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My Punjabi girlfriend after marriage

I met Neeru one day about 1 year after she got married. For old time sake she invited me to her home. But she was looking just wow and I coudnt stop myself and soon my hand was roaming all over her….and soon…..
I moved my warm tongue over the nape of her neck, right down to the ample cleavage. I then moved my tongue to the areolas carefully avoiding the aching and erect nipples that were begging to be sucked. The tongue again went to her mouth and plied it open. Her tongue was sucked; hard. She too reciprocated. I licked every portion of her face and special attention was paid to the earlobes and the inner ear. My hands were on her hips and the tongue was now exploring her belly button, then down until I was sucking the triangle of hair that she maintained over the opening of her pussy which with sheer excitement was very wet. Involuntarily she started thrusting her hip upwards. She waited in anticipation for me to go to her pussy but I reversed the direction. My tongue was now at her toes, the sole of her feet, teasing and disturbing the anklet that she had worn only in one ankle along with the black strapped heels and then a slow upwards motion of licking her inner thighs. Just then through the sexual buzz in her head she could hear her mobile ringing. God! Who can it be. She did not want to respond and hoped that it would stop, but instead she picked it up, it was Kapil. I didn’t care as I was too busy savouring the soft smooth femininity at my disposal. And I did know who Kapil was, Neeru on the other hand was extremely cautious now.

She naturally did not want Kapil to know anything about this…ever” Hello Kapil” she said breathing heavily,Neeru covered the mouthpiece and suppressed a moan as my warm wet tongue licked her sensitive inner thighs, just an inch away from her swollen labia. “E..evvrrryy thing is fine.” (she covered the mouth piece again)…uuuhhh she moaned as I lightly stroked her pussylips with my finger tips, I too was enjoying teasing her. Neeru moaned a supressed “Yes, yessss!!!, Everything is fine, don’t worry, (she covered the mouth piece again).I’ll get back to you later. AAAAHHHHH………HHHAAAHHHH!!! I now gleefully located her clitoris and the moan gave me a perverse thrill. “Neeru was in a hurry to switch off the phone and screamed…. “Bye”…………. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH…..MMMMMAAAAAA”She just managed to cut off the phone as I pressed her throbbing clit hard with his tongue and then flicked it a couple of times. All thoughts of her husband vanished as a surge of liquid heat rushed through her loins over powering all her other senses.I again stopped at the entry of the pussy. By now Neeru’s moans were clearly signifying her desire to get fucked. “You want to get fucked?” I asked in a whisper. Neeru nodded. “Again. Your ‘husband’ must be doing that. You have no problems with that?” I whispered.Neeru opened her eyes. ” If I say I have a problem will you not do it?””Do what?” I asked wickedly.”Fuck me!” Neeru replied.I smiled. I was enjoying this very unexpected encounter with such a gorgeous married lady. I took a deep breath of Neeru’s pussy odor, savoring its smell. Then I extended my tongue and took my first taste of Neeru’s luscious cunt. The flat of my tongue swept between her tight wet cunt lips, “OOOOHHHHHHH..” Neeru gasped involuntarily after a long time her aching pussy got the attention it was craving for. Almost against her will, her hand moved behind my head.”No, please keep your hands where they were.” I commanded. My mouth glued itself to her pussy lips and sucked hard, letting my tongue curl deep into the moist passage of her pussy and then twitch as her interior muscles closed around it.

I worked it around then out, seeking the tip of her clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, expertly with my teeth.Neeru moaned and squirmed in delight. I moved to her open slit and took deep penetrating licks of her glistening pussy lips. My tongue fucked her hard and deep. I continued to lick and suck, driving her wild with his thrusting tongue. I loved the way her silken thighs clenched around my face knowing she loved the way I sucked her cunt, even if she didn’t say so. Her juices flowed freely from her pulsing pussy into my mouth as she thrashed about in wanton ecstasy.” Neeru knew that now there was no way she could turn back from what she had brought upon herself. I now concentrated on her breasts after positioning myself between her legs. My cockhead was very lightly embedded in the folds of her pussy lips. My actions in teasing the breasts was driving her virtually insane. She could feel an orgasm building up inside her. After about five minutes of tantalizing teasing she decided that enough was enough. She placed one hand behind my head and pulled it so that her erect nipple went into my mouth and I bit it lightly with my teeth. Her other hand went to my buttocks and a light pull on her part made my cock enter her tight and very slippery pussy.

As I entered her I immediately withdrew and then started fucking her by withdrawing fully and inserting fully. She could feel my testicles clapping against her buttocks. God,!!”AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…” she exclaimed as she climaxed and pulled me tightly over her by digging her nails in my back. Her ankles were locked over my back and her black strapped heels were digging into my tail bone ensuring the deepest possible penetration possible. I was now pounding her hard and rough as she moaned Ohhhhhhh…Gawwdddddd, Oh Oh Oh ……, now I took her heeled legs up on my shoulder and started to pound her hard as her heels moved besides my ears with every stroke and her anklet on her left leg rubbed on my shoulder, I loved the look on the face of this lovely wife of another man(my ex gf) as I was pounding her, soon I also came with a grunt and sprayed my hot cum deep into her unprotected womb, We both stayed there very still for about five minutes, then I slipped out of her.”You are a combo of three things. You are very tight, very wet and my God, you are really hot in there. Nature is wonderful coz cute girls like you are capable of multiple orgasms.” I said.