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My Maid Maria

am Peter Pereira from Margao, Goa. I am 32yrs of age and I am a divorcee since a year. I came across this site and I wanted to share my experiences with few ladies, since my divorce. Let me tell about myself and how my marriage broke. I am businessman and a deal with computers. I got married two years ago and my Rita; aged 25yrs was good looking and over ambitious woman.

Our marriage was a arrange marriage. She was always after money and never wanted to have sex. That’s why she left me after a few months. Then after a year, she came back and told me she wanted divorce from me since she was friendly with someone. I was so upset that I didn’t bother to ask her who the person was. I am a person who doesn’t go to bars or discos like my friends Austin and John. They used to call me for some fuck sessions and they had lots of affairs with married ladies. I used to think that it was wrong and wanted to be faithful with my wife. After my divorce my life changed completely. I stay in a double bedroom flat surrounded by other flats around mine. Mr. And Mrs. Fernandes occupied my neighboring flat that’s on the right. They had one son who was doing his tenth. Mr. And Mrs. Narayan occupied the flat on the left. They had one daughter who was studying in 5th standard. I knew all these after my divorce.
As I am a businessman, I was all the time busy and I was finding tough to cook and maintain the house. One day, it was a Sunday, I was returning from Church. I was about to climb the stairs to my flat, a lady stopped my way and said she was working as a maid in a few flats. She asked me if she could even work for me. I asked her name first she said Maria and asked her whether she would also cook for me. She agreed. I told her that I will give her one thousand per month and she would have to come early in the morning and finish her work by nine. She agreed to the terms and conditions. She said she would come at six in the morning. It was okay for me since I used to get up early and do my workouts.
The next day, Maria came on time. I was doing my workouts and I was wearing only shorts. My body was shinning with the sweat. I opened the door and found Maria wearing black skirt, which was near her knees and white shirt. She helloed me and entered my flat. I showed her the kitchen. I was looking at her shape, her arse and boobs. I never used to look at any woman, but may be I was longing for a woman. I was feeling very hot and horny. Maria must be around 34yrs or so and she had a good shape maybe 38-30-36. As she was washing the vessels, she turned around and found me looking at her. Since I was caught unawares, I asked her about her husband, since she had a wedding ring in her hand. She said he is working in the gulf and she has two children, one girl and one boy. She never looked like a woman having two kids. She never turned back and continued her work. I decided to have a bath. I asked her whether she wanted anything else. She was looking at my built-up body and said no. When I returned she had made some coffee for me. I don’t know why I was feeling horny looking at this woman, maybe because I was not with a woman for a long time now. I controlled my emotions and continued to get ready for work.
I couldn’t concentrate on my work, when I went to the office. So, I decided to take break for some days. After a week, I took a break of 15 days. Early in the morning, the doorbell rang. It was Maria, with a smile on her face and said Good morning to me and I also replied the same. As she walked towards the kitchen, I looked at her arse, as she was wearing a short black skirt, which gave a good shape to her buttocks. I was going crazy looking at her. After half an hour, I was doing my work outs, I heard some sounds from balcony, it was Maria putting the clothes to dry. I was wearing only shorts and my body was bare. She was bending and taking clothes from the bucket and through cut of the skirt, I could see her white thighs and little bit of her white panties. Seeing this, my cock was rock hard. I wanted to ramp my cock inside her arse.
She then finished her work and with a seductive smile, she invited me to her house for son’s birthday in the night and that’s why she cooked only noon meal. I also started teasing her, by asking,” If I come what will you give? She said anything you ask. I told her to wait and I gave her Rs.500/- to buy some good gift for her son and promised her that I will be there in the night. She was very happy and left. At around 8pm, I went to her house. I wished her son and asked him about his friends, he said they had come and gone. Maria was looking beautiful wearing a light yellow salwar kameez and was so excited seeing me. She told me to sit and her son offered me cake. After sometime, the kids went off to sleep, as they were tired playing with their friends. Maria invited me to the dinner table and offered me beer. Maria too was drinking beer. After few glasses, we started to have dinner. All the while, I was looking at her low cut kameez. Maybe the beer was working on us; she too was smiling and biting her lips. Both were silent and we finished our dinner. I sat on the sofa and watching TV. Maria finished her work and when she came, I was surprise to see only with the kameez on and the cut of the kameez was so long that her red color panties were clearly seen. She looked at me and sat next to me.
As she sat, her thighs were completely and she never bothered to close them. She caught me staring at her thighs. Peter she said, and took my hand and placed it on her exposed thighs. She brought her face close to mine and I pressed my lips on her lips and we started kissing each other. She started kissing my neck and slowly removed my shirt buttons, kissing me seductively on my hairy chest and reached at the crotch of my pant. Both were equally excited because both were missing our partners. She pulled the zip of my pant and bit my cock along with the underwear. Current was running throughout my body. I was running my fingers through her hair, as she had my pant down and then came my underwear. She played with curls of hair around my cock, kissing my balls and slowly touching the tip of my cock with her tongue and then put it inside her mouth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling? My wife never sucked my cock, I said, “Maria don’t stop it, it’s beautiful.
