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My Love Shocked Me

This is all about a gal staying in my apartment in sharing. They were three all together in 2BHK and one of them uses to sleep in hall. And coincidentally we were also 3 bachelor guys staying together in same apartment and I used to sleep in hall similarly.

It’s all happens to me like one day I was suppose to leave for the office with my bike in basement and gal named Ruchi (name changed – main character) came to basement for her scotty but because of some technical issue it was not starting at all. She tried electric then kick but failed at all (might be battery discharged and she never worked with kick). She was looking strange here and there but no way to me. And it was me who was admiring her personality and frustration on demand. lol. I just say “let me help you” she agreed and put her scootty in side stand alone little away.

I tried my best and get involved with the scooty but whatever you say god grace or luck or bad luck scooty was more desperate not to start. She was with pale yellow face because of missing the time lime of the duty as she got shouting from her boss last day itself. Auto stand was little far away near about 10m min walking distance. Then I offered her for lift and for my expected surprise she accepted. She was sitting behind me with one laptop in middle. I just behaved normal and didn’t make any stupid move. It was the beginning I was having a sense of getting close to her and used to dream about her as she is in my arms.

But I kept quit and waited to right time to move further this was starting and she used to give me nice and sweet smile whenever she faces me one day she got my number from my Airtel bill and called me. I shocked and asked her how you got my number she said I also do have my strong network just to make joke of me or might be kidding. And this was the starting of getting close and close. Now we use to talk and SMS frequently though staying in same apartment. I rarely use to see her. But was lucky to listen her voice and regular sms.

One fine day when I was about to leave for office and I got her in basement. This time again I offered her lift on my bike and she reluctantly accepted my invitation. I was bit light heart and was not able to drive well. there were lots of jerked on the way. I have given my laptop to her to hold she was sitting just very close to me. I was feeling little bit of her body touch with me, some softness whenever there was jerk i could have feel her boobs roundness on my back. This small journey was looking like journey to paradise.

Now it’s become very comfortable for her to come along with me on my bike and slowly she asked me go for shopping too. She was getting closer to me and one fine day when I was having little bit of fever and could not go to office she called and asked me to drop her then I said I’m sick … not going to office. She asked me about my temp and suggested some general stuff and moved to her office later in lunch hour she again called and enquire about my illness. I said nothing great … fever is still high. She came back and very first time she came to my room. She got some fruits, medicine along with milk on her way back to home and given me all. She stayed along with me for two hours but that 2 hours made lots of changes. she started massaging my head and arms just to give me some relief. within hour after getting paracetamol

I was feeling better and her closeness was give me some diff feeling. I could see her eyes .. she was also having a feeling that she is alone with a guy in completely alone room from last 2 hours. She was in my bed room … sitting just beside me… making her little bit diff. more sensual and sexy. I simply pick her hand and started rubbing her she didn’t resist nor moved just silently watching away from me. Now slowly started making little movement and hold my hand tightly. I just asked … can we do some fun. She noble in yes.

Now we were open enough to talk anything dirty. I was bit shocked the way she was using all the adult word as I never expected that from her. I complimented on her sexy figure and said that her figure would give any man a hard on. She laughed and said that she would accept this compliment from me and also confessed that many times men had tried to pinch or touch her crowded buses and streets. She also discussed and asked me about penises and also disclosed how she had seen a mad man on the street with an erect black penis . She also told me how she had seen her Chachu (uncle) had purposely masturbated in front of her eyes without locking the door so that she could see how it is done.

Ruchi jokingly told me “kitna kala tha…she told me if mine was that dark too , I said mine is not like that , as I am quite fair . She laughed again and I felt like removing my dick and showing it too her. But I wanted to make love to her, feel every pore of her body, sniff every smell of her body and fuck every hole of her body. Since I had 3 hours of privacy with her, I told that I would be bold and would make love to her, whatever happens. The next day, when I went to meet her, she looked absolutely ravishing in tight top, with her belly exposed and skimpy shorts. I was teaching her math but she was getting bored. She said that she would show me something and opened a small book from a shelf.

There were erotic drawings of sexual positions. She giggled and I sat closed to her and caressed her hand and palm as she changed the pages. I grazed my mouth at the back of her neck, kissing her while I drew circles at her back. She looked at me and I kissed her head and hair. Then I began to stroke her shoulders and neck. I kissed her again at the neck and arms. She tried to stop me but then my kisses were all over her face now. I kissed her lips gently. She returned my kiss, and then soon our lips were locked trading saliva. The pleasure was erotic. I removed her top and soon removed her bra.

I viewed her boobs, so young round and pinkish. I sucked her nipples and bathed her boobs with my saliva. I turned her over and bend down and kissed her ass. I licked her asshole from her shorts. I reached up, pulled the fly and let it fall down. She had worn white panty which I slipped down. I saw the object of my affection- her erotic round fair butt. I gave love bites on her cheeks. I began to grope her ass and give soft bites. Her ass turned pink with my hot feverish lusty kisses. I gave nasty kisses, giving kisses with wet farting sound on her delicious nether cheeks, making her laugh.

I parted her buttocks to see her pink tiny anus hole . I licked her anus and the perineum region. I sniffed her anus smelling her secret odor. I licked her erotically painting her anus with my questioning tongue Ruchi screamed with passion as I ate her hole for five minutes. Then I turned her and began to lick,eat and taste her young cunt. Ruchi moaned as I licked and licked her pussy and played with her pubic hair. I began to taste her cunt. It tasted tangy and suddenly she was flowing.

