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My Lesbian Love Story

Her hands were now placed on the straps of my bra, for the first time in last 20 minutes I raised my head and looked at myself in the mirror in front of me and the first thing I saw was the hanging mangalsutra in my neck. The image brought about a ting of guilt inside me but before that thought could register any significant impact, a sound of “click” released my breasts from my bra. My head bend down once again and now she was caressing my nipples with her fingers. It ran a sensation in my whole body and the sense of guilt was taken over by a completely different feeling, I was enjoying her touch.

Suddenly she grabbed my nipples in her fingers and then left them with a jerk, the move almost caught me off-guard and I almost fell down from the chair. She repeated the movement once again and then again, now she was also kissing (almost biting) my neck. I felt like my body has no weight, her movements were sending me to another level of sensation; I was feeling something very wet down in my panties. It was the first time in last five years that someone touched my body and in those years I almost forgot how it feels to be touched by another person.

She took my hand and then brought me to the bed, I was only wearing my night pyjamas and the panty inside that pyjama was now very wet, I could feel it. I lied on the bed and then she started to remove her clothes and for the first time in all those years I saw her naked. She had the most perfect body a woman could dream of, beautiful breasts with perky nipples, totally smooth body and a meaty belly like the one you wanted to bite instantly but the most beautiful thing on her body was the mole which was precisely between her navel and cunt, the moment I saw it, the urge of kissing it came instantly, I felt how lucky all those men were who dated her. She was now bending down on me and started to plant kisses on my nipples, slowly she moved downward and licked my navel like she was cleaning my navel.

“You are already so wet sweetie”… She placed a hand on my cunt over my pyjamas

“Ahhhh, you smell so wonderful, I will eat you tonight”… Saying this she almost yanked down my pajamas and started to lick my panty.

The touch of her tongue was driving me crazy, I placed a hand on my mouth to stop my moans but she was licking my cunt over my pant severely and after a while it was hard for me to control my moans, my whole body was boiling almost. Then she stopped and slowly removed my panty.

“Hell, you are wet, no one has served my love for years, I will serve like no one has ever done before”… She moved upward and planted a deep kiss on my lips.

I could only hear two things right now, the ticking off the clock and my heartbeat. In the next twenty minutes I lost the count of number of orgasms I had, she almost fucked me with her tongue and then with her fingers she gave me some of the most intense orgasms I ever had. Suddenly I felt like her tongue was going more downward, I could sense where she was going, she was now licking my anal hole. I wanted to protest but I was in another world altogether where I could I only feel what she was doing but was not able to say anything about it. While fucking me with her one finger she inserted another one in my anal hole and a huff came out of my mouth.

“Shhhhh, you will love it, just relax your body”… She assured me and then started to do finger fuck me in both the holes. I was feeling her fingers are going to kill me, with her every thirst I was reaching to another level of ecstasy.

After a while, she looked at me, I was almost out of my breath and was itching for something but I myself was not able to understand that feeling.

“You want to drink from the fountain of love honey?”… She was almost reading my mind and feelings which even I was not able to understand. I nodded in approval and we shifted to a 69 position.

The night went on and I don’t know how many times we made love to each other, we fell from the bed once but we never let go each other from our arms and after making love for countless number of times, we finally slept and for the first time in last five years I slept with a smile on my face and with no negativity in my mind, I was sleeping in the arms of a woman who loved me like no one else my entire life.


It all started five years ago when doctor gave us the shocking news that my husband is impotent. I was happily married to Nishant and our married life was almost perfect before this news which shocked our world. For many days we were dejected and heartbroken but more so for Nishant, I could see the guilt in his eyes and I knew it was not his fault, it was just our bad luck and nothing else. I tried to console him and we went for a vacation for a month which helped Nishant to recover but from that point onwards our married life went from bad to worse.

