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My Hot Cousin Tanvi

I’m Rohit (name changed) age20 from Goa. I m doing Eng. in Ratnagiri and at long vacations I visit my relatives who all stay in Mumbai. Tanvi my father’s long relational sis who is of my age, beautiful girl with good size boobs and heavy round butts. To tell u the truth I had sex intentions of her right from childhood. I m born desperate guy we were in same class when I use to stay in Mumbai till U.K.G and at that time I had opened her underwear to see vagina but she dint complain to anyone.

That was my great luck. Also to tell you normally boys start masturbating when they are in 10th or 11th I had started from 6th itself. At present I m that despo I masturbate twice to thrice a day. So coming to the point there was a marriage of our relative in Pune. So a bus was booked from Mumbai to Pune. Journey started us all young kinds sitting on last seat singing songs, screaming enjoying ourselves in the journey. All the time I was sitting besides her trying to flirt her as much as I can.

Our bodies were also touching n we both were enjoying. While singing I had kept my hand on d Tanvi’s shoulder Her Top was loose fit to her and my hand was again n again getting strange feeling of something which was her bra strip. Unknowingly I slightly pulled her strip up n left. She somewhat saw me in shocked way I was still singing song n dint even know what I did then she gave a slight smile n continued singing with me. We reached Pune around 8p.m. we had lunch. The marriage was on the next day. We had sleeping rooms near the marriage hall.

Almost us there was only person 2yr elder to us that was our sister. Elder were in preparations of next day. We all kids went for a walk on Pune streets and were talking about here n there. After sometime Tanvi came near me curled her right hand around my waist from back and rested her head on my shoulder. That was my first time so I was confused but 2. But then I boldly kept my left hand on her shoulder as how the couples do and in this position I was getting soft touch of her right boob at sides of my chest.

Guys this was my 1st continues touch of breast n I had very hard erection. Any stranger would say that we are couples. Well built boy walking with a sexy bebe. Our elder sister commented” don’t you forget that she becomes your aunt even if this of your age”. I said” I know”. I enjoyed the walk with her. We returned after half an hour with me having hard erection in my pants. We had rooms near hall on 2nd floor to spend that night. To go there it had narrow iron steps. Now my aim was to seduce her very badly. So while going up I 2-3times touched my erect penis on her ass, she didn’t respond to it.

At the last step she suddenly stopped n as I was in motion my penis pressed hard against her ass so I moved little back n asked her” what happed”. She blushed n said ” nothing”. And went away. After that we all went to one of the balcony as someone had brought playing cards. Elder sister suggested some game which was unknown to me. So Tanvi told me to sit beside her n see how we play. Now carefully read our sitting posture. We were sitting on ground. My left spread in front and right leg folded with its knee on Tanvi’s side. Her left leg folded, which was resting on my right leg and her right leg folded knee pointing up.

I had kept my hand on her thighs which was resting on me. I was moving my palm slightly here n there running my fingers between her thigh fold that was tickling her and also a sort of seduction but she had no objections for this must be enjoying. She might have felt strain so she closed her legs such that both of her knees pointing upwards. So my hand which was on her thigh slipped down and got trapped between her legs.

I understood that my that my hand is exactly over her pussy above her soft cotton pant but I kept like that. She also din say anything. I started moving finger over her pussy such that it would look like done un intentionally. Game was still going on she was expert. I could feel the heat of her pussy and was getting hornier. I was dying to fuck her hard right there. I stretched my middle finger and clear traced it from bottom of her pussy up to might be her clit. Suddenly she shivered n closed her legs hard such that my hand was pressed heavily over her pussy.

I looked at her face she had also closed her eyes. Might be she was not able to bear the sweet pain that I was giving to her. By now she was totally aroused. But I still kept expressions on face that its happening un intentionally. She was not able to concentrate as I was moving my finger again n again above her pussy. I knew she was wet inside. No1 was able to see my hand between her legs as the balcony had dim bulb so called as zero watt. She was loser of that game because of me. So now she gave cards to me n said “now you play I will help you”.

With this she touched her touched left boob to my side arms. I took the cards folded my legs with knees pointing upwards as no1 should b able to see my cards. Then suddenly she pushed her left hand between my leg gap rested just above my penis. My erect rod was touching her hand. I looked at her. She was smiling and had somewhat expression like “Now it’s my time to take revenge” . My rod started getting harder. Again new game started I was enjoying her touch but was not able to play the game.

