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My life experience

Hi all. I am Rajendra from Mumbai. I am sharing my life experience
first time. In last 30 years i have learn lot of things, which I want
to share. People’s are always selfish, unsatisfied and interested in
others life. I will share my life phase and it’s journey today. I was
from poor family; I had just completed my 7th standard and came to
Mumbai for complete further study at uncle place. I started to deliver
milk in the morning as uncle friend give me a small job. Two years I
served customers on time delivery later another responsibility to
added in it to collect payment. As years passed many customers are
well known to me and happy with the service.

The story begins from here, my 10th exams over in vacation and started
extra work. One day I have to collect milk payment and to deliver
extra milk packets to customer Ms. Pooja Shah. All persons name are
changed here for there security. Pooja knows me last 3 years very
well. About Pooja, she is a middle age aunty; husband is businessmen
and two daughters. I will give complete idea about Pooja, she is 30-40
age hot aunty having nice boobs and curve shape. Elder daughter Nisha
is studying CA, she is fat. Younger daughter Twinkle, she is sex bomb,
she just gave HSC exams. Whenever I see I got excited to fuck her.

I reached Pooja aunty home after completing my delivery work. She
opened the door and welcomes me. She directs me to keep milk in
fridge. She wears nightgown and her body shape completely visible. She
told wait for 15 minutes do breakfast and go. She was busy in some
work, she went inside bedroom. I was waiting in hall. Always 15
minutes passed aunty did not came out. I was waiting in hall start
roam around; I saw Twinkle bedroom door is slightly opened. I saw her
bedroom view clearly from mirror in her bedroom. It was so great
moment as Twinkle came from bathroom, she was wet and body wrap by a
towel. It was great view, she thrown towel on bed and was naked
completely. I was watching all her assets, boobs are awesome, hanging
and jumping. She starts wearing her bra and panty; my mouth was open
for moment. I wanted to suck and hug her but I controlled myself and
left room. After 10 minutes later aunt came with money and breakfast.
I completed breakfast and left.

I always start making plan to visit Pooja aunty house and try to talk
with Twinkle. After 15 days I get opportunity Pooja aunty called me to
deliver parcel in VT (CST). Twinkle and me gone together to delivered
the parcel by taxi and return. We chitchat a lot and we know well each
other. As day passed, I got many chances to meet them. One day some
women party arranged at her house as her husband out. She called me to
help her in party and get ready to pay extra money for that. I quickly
agreed to come. It was Saturday night; I informed my uncle that I will
not come home there will be too late, so I will go to my friend home.
I reached Saturday aunty house on time. All 15-20 aunties were present
in the party, all aunties were sex bomb in sarees. I was enjoying each
of aunty assets. Twinkle also looking awesome in one piece. In party
time I was watching only Twinkle. Party over at 11 pm all women’s were
went. I start my bit work completed at 12 midnights I went to aunty
bedroom to take permission to leave. I reached aunty bedroom, she was
changing her saree. She saw me and stopped for seconds. I was shocked
and scared for minutes. My eyes were down towards ground. She said
it’s ok come inside. She smiled and told dekha nahi kabhi kya? I can’t
utter any word. She wears nighty in front of me, I saw her bra and
boobs all were amazing. I told I want to leave now its too late. she
told wait here only today. Dont go its too late. Sleep with us today
nobody here to disturb us.I agree her request and ready to stay.

She asked me many question and I was answering. Our discussion stops
on GF topic. Silence in the room in seconds aunty get normal as seen
in watch say get refresh and instructed to use bathroom, given me a
towel she went out. In my mind many ideas start coming how I could
fuck aunt n Twinkle. In bathroom saw aunty lingerie and panty. I start
smelling it. Wow, I was in heaven. I undid my jeans and wrap the
towel. I just noticed towel is too short. My erect penis was visible
from it. I get refresh came out. Aunty also comes with juice, a big
mug and big glass. She serves me juice while giving me a juice she
bent I completely saw her breast. Wow amazing boobs. I was enjoying
juice and her cleavage and boobs size. I saw her boobs electric
current flow in my body and my penis erects more than 90 degrees. I
feel more energetic might be due to juice. Wow the length and erection
completely visible from towel. Aunt’s attention gone towards she was
laughing and said Ohh! Yes she come to me very close and said wow u
have nice body. Ohh! my god my towel loose and get fall down. Aunty
smiled. It’s all happened as per my plan now.

She smiled and told clear all hair she gave me cream and sends me in
bathroom. I remove all my hairs from underarms and around penis. First
time clearly seen my penis without any hair. Wow its amazing feel. I
open the door what a surprise aunty laid on the bed but my eyes were
searching for younger daughter Twinkle. She was enjoying my clean
penis from towel because towel was wrap more than normal position, so
she can see and enjoy penis. I am confident now and ready to fuck
Pooja aunty. In while I open bedroom door open widely, so if anyone
will pass from this room that can see us clearly. We four were present
in house. Twinkle and Neha were sleeping their bedroom.

Aunty seduced me. It was my first sex. My penis was completely erected
a hard like rod. I start squeezing aunt’s breasts with pressure. I
went on her and started kissing all over body her boobs navel and
moved slowly down. The pussy was well shaved and neat and I started
kissing it hard she moaned.. Aaaahh Kiss it.. Its so nice I started
tasting pussy juices it was so nice and she caught hold of my head and
pushed towards her pussy with more feeling.. I felt more encouraged
and kept on doing for some time. She moaned Aah. Your dick so nice..

Then she came on me and kissed my body and played with my balls for
some time and then starting taking my dick in to her mouth I am in
heaven on one side from one hand I started pressing her boobs and
started fingering her.

I start fucking her pussy form back in dogy style. I could hear the
sound of me hanging her ass from behind And I could hear her moaning
load.. Yeah. Fuck me hard.. My boy I am cumming fuck me, tear my
pussy.. She had cummed I was about to cum.. Asked where to cum she
said my boy cum inside my pussy itself I would love to feel your cum..
And she was shouting. I cummed inside her pussy After that we kissed
each other I was sucking her big lemons.. we lay on bed for time.

I will continue my story in next part.I think my work and sex Journey
starts together. I would like all supportive hands who support and
help in my education, love me and care me. Thanks again all. email id Thanks for giving me such opportunity
to share.