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My sex story

I’m here with my story, those who not came across with my stories
for them I’m going to introduce myself. This is Shiv from Kolkata if
you want to know more about me then u can call on my number 7278086472
(I don’t like to waste your time so that I said like that), I hope
you like them please give feedback on those stories. Please forgive me
if any mistakes are there, I’m not a professional writer.

Sorry guys if I hurt you any?? In this story I’m expressing the fun
happened between me and my cousin from childhood.

Her name is Deepthi, 5.3’, 51 kgs, fair good looking, perfect body.
She is my best friend just not only my cousin we are very close from
childhood we share everything she even knows about my crushes, girl
friend and what I did with her? I know her crushes, boy friend and
when she went to tour with her classmates one boy had crush on my
cousin but my cousin don’t like him.

On one day, when they went to one place in bus all are went and my
cousin is leaving then he came back and kissed on her left cheek, she
shouted and scolded him he ran away from that place. Later my cousin
avoided him and not even talking with him, by listening this I got
full angry as a brother.

On one day –

Chinnu –what you’re doing?

I –nothing chinnu (I use to call my cousin), just now read some
weekly book

Chinnu –ok what you prepare to study in that

I –all sis, like weekly stories which publish in that book and sex

Chinnu –hey you will read such kind of also

I –Ya, why not chinnu. You not read up to now?

Chinnu –of course I too read

I –then, its common chinnu now a days

{Such frankness we maintain}

I don’t have bad intention on my cousin even she too. We are like
brother and cousin, best friends

I’m 8 months younger than my cousin but in childhood.

We use to play in my house (as my parents are in business they will go
in morning) in childhood she said me to sleep and covered me with
blanket and later she too came under blanket and said like now we
start playing, OK sis tell me.

She started only 3 chances for you, you have to come near me and by
moving inch by inch and finally you have to touch me and sleep by
keeping your legs and hands on me (trust me guys we really played this
game). I started and played my sister guided me how to sleep I touched
her all parts but we played, when we are in 6 I think so I don’t
know about all this much at that time just we had kiss on cheeks,

Later nothing happened in this way. We grown up and started sharing
about others but not any kind of fun in sex normal topics.

I know that my cousin is having more sexually feelings like me as I
seeing her from my childhood and the way she shares telling about what
others. In our village a common friend for both named Shravan is
having girl friend name Bhanu who is the daughter of my cousin’s
owner. Shravan makes Bhanu pregnant for 2 times, for the first time no
one knows and shravan removed that but second they booked.

Bhanu’s parents beat shravan like anything shravan joined in
hospital; it became big issue on those days. My cousin came to me and
asked hey you know about shravan and bhanu’s matter. Yes chinnu I
know idiot shravan at least he should use safety precautions to avoid
that so no one can know about that right. My cousin reaction also same
and expressed to me, we are such close cousin’s.

By all the situations I came to know that chinnu is interested on such
things. I saw her cleavage, we hangouts many things when we are
playing any games are when we are walking or when we chit chat or in
any situations me and my cousin touched our all bodies parents (not
dick and cock), but we don’t have any bad intention or feelings on
each other, we even sleep in a single bed in our houses.

But on one day chinnu’s parents went to relative’s house and they
will back after week days so they dropped in our house and they
leaved. First day went normal, we are watching movies in system later
we started watching TV only we two are there in house. In HBO some
romantic movie is coming I changed the channel to which said why
you’re changing the channel, I said I think it’s not good movie.
No problem keeps it and again I changed to that and we are watching ,
movie going very romantic and my feelings started like anything and my
body is not full of heat my heart beat is increasing but my cousin is
normal and watching movie, it went like that.

In that night my cousin slept with my mom and my father slept with me,
in mid night I woke up for washroom when I back from washroom going to
sleep I just had a look on my cousin her t-shirt moved up I can see
her navel nude and her thighs nude wowww (what a body) and went to bed
that night I didn’t slept.

Second day, I said many movies are there in our system today we can
watch them and we watched all movies in which romantic movies are
there, second days we both got aroused with that scenes as we are open
we talk openly like we have to control our feelings dear up to
marriage bla bla…… when we got touch accidentally our bodies are
feelings in a different way but we took easily and move on that day.
In night I woke up to check what my cousin is doing, she slept happily
I saw her half nude boobs wow I can’t control and I masturbate by
thinking my cousin that night I masturbated 4 times.

