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My male servant

I am sudha a marathi girl married to bengali boy and enjoying life like anything i kanpur metro town.My husband is working in an ordinance factory and is quality controller and has to tour various part of country onjob.

We are still without any children hence i am still like a virgin girl. we are having a punjabi munda just for kitchen work and housekeeping and he is nice boy of about 16 years. alway looks innocent and love to talk in very low tone and with very high profile. i like the boy too much and think him as mi own younger brother. usually he will prepare the meals for me and ask me to eat it and wash the dishes and clean the house properly and go back.once i was too sick and as usual mi hubby too away to gauhati i asked the boy named raju to bring some doctor or take me to doctor. the later talk of taking me to doctor suited him and took me to a local doctor where the doctor checked me up and advised me full bed rest till nest few days and daily check up is also needed as i am suffering from hepatitus. i asked the boy raju to please ask his mom to be with me or u just be with me anytime i may need u. he willfully obiliged me and prepared to stay at mi house with permission from his mom. he use to look after me whole day long and in night use to stay outside mi room as needbased it was. i use call him whenever i need water or medicine and he never seems to be preturbed and always looked cheerful. i was recovering from the sickness and his duties were lessing.

one day i was thinking i am allright i asked him to go to his house. he went away but in the night i again fell sick . the next morning he came and saw mi condition and cursed me. his intimacy with me became more and i asked him to stay till i am fully recovered. he will fully agreed. but this night i did not allowed him to sleep outside mi room but to stay inside mi room and that too near mi bed. he was a good handsome tall boy of 16 and i was around 26 with good shape of body and nice cuts and curves. i requested him to massage mi body as i was feeling weakness and bring the olive oil from the kitchen. he obeyed mi order and started massaging mi legs and hands and never tried to cross any limit.

but i was in a mood for today to have this punjabi boy for me. i just opened mi upper two buttons of gown which i was wearing and said apply some oil over here also . he obeyed mi orders and started applying there too i opened third button now mi both boobs were open to him and he was glazing his eyes over them. as a boy he took mi boob in his hand and started applying oil on them also but i was getting hot and asked him to took these nipples in his mouth and suck it. he started sucking mi boob and nibbling mi second boob with second hand. previously i was thinking him as innocent boy but now he started showing that he is a man and can do anything.i saw < uski saanse tez chal rahi the aur uskew dick bhi uffan par thi> i just held his cock in mi hand and said kan i suck this .

he will fully agreed i strarted sucking his lund and sucked it he it was fully aroused and ready to pound mi pussy. i opened mi pussy and asked him to make a way for the welcome of lund in mi pussy by fingering. he started fingering it and made a way for the honourable lund to enterin mi burr. now he was on me ready to make strikes and i was waiting for his cock to enter in mi cockpit.his 7 inches long lund was enough for a marathi ladki like me again 5 inches long lund mi pati dev had.he tried to make it in first attempt but he failed in his attempt to enterone in one asttempt. he again tried in second attempt half of his lund was inside mi pussy i ascalimed as nice attempt raju go on……….. in third attempt his entire lund was inside me and he started making strokesi started counting them as one two three it went upto sixty one and he showed his desire to cum.

i immediately took out his dick and put it in mi mouth and he downloaded all his cum inside mi mouth.i drank all the cum and enjoyed and it was now his turn to lick and suck mi pussy. we were in sixty nine position and sucked each other till we both cum .on that nite he slept with me. we did it again in the morning and the counting continued upto 81. everytime we had sex the counting remained high. i rewarded him with a nice pair of shirt pant and also nice pair of shoes.for the services rendered by him to me in thirst ridden days and also thank him for mi hard days.

he comes daily to work and search out for some nice time with me. i am fully recovered and mi husband is with me and enjoying the same 5 inches long dick of him. and eagerly waiting for him to go out and let us restart from where we have left the fucking.and enjoy the life of 7 inch dickof raju. will the god hear mi prayer in a day or so i am hungry.