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My Maid Seduction

One sunny sunday morning,i woke up with a raging hard on as usual. I lay awake contemplating what to do about it and suddenly the idea hit me in the stomach. I was alone in the house with my parents gone for the sunday mass and out of my way until 12 noon. I realised that this cud be a gud oppurtunity to utilise my time with my maid.

About her,she is not a gorgeous woman by any stretch of imagination,she was and she looked a plain maid. But to my young lusting teen eyes she was a potential prey. She is medium toned and short with black eyes and hair that wasn’t too long. But she was a busty woman which was what really appealing to me. She wore some orange coloured saree with black blouse that day. I devised an ingenous plan to find out whether she is ready to get fucked by someone 15-16 years her junior. She had a 14 year old son and I was just 20 at that time. But I tried to play the odds with her. I knew her routine fairly well,she’d broom the frontyard first and then come to the bathroom to wash the clothes and then she’d wash utensils in the kitchen,have the breakfast leftout for her and then leave. At that time she was about finished with her broom job and so I made my first move of the seduction plan.

I purposefully went to the bathroom and briskly undressed myself to absolute nudity. I left the bathroom door closed but unshut. I think I waited for an hour but that might have been my patience wearing thin,however according to my plan she came carrying the basket of clothes and pushed open the door. I fainted surprise and stood with my hard on staring at her(i had carefully fisted myself to maximum size hoping to entice her. She seemed appalled and quickly turned and went out. I wrapped a towel not attempting to prevent the tent poking of my hard on and walked after her as if trying to explain or something. She had started washing utensils to avoid me. Then she slowly turned to stare at me and I cud see a haze covering her eyes and those eyes were glittering with bloodlust. She gave me a smouldering smile which willed me to drop my towel which I promptly did. Without her gaze shifting from my face she bent slightly and reached out to cup my prick in her palm. She started fisting me fast and furious and abruptly took my cock into her mouth. She sucked my cock so voraciously that it seemed to me that it was a job she regularly performed. Anyways I was soon upon the verge of cumming,but I didn’t bother because I wanted to cum in her mouth. She too seemed unconcerned that she was munching on my bare cock which cud spurt a load of cum into her mouth. So I came shuddering all over,which she unceremoniously lapped up and licked my balls clean.

I wasn’t surprised because I knew that mature women like to suck and swallow young cock like mine. Even my best friend;s mom ramaunty regularly sucks me off and drinks my cumjuice without batting an eyelid. All her earlier hesitation and embarassment gone she began to take the lead now. Santha took my hand and rushed into my bedroom,then she lay me on my back and swiftly swung her legs over my thighs and straddled me. Santha was an experienced jockey and she rode my virile rod like an expert. Santha started panting and moaning and occassionally yelling as if to urge me onwards. Santha my 36 year old maid was jumping on my young penis with wild abandon and those dark swaying titties were a sight to behold for my eyes. Sweat poured off our bodies but we were past caring. I lasted much longer than my usual 5-10 mins due to my cumming in her mouth. She on the other hand was far from sated. It occured to me that maybe her drunkard of an husband wasn’t doing enough for her. I wasn’t complaining and I lay savouring my luck paying off. This maid was servicing me the maximum possible way without hesitation. She was slipping up and down tempting my unprotected penis to spurt another blast of sperm into her burning cunt. Since it was too much of an invitation to turn down I obliged by pouring out my scalding sperm into her deep womb. That triggered of her climax and she came whimpering and biting my ears. I pushed her up off my shoulders and hungrily bit on her dark aureolas. She came again and again as I mercilessly fondled her nipples at the same time grounding and rotating my fast deflating penis in her. She completed our sex act by licking me clean of tell tale sex juices remaining on my penis.

Santha loved my penis and she still does when she gets a chance. Best of all santha likes to suck my cock and if I let her she’ll keep it in her mouth forever. She is one sex crazed maid for sure,lucky me.