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My hot servant Ramu

Hi readers, I am getting good response from you. So I will tell you of strange things happening in my life. Before this I have told you how I seduced my devar Vijay and how my servant Ramu forced me to have sex with him. Since that day for nearly a month I had been enjoying all three men, Vishal, Vijay and Ramu. With Vijay I was controlling and made him do like I wanted, with Ramu I was addicted to his big cock and the rough way he fucked me.

It was just duty as wife that made me sleep with Vishal. I was enjoying this life but I had no idea what a perverted man Ramu was. As was usual these days, Ramu and me, made breakfast and served to the men of the house. One by one they left for the shop and to college. In the house because of papa I used to wear only decent dress saris only and covered my head with the pallu. Once they left Ramu locked the door of the house and sat down at the table and pulled me into his lap. Kissing and pressing my boobs, he fed me and I fed him. Today he seemed to be very happy and in a horny mood. After that he said, “you go to your room and be ready, I will just go to the corner shop buy beedis and then come. I want you naked when I come”.

With that he left, and I went to my room and like he told me got naked and was eagerly waiting for him to come. I was thinking of how satisfying my life was and how happy I have three loving men to love me and fuck me. Then he entered the room. Like every day he was in pyjama and vest. The moment he entered the room he removed his clothes and then went to the other side of the bed. He stood grinning at me and stroked his cock. “Bitch you want this cock, don’t you?” I nodded my head shamelessly eyeing his cock. “then come and get it”. I got on all fours on the bed and crawled to him. I was facing away from the door and all naked on fours like a dog. All I could see was his cock pointing at me like a gun. I gave his cock a kiss and a licking. Ramu seemed in a hurry. He pulled my face up by my hair, hurting me and thrust his big black cock into my mouth fully. I was not at all prepared for this sudden and rough attack on my mouth. But soon I was sucking him and he was holding my head tight in his hands and fucked my mouth. Then I heard a noise. It sounded as if someone had walked into the room. I tried to turn but Ramu was holding my head tight and wouldn’t let me. I almost jumped out of the bed when I felt hands press my soft bums. Someone else was in the same room with us and I didn’t know who it was.

That person was pressing and squeezing my ass. I wanted to ask Ramu but with his cock buried in deep all I could do was moan and shake my head trying to get his cock out. He then slapped me hard on my cheeks. Tears burst from my eyes. For a long time he had been rough with me in fucking but had stopped slapping since I was cooperating with him. My cheeks were stinging from the slap still when I heard him tell, “Chamanlal, lick this whore’s cunt and make her ready for my cock.” My cheeks were burning with shame. My naked ass was being handled by an unknown man and now he was going to make me ready for someone’s cock which was fucking my mouth. While I felt shame I was thrilled too. I had only seen two men fucking a girl in films. This was a first experience for me. Ramu’s fucking of my mouth with his big cock had already made my cunt wet. Now I felt hands pressing my ass open. I opened my legs voluntarily. Then I felt wet tongue on my tightly screwed up ass ring. I shivered. Since the time Ramu had shown me the pleasures of ass fucking, I had got Vijay also to fuck my ass and it was a very sensitive and erotic zone for me. I raised my ass more and the tongue was probing my ass. I relaxed and felt the tongue thrust into my ass. “hhhhmmmmmm…’ Was all that I could say, with Ramu’s thick cock choking the words in my mouth?

What I couldn’t say with words I was telling both with my body. My body was pushing my ass back, pushing it hard into the mouth that was tongue fucking my ass hole. “Didn’t I tell you Sunita is a hot bitch and loves a good fuck? Now you believe me don’t you?” I heard a muffled YES and the tongue continued to probe my back hole. Ramu must be getting a good view of my whole body. I was kneeling on the bed and getting mouth fucked by one man and my other end was being tongue fucked by another. My cunt was getting wetter by the minute. “Chaman leave her ass, suck her cunt. My cock is getting ready to fuck her.” The mouth now left my ass and licked down to my cunt. My cunt was being expertly sucked. Whoever was doing the sucking was good at it. Ramu’s cunnilingus technique left a lot to be desired. He was more a hungry dog than a connoisseur of female pussy. This one really loved pussies. I could tell by the way he was taking care to stimulate my interest by not going after my cunt straightaway. He started off with my thighs. Licking the sensitive inner thighs from knee to pussy. Taking his time he was slowly steadily licking his way up my thighs, taking small nibbles which made me shiver and shake.

Then I felt his tongue go all round my pussy which had been shaved by Ramu just the day before. He was licking everywhere but my pussy and I was going mad with desire. I tried pushing my pussy into his face and grinding it on his mouth to get off. But both men were tuned to every little whim of mine. Ramu held me back and the mouth would back off till I stopped pushing back. Then it would come back tantalizingly close but not touching my pussy lips or clit. I felt my clit enlarge and pop out. To him it must look like a miniature cock. Then I felt a sharp jab right on my enlarged and engorged clit. “aahhhhhhh” I moaned. “Do you want release bitch? Do you want your cunt sucked and enjoy a orgasm?” I nodded my head vigorously. ‘Do it “commanded Ramu to the man behind me. “aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” an intense wave of pleasure hit me as my engorged clit was sucked hard. My cunt lips twitched and I felt the juices begin to flow. The man was lapping up my juices as it came and trickled down my thighs. Intense jolts of pleasure coursed through my body as he continued to lick and suck my swollen cunt. Then my shaking intensified so much that, Ramu took his cock out of my mouth afraid that I might bite and hurt his hard but delicate organ.