Somehow Nishant got busier in his business and with the passage of time he had less and less time for me. Our sex life almost ended after that, I don’t know what actually happened whether the news made him so sensitive that he didn’t want to have sex with me which could remind me of his deficiency or whether he thought that it was no more important but what he forgot that it’s not just about sex, it’s about the love a husband and wife shares in the bed. I never counted him responsible in the first place, I just leave it on luck and I discussed the issue with him a number of times but he shrugged off my concerns that it was just my imagination but I could see the changes in him and our married life was almost sliding deeper intro troubles with every passing day.

It was hard for me to spend time at home, so I joined an office to kill my time. There I met Maahi, my college friend, although we were not close friends in college but it didn’t take much time for us to become close as we were in same office. We had one thing in common we were afraid to go home, the loneliness in the home was unbearable for me and Maahi was the only child of her parents and she lost them in an accident. Soon I started to know much more about her life.

Maahi was a walking disaster when it came to relationships, she was an easy target, a lonely girl, with a handsome salary and very bold, a typical metro girl. She wanted to settle down with a good nice guy but every time she got into a relationship the man turned out to be a bigger jerk than the previous one. They all treated her as a good time pass, having some good dates, lunches and dinners, vacation in Goa, some good fuck sessions and then they were gone.

Many times she cried like a baby in front of me and every time my heart went out for that beautiful girl. Sometimes life is so hard that you started to question what the hell we did wrong to deserve such hardships. The reasons although quite different but our pain was similar, we both wanted love but we were empty handed and this brought us even closer and I started to open up in front of her as well. We started to spend more and more time together and then after a while we felt like we don’t need anyone, I was no more cursing about the loneliness and Nishant’s ignorance towards me and Maahi not got into any relationship after my entry in her life.

Nishant was almost out of town every week, she started to visit me frequently staying at my home and I also started to stay in her apartment. Then it started with gentle kisses, lay down in each other’s arms, then she developed another habit, while watching t.v she forced me to sit in her lap, she used to kiss me throughout that time when were watching a program or any movie. At start we used to sleep in separate rooms then we started to sleep in the same room on same bed in each other’s arms. Finally after a year this night had come when for the first time we made love with each other and right now I am not feeling any guilt that I did something wrong with Nishant, seeing Maahi sleeping on the same bed where Nishant and me used to sleep is not making me feel guilty rather it was Nishant who forced me to Maahi, I just wanted to love and to be loved and Maahi completed me tonight, in last five years I forgot how it feels to be loved but last night and in last one year Maahi has loved me like no one has ever done.

I wrote this last line on my diary and then closed it and went towards my bed where I will slept in the arms of my love.


“Maahi, at some point he will know everything about us, it’s better that I should tell him myself”…I was sleeping in the arms of Maahi, for last six months after that night, we were having this argument that I should tell Nishant about our relationship but Maahi was not letting me do that.

“What will you achieve by telling him? Look I have no problem even if Nishant takes an insane decision about you; I will be more than happy. I give damn about the society and everyone else. I Love You and I can admit it in front of anyone but you have a family, parents and siblings, if this goes out, it will be very hard for you to face all of them”

“But maybe Nishant allows me to have a relationship with you; after all I am not having an affair with another man”

“You are insane; he will take this as a hit on his ego to found out her wife is having an affair with another woman. No matter how much liberal our society is but still the affair of two people from same sex is deemed unacceptable. Although you have learnt that he is having sex with other girls because those girls don’t know about his deficiency but you do, these long business meetings are scapegoat but he will never allow you to do the same, it’s as simple as that”

“I can assure you, he will give you an option to choose between him and me than what will you do?”… Her question ran a chill down my spine; just a thought of Maahi out of my life was unbearable.

“But he will know one day”… I murmured once again

“We will see what to do when that will happen”… She planted a kiss on my lips and didn’t allow me to say anything more after that.


