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My second sexual encounter with a Desi aunty who is now a grandmother

After my sexual encounter with chameli Aunty,I was excited and also
looked forward to have another encounter with a mature Aunty.As my luck
was with me,I didn’t have to search for long time as my coclony was full
of them.So,I decided to try my luck with another beautiful Aunty.Infact
she is a grandmother now.She had six children and her eldest daughter
was my classmate.So,we used the study together until she got married.She
gave birth to a baby boy and its father was me.She was pregnant by me
and it’s the sexual encounter with her mother and she is the one who led
me to her and asked me to inpregnant her.But that’s another story.Here
we are discussing the Aunty story

Aunty’s name was Anusha and true to her name,she really glowed.At that
time she was 45yrs old and believe me,even after giving birth to six
children,she maintained a buxom figure with big round shaped Ass.When I
was at her house studying,she used to do daily chores and used to bend
and get up.That view of her huge ass made me wild and I used to
masturbate thinking how to fuck it to my full satisfaction.After fucking
Sheila Aunty’s ass,I had some experience and I thought of using it with
Anusha Aunty.All I was waiting is for a right opportunity.And that came
too soon which I didn’t expect.Once while studying,I asked her daughter
about some quarrels happening in her home which I got news because of
some of my friends.First she denied nayhting but when I took her into my
arms and pushed my tounge into her mouth and French kissed her for
sometime while fondeling her boobs,she soon told me everything.I knew
that when you have to catch a big fish,you first try to catch small
ones.Thats why I was seducing her daughter and I was successful in
that.She told me that her father was having an affair with a young steno
of his office and mother came to know about it as everybody was
gossiping about it.Thats why they were having quarrel.Tomorrow,her
father,she ,her brothers and sister are going to the village for some
ceremony and her mother will be staying.I thought it was the right
opportunity for me to strike and all I was thinking about how to
approach her.

