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My Hot Maid

Hi everybody. This is mani and I’m 23 yrs old. Abt me, I’m
fair,attractive,8 inch tool.. and many girls have tried to get
intimate with me. I didn’t have interest in sex until I saw my maid.
She is fairly 19 yrs old, very horny, innocent. Probably doesn’t even
know wat sex means. I watch her cleavage whenever she bends down
during work n see her ass move left n right, those curves! She’s a
babe. I had a very strong lust on her, not luv, just lust. I wanted to
take her.. Each part of her. I would dream abt tat every night and
masturbate. Sometimes, I call her n make her sit beside me n hold her
by her shoulders n ask her general questions abt her health n work.
Tat gives me great pleasure and I get aroused. Seeing my mom do yoga,
she also had the interest in learning it. Sometimes, I teach her yoga
if I reach home before my parents. I wld touch her curves n thighs,
but never had the chance of touching her boobs n pussy. Ohhh I so
really wanna lick them.One day, I returned soon from college. I
knocked the door and only my maid was home. I went inside n saw her,
with her loosely worn saree, since she thought no one was home, I
could see all her assets, she was half naked above the torso. I went
to my room and started watching porn. I had no intention to do “it”
tat day unless the porn ended. I called out for her n she entered my
room. I told her to sit beside me and I started to talk like I used to
do. Then I asked her to wait ter pretending to go to the hall n search
my mobile. While I left, I turned on the porn video. Wen I returned,
she was all nervous n turned the other side. I went near her, switched
off the video n sat near here. She was very nervous since no one was
home. I slightly held her hands. Ter was no refusal. I went up her
arms, and she bit her lips. Tat mad me kinky n went on to her back. So
smooth. I slid down n got hold of her hips. She had a quick take off n
stood. She told me she will be in the drawing room.I pulled her by her
arms n pushed her on my bed. Her saree pallu fell off n she was with
only her blouse. She started looking at me in discomfort n asked her
wat she saw in tat video. Though she denied in the beginning, she said
she saw a guy licking the place wer the girl pees. I wanted to laugh.
She seem to know nothing abt sex. I told her wat a pussy was. She was
still confused. I told her tat I could teach her more if she permits.
She hesitated feeling tat something was wrong. I started explaining
her tat she ll be completely safe n I promised. She stood near me. I
wanted to remove all her clothes. She did as I ordered. I finally got
to see her nipples, and they were amazing. Her pussy was filled with
hair. I asked her to sit down on my bed. She said she wanted to pee. I
guessed it would have been her orgasm. I spread her legs n touched her
pussy. It was already wet n ready to shoot cum! I mean, We haven’t
even started! Then I explained wat orgasm means. She spread her lags
wider n I kneeled down in front of her n started finguring her pussy.
I also told her to enjoy the feel. She started mourning. I slowly put
my middle finger in, then 2 fingers n then 3, her pussy was tight. I
wanted to break her virginity using my tool. I started kissing it and
licking full of lust. She started to mourn louder. I went and closed
the main door n came back removing my shorts n brief. Seeing me nude,
she bent down. I lifted her chin n asked her to kiss my cock n eat it.
She looked in disgust. I understood her n played a blow job video. She
started to suck my cock like how it was in the video. I was in heaven.
I pinched her nipples n started playing with it. I made her lie down n
started kissing her boobs. She was so much aroused n told me she
wanted to pee agn. I told her tat it was cum n I went to her pussy to
drink her juice. We were in 69 position n I started biting her clit.
She started to come more. I was so excited to have it.After all the
cum, her pussy was well lubricated. I put my cock in her pussy lips n
told her to place her legs on my shoulder. She started biting her
lips. I got prepared to insert my tool into the door of heaven. It was
tough, I tried inserting 1 inch, it was hard. So I decided to let in
my 8 inch tool in one go. I pulled it out n put it in in a fraction of
second in one go, with a big scream let by her. She started bleeding.
But I didn’t wanna stop. I went on. First with a slower pace n rapidly
increasing my speed. I started to cum inside her pussy, forgetting abt
the effects. But I am sure she enjoyed it a lot. I was happy seeing
her happy n I started to fuck her agn n agn. I let my cum in her for
the second time, and only then I realised tat it was a mistake! I
didn’t wanna tell her cz she wld wanna stop the game. After fucking
her for 4 times, both of us were tired n lied on the bed naked. We
didn’t talk. There was complete silence. After few mins I touched her
pussy,She pushed my hand away and told me she was feeling guilty. I
went close to her n hugged her, kissed her passionately n told her
nothing was wrong in sex. It was 1pm n both ddnt wanna have lunch. We
went in the bathroom and took a shower naked, I washed her all over n
we again started fucking in the tub. After the shower both were
charged n fucked agn till 4. Then we cleaned the place n dressed up.
We had a quikie before tat n I let my cum in, not caring abt anything.
She finally got into my track, turned to me, kissed passionately n
thanked me for showing her wat sex was. We had a tea n my mom came
home at 5. She greeted my mom n smiled at me and left home. After tat
day, I started bunking Colg and stayed home having sex with my babe,
and adviced her to take required pills so tat we could enjoy
everything. I graduated my masters and started to work n couldn’t have
sex with her for a couple of weeks. We both missed each other so I
started to go to her home twice a week n have sex for few hours n
leave home.