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My Servant Girl Sharada

This story is in continuation of my earlier story of Shimoga in Karnataka, where I was working and had a great encounter with a girl who is now in kozhikode working as a nurse. The episode happened when I was working in Shimoga and she was there on nurse training (BSc).

I had the sexual services of this nurse of mine for about 2 years till she completed her training and went back to her native place in Kerala, promising to remain in contact. However I did not contact her myself, and only after she sent her marriage invitation did I attend the marriage and introduced myself to her parents and relatives as one of her class mates from Shimoga. I did not then try and contact her for some years, but by chance when I went to Kozhikode to meet some relative who was hospitalized I met her in her official capacity as a nurse, enquired about her.

She had by then two kids and then when I invited her to my hotel room, she refused at first but later on my insistence came. I found out that her husband is working in the Gulf and she is in the process of arranging a Visa for going there herself, leaving the kids with their grandmother and grandfather. I had a good time in the hotel room with her, since she was for a long time without sex, her husband being in the Gulf and for me it was opening an old bottle of wine, known body, known everything, but everything changed and good. It was great sex. She wanted me to remain in touch with her and I intend to remain in touch in the future. But enough of this let us now go on to a new original and very true story. This is another encounter I had in my own house in Mysore. We are a Malayali family settled in Mysore for many years.

I was working in Shimoga like I told you and used to come to Mysore on holidays, to meet my parents. My parents had engaged a servant girl named Sharada (original name – she is not going to read this), who was illiterate but married. She had married 3 years previously, but was separated from her husband due to the reason that she could not get a child even after 2 years of marriage. The village people expect a girl to get married and have a child within one year itself. Due to her mothers’ closeness with my parents, my parents had arranged to get her tested medically for getting pregnant, but the result was that she could not get pregnant due to blocked tubes. Hence her husband had left her to get married to another girl and as is common she still remained married to him legally. During this time due to the illness of her mother due to an operation, for a long time, she was engaged to work at my house.

She was a girl of good character, and though she used to not talk to me, she also knew that all her problems were known to me. Once when my parents had gone out for a marriage and she was working in the house. I had gone in for bathing and came out searching for a bar of soap. She was then sweeping in my parents room and when I suddenly entered my parents room I found her trying to hide something in her blouse. Immediately I asked her what she was trying to hide. She protested that it is nothing and because I knew there was something the matter, I threatened her that I would complain to her mother, and my parents. She begged me not to make a complaint, and then reluctantly after a long gap, put a hand in her blouse and removed a Rs.50/- note that she had found on a shelf. I once again threatened her with removing her from the job, and she was begging me not to tell anybody. Then the devil took hold of me and I started asking her as to what else she was hiding in her blouse. She denied that she had taken anything else, but I did not take that for an answer and insisted that she prove it. I asked her to remove her blouse.

She protested with all her might, but then I was already working to a hastily fixed plan. I caught hold of her and removed the broom from her hand, told her to do as I told her or…………. There was really nothing else to do. With tears in her eyes, she slowly dropped the end of the saree covering the blouse and removed 2 buttons and lifting the cloth tried to tell me that there is nothing hidden. The incident had gone this far, I was in no mood to leave it there. I told her that there is no other way except to show me all. Reluctantly she removed her blouse buttons, I was very quick in sliding it down her arms and there she stood wearing a cheap bra. She asked me “are you satisfied now ?” and then demanded her blouse back. I said no, I was not satisfied and asked her to remove her bra also. She once again started protesting, but I was not in a position to leave her like that, and very quickly inspite of her protests removed the bra hook and tried to slide that also down her arms, but she caught hold of the cups and tried to prevent me. I forcibly removed her arms and was able to then make her top naked.

She had pretty breasts, but very firm and looked unused. But remembering that she was with a husband for two years, they were very good breasts. By this time she was really crying and tears were coming out of her eyes. She had crossed her hands across her breasts, hiding them from my hungry eyes. In the pretext of searching for stolen goods, I held her close and started rubbing her back and brought my hands to her waist. I could really feel the eruptions rising on her skin due to my touching her. I slowly brought my hands to her waist and with one hand holding her close, I tried to reach her breasts. It was not possible due to her hands. I once again had to force her to release her breasts to my search and what a great feeling !!!!!!!!! Each breast a little bigger that a cricket ball and to my searching forefinger, her nipples (which were surprisingly quite big) got an erection and became hard. I (searched) both the breasts, obviously found nothing and then slowly kept brushing my lips against her face, forehead, cheeks etc., making a very obvious effort to bring her to sexual excitement but did not kiss her on the lips, since I felt that it would have been a very positive indication of my intention to make love to her.

