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My incest experience

HI this is sandesh first I would to say that I know I did wrong but
they have given what I need plz don’t give comments on my mom and
I want to say about my mom she looks like heroin her slim body her
tight hip and lime shape boobs she always wore nighty that to
sexy………..totally mad…… sis priya she is little fat big
cup shape boobs she use to wear sleeveless t-shirt and short above
knees she is to sleep always with me but I have never get feeling but
slowly while growing my hormones and getting attracted towards. my mom
use to wear nighty which looks so sex I can’t imagine started seeing
both ……….in sexual manner I use to visit porn sites one day in
puc a saw a site in which mom and son sexual relationship and bro and
sis relationship that is ISS SITE where I use see all type of story
and thinking my mom and sis priya and use to masturbate hardly& one
day on words when I sleep beside my sis I use to touché body and
hugged tightly she was in deep sleep and slowly I put my hands under
t-shirt she scrims and said “yake enu madata idea wt u doing r u
getting so cold brother I told yes it was rainy season morning happens
she asked r u k bro

ya sweetie can I huge u once more ya Anna ur my lovely bro an I hugged
her tightly and kissed n her chicks and said can warm with ur lips
also if u don’t mind ………wt bro say once more now just asked if
u don’t mind. Am Ur sis Na. I said what happens in small I has u has
to kiss my lips only ….now bro I cant…..and she went and after
some days I got seat in enng I went to raichur

when I went daily I use to chat with my mom and sis it became habit
daily they r crossing there limit in chatting After 2day mom came 2
raichur I has only 1room she came for my bday; which was on that day
29th sep on day after my dinner mom was wearing sari that to she wants
to change the sari but out said full rainy after some time I said
shall I go out said mom she told its to heavy rain …..wt happens if
I change in front of u means I was so happy after so many days I was
seeing hear nude she removed her sari and un hooked the blouse and
kept beside I would thought she would wear night but she told can u
help k can u remove my bra strip then I removed and mom were nighty
and came to near me sat and told dear I missed u 2 much beta I told am
also mom and gone near and huge tightly and I told I want bday gift
from u she said what I said u…WHAT… am ur mom…………..I know
but then also I love u told that u will give what I want on my bday so
today is my day then hugged tightly she refuse and said wt u doing
beta please am ur mother how can u …then i told y not ur mother na
its ur duty that to fullfill all needs of children the again i huged
plz mom i love u and kissed on her lips she was responding with me and
slowly removed the nighty and I sucking her boobs she was screaming
like mad ha.ha.aaaa.ha………enu madta ide nanu nem amma alwa plz
beda was sucking her nipple slowly i removed her panty and get naked
she was also naked looking pretty and getting shy and told that beta
ur bday gift is waiting come and eat me beta and made her sleep her
pussy was so wet 1st put my finger she shouted

ha.ha.ha.ha..aaaaaaaaaa.ha……..beta what u doing playing with your
moms pushy u want to fuck me then I wake up and made 69degeer and I
put my pennies inside her pussy it was paining wry badly
ha-ha…………beta go fast ohhhhhhhhhha.ha.ha.ha.ha fast a like
that beta ur feeling ur mom I waiting some to eat my pussy since from
3year today am feeling better after some timeI lift her in my hands
and took her to bed and lay her. I sit beside her and hold her boobs
in my both hand and start pressing hard. I leaned my face on her lips
and start kissing her deep and passionate. She was asking me to ride
her and fuck her. I kept my palms on her pussy and massaging slow. I
felt her pussy releasing cum slow and her pussy was wet. I lay on her
and asked her to adjust my cock on her pussy hole.

I hold her tight in my hands and start pressing my cock inside her
pussy. I slide my cock by 5 inch in her pussy and she moan ohhh ahhh
ohhhh …. insert yr cock slow ohhh ahhh ohhhhh … i took out my cock
from her pussy and pressed again with more force and now my cock fully
inside her pussy. I felt her pussy very tight. I start taking out my
cock and inserting in. I am fucking her with slow speed and we both
enjoying the fuck. I leaked all juicer in her pussy and got relaxed
after some time she woke up sat on me took my rod and started to
insert in her pussy and jumping up and down and screaming like mad
hahahahahah bet r u feeling better ya mom do like that only and we
slept on each other morning we wake up and got fresher and she told r
u happy of the gift then I took her hands and kissed her and told
thanks ammo ur wonderfully ammo after coming Gulbarga daily I was fuck
her one day we were going to Bangalore I took cabin seat in train I
told mom u wore only jeans and t-shirt after getting inside at 11.55
night I started to kiss and removed her clothes and started fucking I
told her that mom I need to be mother of my child she agreed today we
have 3year child we r in London she is to were only bra and panty only
in home
but i was busy in my busnees i have my vinay my busnees partner i
never know that he also fuck my mom one day …he convinced me too
watch if I like as I told I love to watch mom getting fucked I agreed
he took two days to show the scene I had called him more then 5 times
what to do and when this will happen infact he started asking me how I
love my mom too see, I said I don’t believe you Vinay. Then he
arranged for the show on the 3rd day. He asked me to come out of the
house around 7 am, and asked me manage and enter the house by 11 am
with out knowledge of my mom I did the same and I was hiding in my
room where the hall in clearly seen,, Vinay came around 12 pm door
bell rang and I was waiting to watch my mom fucked like a real son of

Mom opened the door he hugged her tight and she was in her nighty
removed her nighty with out saying a single word she was in her panty
as she was not wearing her bra. 4 yrs of my dreams came true which I
wanted see her fucking. Vinay pulled her panty down and her panty was
till her knee which was so sexy that too seeing my own mom in that
position she was too hot. Vinay with his leg pushed her panty off and
mom was naked in front of me where I was hiding and if front of my
friend Vinay, He took a walk till the sofa removed his dress and I saw
him naked and a 7 inch cock too good, mom was holding in her one hand
it grew very fast and in no mint mom was on the sofa to take Vinay’s
cock Vinay was pumping her like a dog and she was taking haa vinay
hage …haku …haku fuck me hard///haaahaa fuck me hard …..they
both get fucked i also enjoyed then we both are started fuking……