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My new virgin girlfriend

Hi to all this is Karan, from Punjab. Well I am a regular reader of this site and today I thought that I submit my experience too. Well let me tell you about myself I am a tall handsome guy, having good knowledge of seducing a girl and how to bring her in my control. well if any girl, married or unmarried want to have contact with me can mail me at lets cum to the story now.

It was month of February when I met with one of my chat friend. Her name is Manmeet and was from Jalandhar. We were chat friends since a long time and slowly we shared our cell numbers with each other. We decided that we will never show each other our pictures and will meet some day. Slowly we both got attracted and I proposed her and she agreed too slowly we started sharing adulthood talks with each other.

And she responded well. I used to give her kiss on phone and one day I just asked her can I kiss on her neck she said yes. I gave a kiss and I kissed more and she said she want one more, slowly I asked her that can I touch the boobs , she agreed but said kindly press gently. I asked her to keep one hand on her boobs, she did the same and I asked to press it. She did and she seems to b seduced, there was a light moan.

I could hear her saying ahahh ahhhh ummmmm oh karan..u r making me mad…then I told her to remove the top, she did and I asked the color of her lingerie …she refused to tell I asked again but al futile she said aisi baatein mat karo… mein top pehne lagi hun I asked her to press boobs again she did and was somewhat seduced.. I asked color again and she said black.. I asked number and it was 32 so

I asked for her permission to remove and she agreed this was all like how we went to phone sex relation this became a routine and one day we decided to meet she came to my city and I picked her up we went for a long drive kya batau yr..whn i saw her, she was damn sexy..maine kabi socha b nahi tha ki vo itni khoobsurat hogi… husan ki pari thi jab ham drive pe the toh vo thoda hichkhicha rhi thi..slowly i hold her hand and i gave a kiss on it…. yr vo kamp rahi thi.

Maine use vishwas dilaya ki kuch nahi hota aur usne muje hug kiya.. aur mere cheeks pe paglo ki tarah kiss kar rhi thi… pagal kar rhi thi muje.. maine car stop ki aur lipp kiss kiya… dar kam tha kyu ki car ki glasses black the.. I started driving again but kissing her side by side… slowly I pressed her boobs… her nipples were totally erect… I asked her to remove her jacket and she did she was in a skin tight top…my dick was totally erect… dil kar rha tha abi pakdu aur chod dalu…bt kehte hai sabr ka phal meetha hota hai..

I was pressing her boobs and she was doing a slight moaning. I asked her to suck my dick.. She agreed and opened my jeans while I was driving.. uske hath lagne se it was just shooting outwards.. She lowered my jeans and my underwear and gave it a kiss and started rubbing it. I asked her to insert it totally she firstly refused but then herself did it.. kya batau. i was in heaven.. I was moaning common suck it… hey babes common.. ahhh…ahah.. mar geya…aur choos…. choos sali randi…

I was using foul language.. whenever i used foul language…she gave a bite there and that made me more erotic.. pagal kar rhi thi vo muje.. she sucked my dick for 25 mins and i jst shot out in her mouth and she just drank it up… vo thak gayi thi aur mein b.. vo car ki seat peeche kar ke rest kar rhi thi and I was driving to slowly.. Slowly I put one hand of mine in her top… and I started pressing it she was moaning..ahh….uhhh..ahh…karan thori

Dheere….karan plz….. it pains… i removed her top and bra too…. kya boobs the yaar..koi b pagal ho jaye.. i stopped a car at lonely place and started sucking the nipples…. pink brown nipples the..what a lovely nipples… i sucked one and pressed another..and suck other and presses the other one…. she was moaning..karan mat tadpao… i wanna sex..go beneath… karan bas karo inhe….neeche b kuch hai..

But mein toh tadpa rha tha use… vo pagal ho rhi thi….. i sucked the nipples for 20 min.. thn i thought we cn hav sex in car but it will but b that enjoying. i took the car to our flat which was empty always.. we went there…jaise hi hum andhar pahunche.. usne muje pakad liya and started sucking my dick.. mein toh pehle se pagal tha… we laid on bed in 69 position.. She moaned to heavily when I inserted my finger in her vagina.. she was a virgin and she had completely shaved her pussy.

We were in 69 position for about 15 min and then she just shot out kuch aur maza karne k liye… I took some chocolate and spread on her boobs first and started sucking it… then on pussy and as i touched my tongue there… usne ek dam se hava mein chalang lagayi..vo buri tarah se tarap rhi thi.. I did it for about 7 mins and she came out again.. then i asked her to suck my dick,,she even applied chocolate over it and sucked deliberately. Slowly it was ready to ready to reach the final destination…

I laid her on bed and tried to insert my dick in her pussy… but was too tough as she was a virgin. I had to apply some force but was not that tough as she was totally wet, abi thoda sa hi andar geya and she screamed…i stopped for a while and started kissing her and then i pressed again.. half was in now she was moaning as was feeling pain but was enjoying too.. mein abi thoda thoda andar bahr kar rha tha… was enjoying it..

I stopped and pressed it totally and it went in….kya batau….uska bura haal tha.. she was growling in pain….. i thought i she wait for some time.. i was kissing her delibrately.. bt slowly her pain went off….and she was lifting her bump inviting me to fuck hard… mein dheere dheere se uske andar bahr kr rha tha.. usse b maza a rha tha….dheere dheere hum speed badate gaye… vo b sath de rahi thi…kya maza a rha tha.. ek dum usne muje pakad liya..aur kuch jhatkon k baad vo jhar gayi but mein aur b josh mein a rha tha,

Maine usse doggy style hone ko kha.. vo jhat se ho gayi.. I was fucking her hard now…. it was already 25 mins we hav been enjoying sex..dheere dheere muje laga mein b jhadne wala hun… bt abi b mein usse harcore fuck kar rha tha…aur ab bas mein jhadne wala tha…aur mein aur speed badhane pe tha..aur ek dum se mein uske andar chuut geya aur vo b sath mein jhad gayi…hum ek dusre par pade rhe…

Hum ek dusre par nange hi so gaye.. fir kuch der baad hamne khud ko fresh kiya…. aur tyaar ho kar vahan se nikalne wale the. lekin fir hamara shetaan jag utha…uske baad kya hua… vo mein apka agli kahani mein bataunga… do mail me your response r too imp for me… do mail me at…any girl, married or unmarried females wanna have any type of relation with me especially Punjab do mail me…secrecy assured..bye..c u later….karan!