After few minutes, I felt that I might cum any minute. I pulled her on top and started kissing her moist lips, which were around my cock. Maria was annoyed, since I had not allowed her to suck my sperm. As I was kissing her, I told her I would let her suck for the rest of life after fucking her cunt and arse. I started to remove her kameez, she was a beauty with no fat around her and she was looking good in that imported white lace Bra and red-netted panties. I admired her beauty for a while, and then she closed her eyes feeling shy from my staring eyes. Peter, I want you so badly as my husband has not come to India since 3 yrs, she said and you are also missing a woman in your life. We both have same problem and we both can share our bodies for a solution to our problem she said. I hugged her tight for a while and kissing the top of her breast, I reached her back and unhook her bra. She released her arm and the white bra fell on the ground. Her boobs were round and firm that nobody would say she is mother of two. I moaned taking her name and licked her mountains before touching the tip of the nipple with my tongue. She was moaning, as she grounded herself on the sofa. As it was uncomfortable on the sofa, we ended on the carpeted floor.
I licked her nipple one by one, as I slipped my hand inside her red panties, inserting my middle finger inside moist cunt. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhh Peterrrrr put your finger inside, more inside she was moaning. After few strokes with my finger, I removed it from her cunt, as she was looking at me, I licked it. She told me she wanted more of that, I removed her red panties down, her pussy was covered with clusters of pubic hairs, and we changed my position to 69 and had my cock inside her mouth and her cunt within the reach of my tongue. The aroma of her cunt was nice and I started to lick her spreading the lips of her cunt. There were all sorts of sounds coming from both of us. She all in heavens as she was sucking, biting my balls. The more I was licking her that much was the speed of her sucking.
After sometime, she was about to cum and so was I. We both came in raptures as I licked the juices flowing from her cunt lips and she too never missed her chance and licked my cock dry. What excited me the most was that she kept looking at me as she sucked my cock? She got up from the position and came and rested her face on my shoulders. She asked me if I would like to have some wine or beer. I told her to bring some wine and she brought a wine bottle and one glass. She poured one glass full of wine and offered me. I drank quarter of it and placed the glass on her lips and she slowly sipped and looked at me with seductive smile, which was killing me.
She poured some wine on my cock and started to lick my cock.
My cock was hard in a minute. Her touch was creating wonders. Then she gulped some wine in the mouth and poured it inside my mouth, kissing me at the same time. I took poured some wine on her breast, on her nipples and licking them. Peter darling come on now insert your cock inside my furnace, she said. She spread her legs and invited me to guide my rod inside her cunt. She was quite tight and her cunt lips held my rod quite firm. Your cock is thick and long she said. Her words were really encouraging and hot. My entire cock was inside her and I started to push it in and out of her cunt. Her pubic hairs around her cunt were tickling my balls and the feeling was tremendous. She was moaning louder now and shouting peter, fuck me harder darling harder darling. It’s nice darling, harder dear ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I pumped her harder and harder, her cunt held firmly my cock. I told her that I am going to cum, but she lease bother my words as she nearing climax, and she came with a grunt and scratching my back. Within seconds I felt hot fluid releasing from my cock and entering her pussy, and I fell on her breast. We both were quite for sometime in each other’s arms. Then I released my cock, which was limp now and she lick the sperm, which was dripping.
She told me, peter I want you to fuck my arse also, but not now tomorrow in the morning. She told me that she would finish all the work and from 10 am I would be at your service. She also told me that there more women waiting to have my cock, but she said I want tell now till you tear my pussy and arse hole. But she gave me a clue saying they are from the same flat, where I stayed. I was not bothered at all since I was having nice time with Maria. She gave me gentle suck to my cock, as I started to dress back home. I hugged for some time and then said good night to her. She told me she would come at 10 in the morning. I agreed with her and kissed her once again on her lips.
At around 10.15am, she came wearing light pink skirt and white shirt, which revealed the Black bra she was wearing inside. Once inside, I closed the door immediately and hugged her. She too was eager and said,” Peter darling I am sorry for keeping you waiting. She showered kisses all over me and within few seconds she undressed me. My hand was under skirt, inside elastic band of her panties. I undressed her, removing her shirt and pink skirt and she standing with only black bra and light pink panties. She removed them herself, coming forward towards me, pressed my cock and turned her back towards me, indicating me to fuck her arse. I already had Vaseline close to me for the action, as I applied some on my cock. She was on her knees with her hands on the sofa. I inserted a finger inside her tight arse trying to widen the hole.
I slowly pressed my cock on her arse hole. She moaned with pain, ahhhh peter it is paining, do it slowly she said. As I gently pushed it, my entire cock went inside, and then I gave pushes slowly. Now she was moaning, tear my arse hole peter she shouting with pain and pleasure. Push it harder darling she was saying. After some time she shouted that she is Cumming and told me to enter her cunt. I removed from her arse hole and entered her cunt, which was moist with fluids around her cunt lips. Just after few pushes, she came and was breathing heavily.
I never came yet and was still pushing inside her, which she stopped and told me to remove my cock from her cunt. She immediately took my cock inside her mouth. Her one hand was pressing my hairy balls and she was sucking me with great speed that I came in raptures inside her mouth and wasted not a single drop. We remained in each other’s arms. We had more sex in the afternoon as well.