaction.” she said,”Listen I did it to you because I wanted to make you free from sexual thoughts.” I replied,” Have I become free? Look at my hardening cock, mom. Does it look free. It still wants more, it wants to give you satisfaction.