The man behind buried his face in my sopping wet cunt and was sucking my cunt so hard, I was afraid he might suck my pussy and then my whole body into him through his mouth. His nose was rubbing my clit and my lips were inside his mouth and then he used his teeth on my pussy lips. That was incredible, my orgasm burst forth like a tsunami. I clamped my thighs tight on his head trapping him there. I shuddered groaned and came into his mouth. The room was awash with my loud screams. Like an animal I was shouting screaming and groaning and I exploded. Slowly the shuddering eased and I lay down with my face on the bed totally spent. It had been the most mind blowing orgasm I had ever had. I was thankful to the man whoever he was for this wonderful experience. I felt my ass being lifted up again and by the size of the cock that thrust into me I could tell Ramu was behind me. His long thick cock slid into me like a hot knife through butter. For the first time since we had started fucking he didn’t pain me at all. He slid smoothly in to the hilt. I raised my head up and I was surprised to see the man standing now in front of me. He was the owner of the grocery shop in the corner of the street. I was surprised, ashamed and grateful all at the same time. “madam, are you pleased with my services” he asked. I couldn’t speak but just nodded my head.

But what has been done was done and he had given me the most wonderful orgasm and he had seen me so intimately, there was no point in now denying the facts. I took a good look at him. He was young maybe 30, very fair almost white like someone who doesn’t spend time outdoor. His body was all flabby and had a round protruding belly. His cock was a shock to me. It was soft and its size was just about 2 inches. He was a man with a boy’s cock. He was stroking his cock looking at me with curiosity and a hint of lust. I wondered what turned him on and how and what he did with his wife. I had seen his wife many times. She was a fair, petite, soft spoken girl. She looked pretty young maybe around 22 or so. Her figure was also on the smaller side about 32 26 32. Her face was pretty and she was always smiling in the shop. Ramu was in his usual element roughly pounding his cock into my wet cunt. He seemed to have enjoyed seeing Chamanlal eat my pussy. Now he was fucking me ruthlessly. As he fucked me Chamanlal was enjoying the scene. I found his cock grows hard in his stroking hands and now it was about 4 inches long. His eyes were shining and his unblinking eyes were fixed on us. He seemed to enjoy seeing me get fucked by Ramu. Soon I could sense the throbbing of Ramu’s cock inside my pussy.

He grunted as he shot his load of cum into me. When he pulled out I feel down exhausted on the bed. “Ramu can I now,” I heard Chamanlal pleadingly ask. “but what about our deal, only if you say you agree, will I let you enjoy with her.” I was a little afraid as to what other perverted things Ramu was planning. I had no doubt that all his plans included me; I was worried about who all are going to be the witnesses to my humiliation and degradation. I was lying on my back and my legs were slightly open as my pussy was sore and swollen from the sucking and fucking it had received. I heard Chamanlal say “Yes Ramu it will be as you wanted. But please let me cum now.” “Ok it is done then. I will let you know when. Now she is all yours to enjoy. “I thought Chamanlal wanted to fuck my pussy too. I was feeling grateful to him so I opened my legs more and was looking to him. To my surprise it was not his cock that entered my pussy but his tongue. My surprise must have shown on my face. Ramu laughed “yes madam is you surprised. Chamanlal gets his kick from watching others fuck and then loves to suck and eat a just fucked pussy with the other man’s cum inside.” I was shocked. Chamanlal was doing exactly what Ramu had just said. Like a hungry dog, all the finesse that he showed earlier was forgotten as he sucked and licked my cunt. Once he lifted up his head and smiled at me. There was mixed cum and juice on his lips.

One strand of cum was stretched from my cunt to his lips. He licked at it with his tongue then lovingly licked his lips clean, and buried his head into my cunt. He probed and thrust al the way in with his amazingly dexterous tongue deep inside my pussy cleaning out all our mixed gooey cum. “Sunita just raise yourself up and take a look a t him” said Ramu. I pulled myself up and sat down with my legs splayed out in front. Chamanlal crawled after me like a dog and again buried his face in my pussy. Like a dog digging out a buried bone he was sniffing, searching and licking up every single drop of cum from my cunt. I took a look at his cock. It was hard as it could be and I saw it shaking and drops of precum ooze from the tip. As he finished he moved his body up between my legs and held his cock with one hand and rubbed it over my pussy and he came. Cum dribbled out from his cock onto my pussy. He was ecstatic. “Thank you Ramu and you madam. Thank you so much for giving this chance to serve you.” He got up from the bed and took a hanky from his clothes wiped away his cum from my pussy looking like a boy who had been given the keys to a sweet shop. I just didn’t know what to say or do. I just sat there like a dummy as he wiped me clean and then dressed and left