Finally,the D-day came and when I went to her house,no one was there
except Anusha Aunty.She said to me smiling-Aarti is not here.You have to
study alone.I said-Ok Aunty.I was delighted but still didn’t know how to
capture her.I was studying and didn’t have a knowledge of time.She came
into the room and said-Arun,its becoming late and I told your mother
that you will have your dinner here and also will sleep here.Our quarter
was near to the boundary wall sometime boys from the outside area get
together and pass comment at my daughter.Sometimes they also throw
stones at our house at night.Your uncle has scolded them few times but
they don’t stop/Tonight I am alone and I am afraid if something
happens.Thats why I asked your mother to let you stay here tonight.I
said-Don’t worry Aunty.I will stay and also take care of the problem.The
leader of those boys is my friend and I will talk to him about this.She
said-That will be very good.Come lets have dinner together.I said-You go
ahead,I have still some chapter to read.She said-After dinner,you can
read.Come now,dinner is getting cold.I said-Ok.Then we had dinner
together and then she went to sleep.Before going she said- You can sleep
in my room.I said-Sure.After she left,I was busy in studying and after
sometime I went to sleep.When I entered the bedroom,she was asleep and
the light was off.I didn’t want to wake her up and quietly went to
sleep.But I couldn’t sleep because the woman I wanted badly was sleeping
next to me and this was the only chance I could ever have.So,I decided
to make my move and slowly went to her bed.I made sure that she was
sleeping and no movement of her and then I slowly touched her body and I
was supprised that she was completely naked.My cock got erected and I
quickly took my pants off and climbed onto the bed.I slowly caressed her
big ass as she was sleeping facing the other way.I then rubbed my cock
on her ass for sometime and tried to touch her pussy.It was quite hairy
and I was loving it.Suddenly she woke up and said-Who is there?I tried
to move away but she tried to catch me and accidentally her hand caught
my cock.She said-Arun ,what are you doing and what is this?Isaid-Aunty,I
was just checking that whether you are sleeping well or not?She said-Oh
yeah,by rubbing your big cock on your Aunty’s should be ashamed
of yourself.I am of your mothers age and you are my daughter’s
classmate.How could you do this to me?I said- I am so sorry Aunty.She
said-just think what your mother would do if she finds about this.I
said-Please don’t tell her about this.She said-Why shouldn’t I?I
said-Just don’t.I wont do this again.She then asked-You find me
attractive?I said-You are a bombshell,even more attractive than your
daughter.She said-Which part of my body do you find most attractive?I
said-All of it but specially your big ass.She said-That’s why you are
staring at it all the time.I said-You know it then.She said-Yes,from the
very beginning.You know unlike men,woman can know that if a man looks at
her,then what he desires from her.Its a inborn quality,you can say.I
said-So,what do you think of my proposal?She said-Look Aurn,I am really
flattred that even at 45 and being a mother of six,you still find me
attractive,but I still am a married woman and faithful to my husband.I
cant do it.I said-Aunty,I never asked you to leave Uncle all I want is
to have sex with your beautiful body.Secondly,talking about
faithfulness, does it apply only to you?Even knowing that you remained
faithful to him,served him in every manner and also gave him six
beautiful childrens,how can Uncle betray you and have an affair with the
steno?She was taken aback by hearing this and said-How the hell do you
know about it?Did Arati tell you?I lied and said-No,she didn’t but my
sources informed to me about this.The whole colony is gossiping about it
and women of this colony in particularly making this a hot topic of
discussion.She started to sob and said-What was my fault Arun?How can he
do it to me?I tried to take her into my arms and consoling her said-Come
on Aunty,if Uncle didn’t think about you,then why are you so much
concerned about him?Tit for tat.You have to cheat to make the socre
even.At that point of time,I started to fondle her big boobs.She looked
into my eyes and said-You mean it?I said-Sure I do Aunty.Then I took her
completely into my arms and locked my lips to hers.After sometime she
responded my hugging me hard and out tongues started to play with each
other.My one hand was pressing her big boobs and the other went to her
bushy love tunnel and starting top rub it.She got excited and took my
erect cock into her hand and started to tug it.I said-Now Autny,I want
to take my cock into your beautiful mouth and suck it.She smiled and
said-I don’t know how to do it.I said-Come on Aunty.I know Uncle
sometimes bring porn dvds and you both watch together.Aunty said-Who
told you that?I said-Remember,last time you told me to fix Uncle’s
computer,I found some in it.Now suck me Aunty.She without saying
anything took me in her mouth,sucked me like lollipop.In between she
would tickle the head with her tongue and lick the balls too.I know I am
on the verge of cumming and I told her-Aunty,I am going to cum in your
mouth.She started sucking me really hard with one hand cupping my balls
and other hand on my ass.She even inserted a finger in my asshole and
tickled it.That was it.I flodded her mouth with my hot juice and she
swallowed it all.My cock went limp and I fell on the bed.She went to
bathroom and came after sometinme.She then said-Time to serve your
Aunty.I said-Sure.She opened her legs and I got a good look at her bir
hairy pussy and I started to lick it.I licked her voracious pussy and
also licked her asshole.After sometime she released the granny batter
from her pussy and I lapped it hungrily.My cock was hard and I said-Time
to get you Ass cherry popped Aunty.She said-How do you know that Unlce
hasn’t fucked it?I said-I just do.You sure didn’t let him do that.She
said-Yes.He pleaded me to give my ass to him but I refused saying that
you are big and its will hurt.I said-You know Aunty,sometimes something
special are stored for someone special and he only gets it,even if it
doesn’t belong to him/her.She said-True.Now get your cock lubricated
with something.I brought he Vaseline bottle from the dressing table and
applied to my cock.Then I applied some to Aunty’s asshole and tried to
insert myself into her.Intially I had problem when inserting it but when
the spinchter gave away I thrusted myself into her.She said-Slowly
baby.It hurts.I said- Sorry Aunty.I was bit excited.She said-Ok,but put
it slowly and then cuck it harder.I did according to her and soon I was
pumping with full speed.She was saying-Yes baby,fuck the ass you have
desired for.Fuck me motherfucker.Take your Aunty’s ass.just fuck fuck
fuck.I said-How do you feel Aunty?She said-I am in seventh heaven
now.Dont stop.just go on.She was in all her fours and I was fucking her
with one hand pressing her boobs and other creasing and fingerfucking
her pussy.Soon she came hard and my fingers felt it and I knew I will be
next.So,I with bith hands clutched her both shoulder and fucked her hard
and soon emptied my balls deep into her ass and fell on on her
body.After resting for sometime,I got up and said-How was the feeling
Aunty?She said-Just wonderful baby.After that I fucked her two times
that night once between her pendulous big boobs and another time in her
voracious pussy.But her big assfuck was the most wonderful thing I ever