She was menstruating. I licked her tangy sauce. It was tasty. I am a lover of woman and I love to taste, smell and drink everything which comes out of her. It was too much for her as I pleasured her clitoris and pussy with my tongue. I was singing to her clitoris. She was sweating with lust as her cunt was being ravished stroked, I fiddled with her clitoris and she started to climax. She pushed my head towards her sexy chooth as I began to sip her sex nectar. Her water was salty tasty.

Then I began to finger fuck her while I sucked her lovely messy clitoris again shit. She moaned. Ten minutes later she climaxed again. I inspected her pussy. It was looking like a bloody cave. I got on top of her and then unzipped my pant, removed my underwear and showed her my wicked monster. She looked at like a curious teenager. I took it towards her mouth. Touch it , I said. She touched it and fist it. Then I touched her lips and nose with my hard cock. She lay on the bed as I brushed her soft lips with the soft tip of my cock. I caressed her hair with my cock and then even used it as a comb to brush her hair. Then I slowly rubbed my cock on her boobs in circular fashion and pressed her nipples with my cock tip.

I stroked her belly with my dick and knocked her cute belly button with my rod. I was blessing this sexy virginal babe and making her used to the erotic feel of a man’s cock. I brushed her thighs, and ankles with my cock. Ruchi was squirming and moving her butt in a circular fashion as I sucked her toes and tickled it gently. I will die please . Then I pushed my dick between her toes and watched her reaction. She tightened her lovely soft toes around my dick torturing my thing.

I moaned and then took my dick out and kissed her cunt and licked her slick hole again. I was addicted to Ruchi’s cunt now licking it like a dog, savoring her period blood. She moaned saying, hmm I concentrated on her clitoris; it had become big like a small dick as I sucked it. She was climaxing again and cried in her orgasmic throes rubbing my head on her pussy. As she screamed, I entered my middle finger and probed her back door (anus). She was moaned aaahhh after her orgasm urged me to fuck her. I was a bit scared because she was a virgin.

But if a girl or a woman is in a peak of lust then she will not leave you till she is fucked. Ruchi was in her periods and that is the time when women are more horny. She grabbed my penis from down and stroked it. I was amazed at the way, she guided it like a skillful woman to her hole. I had to be careful. I just ticked her cunt with the cock. Then the slickness and stickiness of her cunt was too much for me. I nudged my cockhead against her bloody petals of love and pushed in slightly. Since I was big, she scream ahhhhhhhhh sssiirrrr I will die its paining ooohhhhh . My lovely Ruchi’s nose flared and her eyes closed as she took me in. My head was inside her.

She said , Push it more aaahhhhh give me ooohhh . I gave another short stab and she moaned. I knew that I had torn her virginal wall. I looked at her eyes and asked her in a whispering tone, Are you okay ? She replied caressing the back of my neck , Fuck me, push more inside ooohh its so good please aaahhhhh. I kissed her and pushed more of my cock meat inside and kept a slow in and out motion. I gave her angular shots, went full inside her and then stopped. I felt warm inside Ruchi. I would talk to her and fuck, making her enjoy every moment of pleasure. I told her in Hindi making it sound more erotic,”

Ruchi, tumhari pussy bhout garm aur tight hain aaahhhhh really bhout he sexy hai ooohhhh . She opened her eyes, smiled at me and said, aapka ka bhi kafi bada hai . I laughed and asked her, “do you know what a cock is called in Hindi?. She nodded and said , Lund . I said,”Wow, talk dirty, tell me what you just said using the word Lund . She smiled and said , Aap ka lund mota aur taza hai . I felt aroused and gave her a hot thrust in her cunt with my lund. She moaned with the thrust. I said ,My cock wanted to thank you . I kissed her and she kissed back.

My cock was in her and I was moving very slowly just stirring her. I asked her , Tell me five Hindi dirty words for cock . She said , First you tell me for cunt . I stroked her breasts and said ,okay they are chooth, bur, fuddhi in punjabi ….I know three only . She laughed and said , Okay, I will tell for cock and said , Lund, lauda , kela,danda, karela … I said , You dirty girl, you deserve to be punished . She looked into my eyes and said , Punish me. I began to thrust inside her slowly and increased her speed. She was biting her lip now.

I increased the speed, just giving to her wildly. Ruchi also began to raise her hips and began to fuck me from below. I whispered in her eyes ,Circle your thighs around my waist . She was not listening just moving her hands around my back and scratching it with her nails and moaning softly ooohhhh aaahh sexy . Then I felt her thighs circling my waist and capturing me inside her. I fucked her like I never fucked anyone, sweet and tight. Her cunt was warm and so tight that it was a heavenly pleasure. We were fucking for one and a half hour now. Her mom could return within one hour now.

So I began to thrust harder with more passion and she spread her thighs and welcomed every stroke. I loved her sexy voice as she moaned and screamed ,oohhhh fuck unnnhhhn oh shittt fuckkk yessss dooo itt moreee aaahhh . Suddenly I felt the pressure building within me and felt a tingling in my balls. I began to cum inside her shooting inside her delicious cunt . As our genitals slammed against each other she had another orgasm and we both shouted aaahhhh yesssss ooohhhh its coming.

I collapsed on her chest. We were tired, we were catching our breaths. When we recovered Ruchi was feeling sad. I looked at her, kissed her and asked what happened ? Wasn’t it good ? Ruchi said , What if I get pregnant ? I was scared about it as I had not used protection but I was ready to handle the matter if it arose. I comforted her and said , Nothing will happen dear, trust me, trust God . I took her in my arms and kissed her , I love you,babe..