“Are you out of your bloody mind? I can’t believe you were having sex on our bed with another woman? Damn, I can’t even believe this my wife is a bisexual”… Nishant was fuming, once again like always my worst fear came true and last night he came back from his business trip without any notice and caught me and Maahi naked on the bed making love to each other.

“Do you have any idea what will everyone say when they will found about this? What will your family think about this and what will my family think about this? You have thought nothing about the embarrassment it will cause, how will I face the society if anyone founds out that my wife is bisexual?”

“How do you face the society when you fuck other women?”… I was hearing all his ranting for last one hour and finally I lost my patience.

“Excuse me?”

“What do you think I don’t know about all your sex affairs? Do you want me to tell you how many girls you have fucked in all these years? Do you think I am blind, I see nothing?”

“So you decided to take revenge by fucking a woman in our bedroom, on our damn fucking bed?”… He almost turned mad on my comment

“So what you want me to do? Like you I should go and fuck other men?”

“Stop it, just stop it. You are trying to defend yourself by telling your own created stories of my sex relationships with other women. I can’t believe that you have no guilt at all at that shameful act”

“I have proves but that is not relevant. Just tell me how many times in last six years I have cried in front of you? Begged you to don’t go away from me but since that day when the doctor told us that you are impotent, you have just gone away from me. This is not about sex, if that it has been, I could have bought sex, I could have secret affairs just to have a good sex to satisfy myself but this is about love Nishant, this is about love. If making love with me was making you uncomfortable you could have told me I would have never asked about it my entire life but you stopped loving me. You left me in this house like I am not a human, like I have no feelings, no emotions, just a dummy which you just placed in the house that you could call her your wife and used it as your societal visiting card which can ensure everyone that you are happily married”… I burst out at him, all the agony of all those years just came out in an instant.

“I am not ready to listen to your fairytale stories, you have to stop this and move away from her or you should hire a good divorce lawyer tomorrow”… After a while he spoke up and then went away from me like he did six years ago.


The sun was coming out, it rained very heavily last night but now the clouds were disappearing and the morning sun was about to invade. I glanced at Maahi, she was still sleeping with a smile on her face. After the painful six months, we were once again together. Nishant threaten to divorce me six months ago but he actually tried everything he could to pressurize me to throw Maahi out of my life. I had to fight at so many fronts; my family explicitly told me that they will abandon me if I don’t leave Maahi.

Nishant tried to convince me with so many options but one thing I was not ready to give up was Maahi. Nishant told me that he will be same like before and will not have any sex affairs anymore but those things were not of any significance to me. I told him that he can have sex with any girl he wants but just allow me to have my relationship with Maahi, I was ready to sacrifice anything for her and in all this while she was with me throughout.

But at last everyone gave up on me, yesterday I divorced Nishant and move to Maahi’s apartment, I was feeling free and happy like never before. Maahi tried to console me but I assure her that I had no regrets. I chose her over everyone else and I was completely satisfied with my decision.

I know people will now think of us like we are parasites; I will be now called as bitch that dumped her husband, a bitch who is craving for sex, a bitch who abandon her family. But no one understands that this is all about love, sex is only a part of it. Maahi gave me the love which I was thirsting for so many years and I know that in the situation I was even if I have found a man who could have taken care of me, I would have fallen in love with him as well but instead I found a girl Maahi.

I am not bisexual by birth neither I am a sex slave. I just caught in a situation where I would have gone insane if someone won’t have come into my life, someone who could reassure me that I was still alive. Maahi did that I fell in love with her and I am not bothered about whatever people call me now but the most important thing for me is now her love. I don’t care about the society and so does Maahi, if they wanted to call us Bitches, Lesbos or even SINNERS; we are ready to embrace that.

All we wanted was LOVE and we found it in each other’s company and now we are not ready to let it go just because someone doesn’t like our relationship. I closed my diary and then moved towards my bed where Maahi was sleeping, now it was time to relax in the arms of my beloved Maahi.