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My maid Raani. Prt 1

Hi Readers
I am 35 years old settled and a sportsman, this is my first story.
This is about a really hot encounter with our housemaid, she is 43 yrs
pretty with a big pair of boobs 34D a nice ass, she is a clean woman
and a mother of two and her name is Raani. She has been working us for
more than 5 yrs now, well nothing lusty has happened so far, but
everything changed this August, one morning it was raining and when
she came to work, she got Drenched and her clothes were revealing all
her curves she was looking very sexy and my friend wanted to meet her
instantly. But I could not think of a way to make an advance,
After that day I was on a constant lookout to have her, I tried
everything, and guys it a lie in all stories that a woman is seduced
straightaway heads to the bed and does everything in bed, including
oral and anal, please don’t fall for that until and unless she’s a
pro. Believe me it takes an effort to seduce a woman, anyways, one day
I was changing and I deliberately left the door open, and things
worked out she walked in and I was in my undies she was surprised had
a good look at me, but fled saying sorry, I too took it casual, but
this happened a couple of times again so I knew she was getting the
hang of it.

Then I knew that this woman will not let her cards be
shown, I’ll have to do whatever it takes, so I started to leave
indicators like my underwear on the bed, condoms on the bathroom shelf
where she can see them while cleaning and started to notice that she
was taking the bait, but silently, I noticed her looking at me while I
workout, or suddenly she would enter the room while she knew I was
changing then turn around well things were looking up , so one day I
thought of letting her have a look at my erect cock, the stage was
set, I knew her work routine well , the next day I saw her coming ,
she went to do the dishes , after that cleans the washroom , I waited
and entered the bathroom and bolted it in such a way that if somebody
pushes, it will open I could hear her and started to get my cock up I
was facing the door so when she enters she should see my cock; my cock
became hard and somehow all this excitement was getting me to cum, and
somehow maybe coincidence, she pushed the door and I shot cum and she
was looking at me ejaculating as if she had seen a ghost, I tried to
cover my Cumming cock vainly. She turned around but she did not leave
the room I closed the door as if it was an accident, by the time I
came out she was gone. I was in a 50-50 situation coz she never took
her eyes off my throbbing cock while I was Cumming, the next day she
didn’t turn up I was nervous if I had done a wrong move pissing her
off, but thankfully she came the next Day, I asked her “kal kyu Nahi
aye” she looked at me surprised, I have never asked her that, but
now I had to strike conversation with her,

she quietly said”Kuch kaam pad Gaya tha”
Me “ Kuch kaam tha ya?”
She “ ya Matlab”
Me” koi baat Nahi” end of the conversation. She came to clean my
room and for the first time, she was not wearing her dupatta, giving
me a full view of her big 34D tits I looked at her cleavage which was
perfect, she saw me looking at her and smiled to herself,
me” Kya hua muskra rahi ho”
She “aap jo dekh rahe ho, sab pata chal Raha Hai”
Me” main to tv dekh Raha hu”
She kept sweeping, as she came near me I touched her ass, she turned
around startled,
She “yeh kya Kiya aapne”
Me “ kya Maine sirf haat he to layaga”
She “aise aise me he baat aage bad jaati hai”
I knew it was a green signal.
Me” tum koshish to karo , yeh baat is kamre se baher nahi jayegi, na
meri taraf se na tuhari taraf se “
She “ pucca??”
Me “ koshish to karo”
She” koshish to aap kar rahe ho itne din se, pehel bhi aap he
Me “ pucca Kisi se kahogi to Nahi” just to be on the safe side,
She “nodded Nahi kahungi”