Third day –my father went to city with some work only me, cousin and
my mother is there. At night I woke up and slept right side of my
cousin and tried to enjoy with her, if my mother slept no one can wake
her up to 6 (it’s was favour for me)

At 1:00 AM I woke up and removed my inner wears and only with short,
T-Shirt I slept I was feared like what happens if my cousin woke up
and if she tells to my mother? After thinking for 30 min.s I thought
as I have no much time, I should precede for sure whatever happens it
may but I should move with full courage I kept my hand on her stomach
no reaction from her slowly I started moving my hand towards boobs and
finally I reached to boobs no reaction from my cousin, while moving
towards boobs from navel I opened her T-shirt upwards to my shock she
not wear any inner, I jumped in different world with happiness.

Slowly I opened T-shirt from her left boobs it was nude in front me
but I can’t see it clearly (I thought to switch on bed light at
least but what happens if they woke up?) moon light is falling on us
from opened windows, in that light I saw her nude boobs I rubbed
slowly as she may woke up and then I covered with T-shirt and opened
right boob rubbed it slowly tried to suck or at least lick or kiss but
I got feared for that act and again I opened left boob and I saw both
boobs in nude it was really perfect in structure round and fair with
brownish nipples. My mother moved, my heart is started pain and pulse
rate increasing like anything. Soon I covered cousin T-shirt that
night I didn’t make a move further just slept with lot of thinking
how to approach?

Fourth day – She is in same position, I fixed whatever happened it
happens I have to move forward and I took all courage and tried to
drag short with lot of effort for 45 mins I removed her shorts up to
upper thighs, started caring and making a move on top of under wear at
pussy part late after 15 mins

I tried to insert my hand inside under wear with lot of afford I
succeed I touched top pussy lips it was like small hairs I rubbed for
2 min.s and back to my position and I dragged her under wear and
shorts in normal position it went like that

Fifth day –I tried same, to my shock she didn’t wear any inner
wears I came to know when I opened her T-shirt up, same time I dragged
her shorts (no under wear), I didn’t understand why she not wear,
whether she came to know that I’m doing such things?

Many questions went in my mind after 20 mins I’m back and continued
my acts, I started pressing her boobs and fingering slowly her pussy
she slowly started shivering I think she not slept enjoying my acts I
took the chance and continued fingering my finger feeling like heat
inside and all wet after 5 min.s fingering she started moaning slowly
I was afraid with that sounds may my mother wakes up?

I stopped for some time and started thinking like tomorrow my
cousin’s parents (uncle & aunty) will be back so I have only one
night more so I took courage and started enjoying with my cousin body
I kissed her boobs, navel area, thighs and pussy (not totally – the
area which I say able to see) so that act is started screaming for my
acts in pleasure I saw her face in that moon light she controlled lot
to hide, controlling her feelings. I even bite slowly her boobs for
that also she not reacted I got full mood and went to bathroom by
thinking her I masturbated and went to bed that day went like that.

Sixth day –morning it went normal my parents leaved to shop she not
ask me any questions but in my mind my questions are going on. I
searching for some movies in my PC to my shock in VLC history porn
videos are played only me and my cousin are there in house so I got
conformed that she watched those (I think for night act she got full
aroused), I took full courage and asked my cousin like Chinnu did you
watch any movies in morning?

Her face went in confusion after thinking for few seconds and she
replied yes hemo, I asked which movie? She said some **** not porn. We
had lunch in afternoon she asked me to play some movie for which I
accidentally played that porn video which played in morning. She was
shock and not saying anything and went to other room, time passed for
5 min.s even though she is not back, so I went to see her. She is
sleeping in bed I went to her and asked what happened?

Chinnu –nothing?

I –then why you came like that? Sorry for playing such video,
accidentally I played

Chinnu – no reaction

I –I took courage and asked what happened chinnu with love, after
talking about some bla bla bla she is free now

Chinnu –started asking what you’re doing night times

I –nothing chinnu

Chinnu –I know you are enjoying with me

I –sorry chinnu, I don’t know why I did like that

Chinnu –its ok I can understand that feelings

We talked for 30min.s and we are OK with us and in evening we are
watching TV and I asked her that can we watch romantic English movie?

Chinnu –not accepted for that, after pleasing for 10min.s she is
fine with playing those videos

I started playing first I played just romantic English movie (The
Dreamer) nothing happened, later I started playing romantic sex
videos, no reaction from her.

After 10 min.s her heart beating started increasing and moving near to
me and me to in same position I put my hands on her and rubbing her
hands and then thighs, we are rubbing our legs each other we got full
aroused and within no control I hugged her in sitting position no
words from her I planted kiss on her forehead, cheeks and neck she
started screaming and biting my shoulder slowly I started licking,
sucking her neck she started biting hard my shoulder after enjoying
such pleasure like caring her body rubbing ass, boobs over dress for
10 mins.

