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My Secretary’s Secret

Dear Friends, I came to know of the desibaba site from a friend and was pleased to know of it. In life we do some things we would want to share but the fact that it would hurt the other person is the reason why I am not giving my name and am using only her part name. However I still wish to share my experience with you and here it goes:

I am a north Indian guy 35 years old 6’2″ tall and good looking with or without clothes. For the last few years I have been working in this company as a marketing manager and have a good relationship with all my colleagues. Because of my habit of *****ing jokes, I sometimes make people laugh and this gives me a lot of pleasure. My secretary Anita has been working with me for 2 years and she too used to like my jokes and tried to joke back many times. We shared the laughter.
On one such occasion when she was filing the papers, she mentioned that my wife must be very lucky to have a husband who makes her laugh. I told her that it all depends upon the person, whether you want to be happy or not in life. “I too want to be happy all the time and wish my husband makes me laugh with his jokes, She said. “I pray you get a guy of your dreams” I replied to her and to my surprise she said, “That’s not possible now”. I felt sad for Anita as I thought her loved boyfriend had ditched her but restrained from saying that she would get a better guy. She was beautiful, a little plumb but it added to her sex appeal as she was tall about 5’6″ with good gait, firm thighs and big boobs and had good presentable features. When I saw her after this event, I felt like “God she is a damn sexy girl and her lover must be crazy to ditch her” but didn’t say anything to her. A few days later our office work continued late as in the evening and I got a call from my customer for some quotation. I asked her to type the letter and finish it even it got late, as the letter was urgent. I also called my home telling them that I would be held up in the office. She finished the same by around 7:00 pm and showed to me for signature. I apologized for having delayed her till the evening. “I don’t have a boyfriend waiting for me outside, so it is Ok if I am late” She said. I smiled and said, Don’t worry, you are beautiful and will get many guys to choose from. If one guy goes, it doesn’t matter at all”.

She gave me a surprised look and said, I never told you that I had a boyfriend who left me, Did I?” It was true but I mentioned to her that she had told me that now she cannot get the man of her dreams, which made me, think of such a possibility. She took the chair in front of my desk and sat down. The office was empty except for the office boy who had to lock up when we left. The vast office with tables and chairs and lights on had a different feeling on me as she looked piercingly straight into my eyes and said, “I cannot get the guy I want because that guy would have been you”. Not knowing how to react and a bit flattered I signed the letter and asked her to fax the same and closed my desk for the day. I have flirted with girls but in office, after being married and with kids, I hardly expected to be in such a situation with a girl 10 years younger to me. So I left the office without a further word. While getting to my car in the parking lot, I saw her coming to me. “Why did you not say anything back to me?” She asked. I told her that as it was late, better that I drop her at home and we could talk on the way. She got into the car and I tried to do what I felt best at the time by saying to her that what she felt was only an infatuation and she should not take it seriously and we work in the same office so it is better that we keep such thoughts out of our heads. Instead of calming down, she started telling me what she imagined doing with me and sharing jokes and having fun and so on. She said’ “I understand you are married but I want you to give me the joy that I have imagined with you”. Saying this she put her hands on my thigh. I was driving the car but the current that crossed me was visible. She started slowly moving her hands and I could feel her warmth and the blood rushing in me. I was in a state of confusion, whether to ask her to stop or enjoy this moment that was very erotic.
In the traffic, our car was just moving at a steady pace in Delhi’s congested lanes and she maintained the motion of her hands moving up and towards my crotch. She was so near that though her hand was flat on my inner thigh, the side of her palm was touching my balls. I was hard by this time and still confused “to do or not to do”. She seemed to understand the situation and said, Give me my moment of love, I will not ask anything again from you”. This was the sentence that made me feel wanted and loved and was a moment like in college; you want to risk anything for a small pleasure. Though for years I’d despised Bill Clinton for having put himself to shame for just a pussy, I now understood what “Choot ka Bhoot” means and in a swift motion, I put my arm around her and hugged her.
With her cheeks resting on my chest, my arm around her back touching her solid butt, she moved her hand to grab my rod. I felt the grip of a lustful loving hand. I moved my hands between her buttocks and she eased herself to let me have a better deeper touch. I could feel her firm full boobs close to me and we started rubbing each other generously. The car was near to her home and it was time to end this rendezvous soon. Just before her house came, she asked me to stop and I did. “Can’t we go somewhere alone for some time?” She said ticking my cock. Already beyond the point of maintaining professional relationships, I asked her if she would love to go to a hotel. “As you wish” she said and I turned the car and started racing to the nearest hotel I knew where we could have some peace and loneliness. Having checked in, I called my wife to tell her that I would be further delayed, as I needed to entertain a customer.
Once in the room, we were like teenagers hugging and kissing hard and passionately. I hugged her in an embrace with my long arms and she closed her eyes dropping her head back. I kissed her lips and her neck and licked her ear. This aroused her and she squeezed me in her arms. Continuing the kissing and the pecking while standing, I turned her around so that her buttocks were just below the level of my hard cock and pressed her back holding her boobs. The kisses on her neck and licking her ears and the rubbing of her boobs were getting too hot for and I could feel the urge inside me growing. I slowly removed her T-shirt and could see her embroidered brassiere. I unhooked the same and could see the soft velvety boobs dangle in front of me. All this while, she put her hands on her back holding my cock and pressing it up and down. I lifted her in my arms, placed her on the bed and started removing my clothes. When I was totally naked in front of her, I could see that she was looking at my cock intently. Putting her in a sitting position, my cock was very near her face and she started loving it, kissing and licking it. My balls were aching with pleasure and all of a sudden, she opened her mouth to take the cock deep in her mouth sucking wildly at the tool. My sighs must have been louder than the television music and soon we both came to the 69 positions. I removed her trousers and the smell of a pussy filled my nostrils. Removing her panties, I could see that she had recently shaved her cunny. Her clitoris was big bigger than anything I have seen before. It protruded such that you could see it clearly erect and holding the gentle lips of her pussy. Laying side to side we started licking each other as if there was no end to the world and I could feel the fluids collecting for the final blast. Her pussy was wet with the juices and my tongue on her clitoris tasted great. She was moaning and all the time moving her hips nearer to my face and opening her legs wider apart.
In a swift motion, Anita got up and pushed me on the bed and said, Now let me fuck you, Sunil and she lowered her pussy slowly on my hard cock and the fluids helped it move smoothly in. She had the sexperience and started moving up and down on my cock. With my hands on her boobs, I could not believe the pleasure that this girl was giving me. She continued for a long time and I met her thrusts with the push from below. I could feel the end of the pussy pressing the tip of my cock and rotating on top of it in circles. I was moaning with pleasure and she was unstoppable. The sounds of the meeting flesh was growing louder and all of a sudden the expression on her face changed from pleasure to slight pain and I could see her closing the eyes to shoot her fluids. My balls too were aching to shoot the load but for the time being I enjoyed to see her cum. The view was fabulous as she arched back almost falling off from my cock with ripples in her body.
Moments later I got on top of her and started pumping her cunt in wild ecstatic thrusts and Ani was enjoying these though not moving much. She clinched my butt and pressed her nails and in a whistle, I could feel the release which had been welling in me for some time. I could feel the motion of my sperm through the shaft and deep in her pussy. I was so overtaken by pleasure that I didnt seem to care about possible pregnancy. She didn’t seem to notice the flow of my semen as she was much pleased with her orgasm and was quite tired……….. time passed by and we stayed motionless on the bed.
It was quite late when we had a shower and went to our homes. We meet still normally in the office and have gone out together a couple of times more but that day in February is still fresh in my memory when my secretary shared her secret with me.