I got up and went near her took her face and planted a kiss on her
lips she responded the way she knew by letting her tongue into my
mouth, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to let her
feel my erect cock dig into her belly, we kissed for about 2 min till
we freed, she looked all flushed up,
Me “ raani kameez utaaro “ she raised her arms signalling me to
remove it, I removed her kameez , a cheap bra was holding her big
boobs , I touched her boobs kissed them, she turned around and I
unhooked her Bra, her boobs were far bigger upfront took them in my
hands and kissed them one by one licking and tickling her nipples in
no time they were getting hard, I asked her to lay down on the bed but
she preferred to do it on the floor, she spread a bedding on the floor
and laid down, her simplicity impressed me, I removed my shorts , by
now my cock was fully erect , I won’t brag but I have a decent 6
incher, I took her hand and placed it on my cock, she held it lightly
feeling the shaft ,I started to kiss and suck her boobs , she was
getting excited, I moved to touch her between her legs, she parted her
legs; now her hand was exploring my cock fully, I untied her salwar
and removed her panty now we both were buck naked she tried to cover
her pubis with her hand , she was having a natural look , I touched
her cunt and she was already wet, i came on top of her ,kissed her
lips and moved down kissing her entire body now she was going out of
control , her inner thighs were glistening with her juices , I gave
her a lick and she trembled and stopped me.
Me “kya hua?”
She “ yeh kya chaat rahe ho, chee yahan Kaun chaata hai”
She was not licked before for sure, I coaxed her to let me do it,
reluctantly she agreed , I licked her entire cunt her clit, I inserted
my finger into her dripping cunt and she shuddered, tried to pull out
but I held it in curling inside reaching for her G spot, she loosened
up and let me in ,
She” bas karo Mujhe ho jayega, upar a jao”
I stopped fingering her, and asked her to suck me she refused; I also
didn’t force her being the first time, now it is a regular affair
maybe later,

As I tried to mount her, she stopped me.
She “ Laga lo Kuch ho na Jaye, pichle hafte he din khatam hue hai,
As it is there women are very fertile compared to the city ones
I put on a condom and mounted her she expertly guided my engine into
her wet tunnel, she took my entire length in one go (she was so wet).
She held me tightly with her legs around me as I did her with slow
deep strokes fully penetrating her she moaned at each stroke, we both
gathered pace she was becoming dominant, thrusting from below, her
feet were clamped on my back, she was whispering “ Ruko mat Pura
andar karo “ i stopped to catch breath, I pulled out and asked her
to come on top. She said” Mujhe Nahi aata aise karna”
Me “upar aao to Sahi main batata hu” she climbed on top and guided
my cock inside, she slowly sat on and as in pushed she cried out” ah
pet mein dard ho Raha hai”I said “ Dheere Dheere karo theek ho
jayega” she tried a few deep strokes but gave up saying” Nahi ho
Raha pet mein jor pad Raha Hai”
“Mujhe to aise he acha lagta hai” I gently squeezed her boob and
said” tumhare Mumme bahaut ache lagte hai” I licked her erect
nipple, she was fully aroused her juices were all over my pubis,
She said” a jao jaldi karo Mujhe Jaana bhi hai, I climbed her and
she held by cock and guided it in, this time she moaned as I entered
her deeply, each time I speeded up she would say” thez Nahi Dheere
Dheere karo “now things were heating up, we both were sweating
suddenly her legs around me clamped she held on to me tightly, I said
“Abhi Ruko Mujhe Nahi ho Raha “ she “ karo jaldi karo”
I pushed forcefully into her, she let out a cry ahh and exploded
moaning ahh ahh ahh , i was sucking her boobs wildly she was cumming
violently pushing in to my cock oozing juices ,
Slowly she calmed down looked at me “aapko hua? mujhe to bahaut acha
wala hua hai”

I said “Nahi bas ho jayega “ I started fucking her she , she was
enjoying it , I could feel myself cumming , i gave a couple of deep
shots and came , she was pacifying me talking to me “ ha karo acha
lag Raha “ I lay beside her , playing with her boob, she said “ is
yehi chod jau kya? kehlte rehna”

I gave her a love bite on her boob” yeh lo nishaani”
She “ Kisi se bologe to Nahi na? “
Me” Nahi agar tum Wada karo ki jab Mann Karega tab karenge”
She” theek hai, Abhi Jaane do kal tyaar hoke aungi” well she got
up and dressed in front of me,
I wanted to fuck her again but she was getting late, after that day we
had sex many time in different ways, she has even started doing
blowjobs now, I’ll be posting another hot encounter soon.