Now in a very low voice I told her I did not find anything in her blouse, but was still doubtful about her. In a crying voice, she asked me where else? For an answer I slowly slid my fingers in the waistband of her saree, as if searching for something hidden, but in reality searching for the thread tying her petticoat. I found the ends of the thread on her right side and before she realized what was happening, I pulled the ends of the thread and then ran my hands once again all over the circumference of her waist, and was thus able to make her saree and petticoat loose. Now she had a big problem, the saree was loose and she had to hold it by her hands. While doing this she had freed her breasts for my devotional attentions. I let her hold the petticoat for some time and holding her by the waist with one hand, kissed all over her chest and this was the time when she realized my intentions of fucking her and started saying in a low voice, “beda, beda” which means “no,no”. I just kept repeating the words, “beku, beku” which means “I want”. When the words started getting a little loud, I put both my hands to her waist, hugged her under her armpits and took possession of her lips, so as to achieve two things, one her silence and the other, by lifting her hands, the loosening of her grip on the saree and petticoat. As soon as I had done so, I was amazed.!!!!!!!!!!! She did not wear anything under her petticoat.!!!! No panty. The entire set of petticoat and saree fell to her ankles, helped along by my legs.

She was then completely naked in my arms. Since I was about to take a bath, I was also not wearing a shirt and my girl was naked and lying on my naked chest. I did not loosen my grip on her waist or her lips. After for about 30 seconds, I suddenly felt her lips which were imprisoned by very hard becoming a bit soft and her pushing movement of the arms against my chest became a little less. I then thought that I have achieved some response from her towards my fucking intentions and then slowly pushed her towards the bed in my parents room itself. She allowed herself to be led there and I slowly pushed her onto the bed. For this I had to release her from the imprisonment of my lips and she started once again saying “ no no ‘ but very softly. I became a little deaf to these words and removed my lungi and joined her on the bed. Remember I was going to bathe, and did not have a undergarment on and as soon as I joined her on the bed, both were gloriously naked and I had a very willing girl in my arms.

I then started worshipping her body with my lips, crushing her lips with mine, running my hands over her entire body, licking and sucking her breasts, tummy and navel. All this while her legs were kept in the natural position. I slowly put my hand up her thighs and was able to brush my hands in her pubic hairs, which was quite long. I very slowly inserted my finger in and was delighted to find her wet and willing. I used my hands to widen her legs, came between them, and put my tongue in her vagina. As soon as my tongue touched her clit, her bottom came up off the bed and she gave a slight moan. I knew then that I am going to screw this girl today for sure. I kept on using my tongue and lips on her vagina and she became totally wet and wild. She kept thrashing all over moaning all the time, but careful to keep her vagina steady so as to not miss any movement of my lips or tongue. After about 10 minutes, I felt that it was time to go for the final touch. I laid down beside her turned her towards me and gave her a lip to lip kiss, allowing her to taste herself. At the same time, widening the legs, I inserted my middle finger in her vagina, searching for the g-spot.

I also guided her hand towards my waiting erect cock. As soon as my finger found the g-spot, I found an added vigor in her response to me and after spending a few minutes stroking the g-spot, she finally said one word “banni” which means “come” an invitation for me to mount her, and with her left hand tried to pull me on her. I came on top, widened her legs and with one push entered her easily. She was totally lubricated and once I started pumping, I got a lot of reaction from her. Her vagina was quite tight After about 10 minutes of vigorous pumping I felt myself about to come. I was preparing to withdraw my cock before I came, but suddenly remembered her problem and continued to pump all my juice in her since she could not become pregnant. We lay like that exhausted for some time and to my surprise after about 10 minutes found that my cock was still hard and then I made her lie on her tummy and placed her in position for the doggy position and without any preparation once again started the pump. This time it went on for a very long time, and finally was over. It was very good and only after I rolled away from her after the second time I could feel that she was not meeting my eyes and was very shy. I asked her the reason.

She told me that even her husband did not remove her clothes when he had sex with her. He used to only lift her saree come on top and finish the job very quickly. Further he did not at any time even touch her vagina by hand, but I had given it a good suck and a lick and she had enjoyed it and the doggy position was not even known to her and she did not know that it was possible to do it that way. She did not have any pleasure from him, but with me she had a great time but still felt awkward lying there naked with me. I was able to cure this disease of her being shy about being naked very quickly, but was assured of a fuck every time I came to Mysore, a free, safe and natural fuck since the entire time we had fun I did not use any condoms with her and her problem proved a boon for me as well as her. I used to take her to the terrace of our house when my parents were having their afternoon nap or even in the night. I further initiated her in the art of sucking my cock, but as always allowed her to suck my cock only after the first fuck since I find that I ejaculate very quickly (10mts) if she took my cock in her mouth before the first session, but after the first session her sucking helped in getting my cock properly erect for a second session in the doggy position or the missionary position. Contrary to many stories published in I did not initiate her in ass fucking, since I do not like it myself. This affair went on for a long time, but was very infrequent due to the reason that I used to be able to enjoy her only during my homecoming.

Once only she was able to tell her home people that she was going to her native place to visit her grand mother, and then I took her with me to Shimoga and enjoyed long nights with her, but had to send her after a few days to her grandmothers place since her people would know about our affair. Four years after I started an affair with her, she got a marriage proposal from an elderly widower who already had grown up children and she married him with my blessings. Before the marriage, after having a session with me, she told me that she would like to remain faithful to her new husband and therefore to let her go. I agreed, sent her to her husband, with my blessings, but only after asking her to sleep with me one more time, which she did.