She was clear tracing my rod borders above my track pant and her boob touching my hand on sideways. I was mentally out of game. I said” let’s stop the game I am feeling sleepy”. On this Tanvi said “first will finish this game”. I was really getting horny. She had long nails by which she was caressing my hard rod. Then she lightly caught it with her two fingers and slightly lifted it. That point I felt my heart beat stopped and increased at a heavy rate. I looked at her she was smiling while looking in my cards and said “are you enjoying the game”.

I was not in state to say anything. We finished the cards game. While leaving the balcony I kept hand on her butts pressed them slowly. On this she said “Rohit I never thought that u might be such a naughty person”. I said “I was thinking same about you”. On this she said” shut up”blushed with a cute naughty smile. It was now time to sleep. I was dying to have sex with her at night but unfortunately all males and all females had to sleep in different rooms. I was nervous then I went to toilet to give relief to my rod. I cum heavy with long shoot outs.

Next day every one ready at early in the morning. I had wore a Shervani (a dress which is only wear in weddings and big functions). Tanvi was in a blue sari with a sleeveless low neck blouse, sari wore below her belly button and her assets were looking more sexier than yesterday. She was looking like an hot actress. I was badly staring at her from the distant while she was talking with som1.

I got call on mobile from brother as there was noise outside I went to balcony speak. While just cutting the cal I felt a hug from behind with soft boobs touching at back. She said” Oh my boy! you are looking handsome”. Ofcourse it was Tanvi. I was enjoying her touch so kept quiet. I replied in soft voice ” I would have kissed you if no 1 would have been here”. On this she said “shut up “. Then gave a soft bite on my shoulder. Then pulled me n said ” grandmother has called us to help her “. We went down there was some Puja going on we were helping to bring things.

Marriage got over around 11am. We all kids were first to go up and click the photo with couple. I was always besides Tanvi. Everyone was going up one by one on stage for pic. All were busy attending marriage. Tanvi was feeling hot because of her sari so she wanted to wear some light clothes and I wanted to pee so we took keys of rooms from our aunty. While going upstairs her sari caught between steps and she dashed her against wall I somehow caught her otherwise totally gone down.

By this I got to touch her belly with also soft boobs. She started crying. I told” don’t cry else your makeup will go bad” on this she laughed n said” thanks for holding me otherwise I would have going down” . We went to room she locked door from inside n said “you go to toilet till then I will change my clothes”. I said ok. When I came out it was unbelievable for me. Tanvi was just in her bra and panties. I got stuck up for few seconds then said “oh sorry I will wait in toilet”.

On this “no its ok actually my shoulder is paining because of that hit and m not able to wear my clothes, somehow I have removed my blouse”. On hearing those words and looking at the scene in no time I got extreme hardening. As Shervani has loose trouser my erection was totally visible, I was trying to press it here and there but couldn’t control it. She said with a smiling face “so you should help me in wearing the clothes and no need to hide that thing I have already seen it(that’s my cock).

I was shocked to hear that. She went and leaned on the bed said “I can’t keep my hand up while standing so in this position you can easily put on my T shirt”. I said “ok”. it was really cock hardening scene as a sexy bebe telling me to put on her clothes in bikini with those heavy boobs while sleeping in front. Went near her, took her T shirt them put my knees on either side of her as if am going to do sex with her. While slowly pulling her t shirt down lightly touched and pressed her breasts I could clearly see lust in her eyes.

She then suddenly caught my head pulled it towards her and said” you naughty don’t make of crazy any more, I am watching you from yesterday “. She became wild started kissing me I gave nice response. I removed her t shirt started pressing her boobs. Then she removed her bra. I was really starving from long to have those things to take in my mouth. I licked them kissed them. Our breathing increased.

She was also moaning heavily and again and again trying to pull my rod. I understood her need removed all clothes except underwear. I slowly removed her undies she had cleanly shaved I said “wow! is this your first time”. She” yes”. I said “also mine”. She asked “will you please kiss me between my legs”. First I was not ready to touch my mouth to pussy but then I licked it hard. She just made up thrust and had orgasm. Then she took my cock in her mouth. As it was first time within a minute or two I cum heavily.

She said” please put your cock in my. .”. I said “no i m afraid and you will also get pregnant “. She said” please do it I will manage pills from my friend she regularly takes them”. I somehow got ready to fuck. I apart her legs and slowly pushed my cock in with hands resting over her boobs. She moaned her pussy was too tight. I applied some saliva in her pussy and again started fucking. She said “please do it faster”.

Slowly I increased the speed. After some time she deeply penetrated her nails in bed gave up thrust and all juices came out. I also cum at same time we enjoyed fucking. After coming back from Pune we did sex whenever there was no one at her house.