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My sex dream sister Vrushali

I am rohan from mumbai 27 years Old, about my sister vrushali she is 5.4, fair, brown hairs, she wear 36 size bra…  let me now say how my dream to have sex with my cousin sister Vrushali came true. I was very simple boy fond of playing when I was in standard 9th that time she was in standard 7th. I was never fond of girl before I came to know what actuall sex is. Once my friend was talking about doing mastribute, but I was completely blank about it what it is, so one day I tried shaking my penis the way they was saying some transperent gel came out of my penis I thought its my spum.

One day I was taking bath and before me my cousin took bath but she forgot to put her cloths to was, so I check her panty and tried to smell it, I dont know but there was some smell which change my mind to see my cousin I started fantisizing her naked with me in bathroom and on bed, one day she was sleeping I went towards her and seat on her Bed.

I kept my hand on her head and started rubbing on her hairs then I slowly slided my hand on her back suddenly she woke up and asked me what I am doing I said nothing was missing u so came and seat beside u then she again sleep, same process went on for n number of days and after that I made my mind to move further so one day I slided my hand from her back towards her side and then slowly I put my fingers in her under arms there was small hairs which was came to her noticing she is not saying any thing I finally put my her hand on breast and slowlu started rolloing her niples from her top she didnt said anything noticing this I put my hand inside her top and suddenly she said me remove ur hand or I will start scrimming I removed it and went out then I stop going to her bed room.

Then again one day I watch prone movie at my friend place, which made me so hot that I went home in afternoon and went to her bed room and started doing same activity with her she said why ur doing this I said I dont know but I want to take u near. She finaly let me put my hands all over her body, after satisfying my hands I thought to fuck her so I removed my penis and give it in her hand, but she refuse to hold my penis after that every day I was to do such activity with her but end was I have to be nervous andwas to go and mastribute in washroom, so one day somewhite substance came from my penis and that time I came to know real feeling which man get in process till spum comes out of body so I was so hot that one day I hold her mouth and said her to catch and mastribute my penis she did it and I pore my whole spum on her face.

As I was at home I never got chance to fuck her because she was not ready. Finally day came when my yelder brother got married, when my yelder brother went to honeymoon they give me the keys of new flat. So I was to go to check flat every alternate day. So once I told her are u coming to clean house she said ok. So I took her on bike. When we went to brother place first we clean the house, after that when she was seating I went and hug her and started smouching her she also reacted to me by smouching me back, then I started to pull down her top from her sholder and I pull her top down so much that her one ball came out of her top. I started sucking her nipple after sometime dont know what happen to her but she got angry on me and said me to stop I stop it and ask her what happen she refuse to say anything, so I said her to get fresh and we will go home so she went to get fresh and after coming out from washroom she said I want to hug u I said ok, she hug me but didnt let me touch her.

So I finally said her I also want to kiss ur stomach, so she said only once I started kissing her stomach and moved my tounge down and down she was wearing payzama so i undeed her payzamma loose and went on kissing her till I reach her cunt then finally i started licking her cunt, then she was stopping me again but i hold her bumps tight and keep on licking her cunt then after sometime I went upward and finall I reach to her boobs and started kissing her nipple a I did it for nearly 10 to 15 min and then I thought of fucking her without making her awear about it, so i hold her back and carry her up and make her seat on my stomach and keep on sucking her niple, while sucking her niple I removed my jeans and starded giving my penis angle eract and starded her body to slant down from my body finally time came when distance between my penis and her vagina was 5 cm almost I took a breath and made my penis as much eract it can took her vagina more near and give angle to my penis to slide insideher vagina, finally iit went and there was a shout from her aaaahhhhhh…..

She said what u did remove it but I didnt stop I fuck her too hard and after that I cum insideher vagina when I removed my penis I saw lot of blood falling on floor I got upset seeing so much blood on floor and non stopping blood coming from her vagina finally Iremoved my underwear and role it my handcarchief and put inside pant so that blood cant come ou and took her to house then I bought tablets for her to not get pregnant. After that a Month time we started doing sex again and till now we are doing it….. If you like it you can mail me on