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My Maid Sumitra

Dear friends I had a string of affairs with the servants employed in our house. I am narrating the stories one by one all of them are true with not a pint of fiction.

One of my last true stories was with our servant Maya. She stayed with us for about a year & then got married. After she was gone, we employed another maid named Sumitra. She was not particularly beautiful, she was dark thin & short. Nobody would possibly give her a second glance.

But there was something I was interested. I have never had sex with such dimunitive size women. She was hardly 4’10” tall & it took me quite sometime to seduce her. First I brought small gifts for her children, then would present sari to her during puja. Slowly, but surely she fell for me. Then it so happened that my parents went out for a week.

I was all alone & thought that this was the best chance I would have to fuck Sumitra . One day, after she left completing her daily chores, I asked her to come during the evening so that she could clean up the utensils after my dinner.

She agreed, and came around 7:30 p.m. After she cleaned up the utensils, I called her close to me. She hesitated for a moment, then came near me. I put my right hand on her shoulder, and said that I love her. Slowly, I started caressing her, I touched her lips, her ears, she closed her eyes. Then slowly I moved my hands down & clasped her small breast.

Then in a moment, as were standing, I suddenly took her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. Then I closed the door & stood in front of her. Slowly I started getting undressed & then when finally I dropped my underwear she kept on staring at my full grown penis.

I moved closer to her, and instead of looking at me she kept on staring at my penis. It was fully aroused and stood out like a thick rod. When I enquired why she was staring, she said “ Its so big ! I am feeling scared” I asked her “why are you feeling so ? This is not the first time you are having sex” She said “ My husband’s rod is very small. I am really feeling scared now”. I then took her hand & put her hand on my penis asking her to caress it. As she placed her hand over it and started moving over it, touching every part of it, she said her man’s rod was not even half the size of my penis. I was bit surprised with her comments, however, her dazed look at my penis made me feel that she was speaking honestly.

After assuring her that I will not hurt her, I slowly undressed her. Slowly, everything came in front of me. Her small breast with dark black nipples & her hairy pussy. I slowly started to lick her nipples & then kiss her lips, her navels and as I traveled lower she was getting aroused. Then I slowly parted her legs and slowly started to lick her pussy. To my surprise it was filled with her pre-cum juice. She would not let me lick at first, but then I pinned her down and thrust my tongue inside her vagina and started to lick her. After few minutes of hesitation she suddenly clasped my hair and started moaning. I knew that my time has now come to fuck her pussy. Slowly I got up, and placed my penis in front of her pussy and started to rub her clit. After about a minute I slowly entered her. As I entered her I asked her “ Is it hurting?” She could not speak a word . Then suddenly she clasped her had around me and started saying “ Fuck me, please, fuck me. Ohhhh… its so beautiful to have my pussy fucked by such a big & fat penis. You are also so beautiful” and saying so she vigorously started fucking me. I also started to match her every motion & she cummed almost immediately. However, I did not let her go. I pulled out my penis from her pussy still throbbing, wet with her juice & asked her to message. Slowly she got up and started to message. After about 5 minutes again I started to bang her with my penis & I shot my entire load into her. To my surprise she matched every thrust and she had orgasm again.

We then got up washed & dressed up. She then came close to me & put her arm around me & said “ I never knew till date that girls could enjoy having sex. Right from the first night of my marriage I knew that I have to part my legs & let my man have sex with me whenever he wants.” She said that she was herself feeling ashamed as to how she could orgasm twice and discharge so much juice that would drench my bed sheet. I was even surprised to know that it was her first experience of orgasm. In fact after having sex, she was feeling so weak & numb I had to carry her till the front door. Thereafter, we would have sex at audacious places mainly after dusk. One day when I did not turn up she angrily told me that I have turned her into a slut, craving for sex. It has become her obsession to have sex with me and suck my penis & she is now finding no way out of it. If I refuse, she would rather hang herself.

Dear friends, this relationship continued for 2 years. After that she left suddenly on having a tiff with my mother. However, we still see each other. I will again give you my experience with our next maid Neela. It was indeed an experience for me !