I kissed on her lips she looking at my eyes, our eyes met soon she
closed her eyes and enjoying kiss, kissed for 10 min.s I lifted her
and took to bed and started kissing on her neck from back and pressing
her boobs she is screaming heart beating increasing.

I was biting her neck for which she is saying please haaaa hemo please
bite slowly, after sucking her neck I left and went to her boobs
pressing them from top it was really smooth I never touched such boobs
ever it was really big I opened her top, she is with inner wears I
cared her body on inner wears itself I kissed on armpits and licked
them for that she shaking her body with goosebumps

I caught her hand and licked sucked them hard I even bite skin over
armpits with her sounds I got full in mood and opened her jeans and
now she is only in inner wears I pressed all parts and licked her
body. Opened her inner wears she is nude my eyes opened wide. What a
body she had very fair, little dark (brownish) at pussy area.

She opened my dress now we both are in nude, we kissed and licked our
bodies with my tip of tongue at all parts went to neck started
licking, kissing and sucking her neck she is screaming like haa haaaa
haaa and her heart beat started increasing her body is shivering and
moving like snake.

I went to armpits slowly I licking and sucking it tastes salty but I
like that different taste slowly massaging her boobs it was in perfect
shape I licked lot started kissing her nipples (brownish) and biting
slowly she is feeling that pain and enjoying that kind of pain,
started sucking slowly increased my speed and rubbing her boobs she is
in pain saying please leave me it hurting lot please I didn’t listen
to her had sucked her mango and made them red.

She got angry on me and started beating me she is in hurry with angry
sat on my stomach and pinching my nipples, stomach and making me to
hurt and then she was cool and started enjoying my body with lot of
kisses, I really enjoyed with her she eaten my armpits I love it went
to cock and she given kiss, started licking slowly and sucking she
felt it was like banana, lollipop and sucked for 10 mins and we went
to 69 position which favourite to me I kissed licked her whole bottom
part, she licked and biting my ass and she is sucking my dick I was
about to cum I said that to her she left my dick and I cummed we lost
our energies we took rest and again after 30 min.s.

I started licking her body which tastes salty when I’m licking her
armpits, boobs, navel area, back body, ass and pussy with that
pleasure she is moaning haa hmmm haaaa hmm with that sounds I got in
full mood and kept my cock at pussy and tried to insert it, but it was
full tight no going but with her help I was finally inserted after 5
mins it was wet inside I was fucking she is shouting at me fuck me
like anything I was waiting for this moment from 3 days I got full
mood with your acts.

With that words I went to different world and started fucking her
slowly and teasing her she scolded me for my teasing and then
immediately I increased my speed and started fucking her in missionary
position and then changed to doggy style and fucked hard by changing
different positions for 20 mins she is screaming and shouting ha haaaa
haaa hmmm yes yaaaa hmm by seeing her face expression in sexy way with
opened mouth and that sounds, words I cummed soon on her ass.

We took rest for 10 mins and again started next round and then went to
bathroom and I fucked in shower also, we planned to continue this in

In night around 1:00 AM I woke her and taken to other room and we
started enjoying sexual pleasure continued…. no words to express
like how we enjoyed we behaved like slaves up to 4:30, I cummed for 4
times and I don’t know how many times she released her love juices
for me, we not only tasted her bodies even the juices from our bodies
also we tasted. We not leaven single area or part of our bodies we
kissed licked and sucked all. We enjoyed lot and cleaned our bodies
and went to bed – that night changed our life (like that we

From that day on wards our relationship became more close i.e in past
also we are close but it was in mentally but now we are close in
physically also.

We continued that whenever we are in mood and when we get the chance
in my house or in chinnu’s house, we also enjoyed in relatives house
too whenever we get the chance we utilised all the times but we just
had oral sex only all time. Now my chinnu got married we are meeting
but we are not continuing that relationship we are back to past
relationship even though we are happy with this. How is my narration?

It’s totally my feelings to satisfy my ISS readers (**I don’t have
such feelings on my chinnu in my real life).

I hope you guys may have such feelings in your life with any? If so
then share your feelings with me. I’m here to share and support your
feelings, I just always think like this stuff whenever I’m free but
not all time (don’t feel bad about me).

Guys please give your valuable feedback on this story, if any
suggestions/changes are there in my way of expressing or in any then
please don’t hesitate to ping me. Expressing ourselves is not a
crime I feel do what you want but before doing just think whether
you’re willing to doing heart fully or not.

Please ping me if anyone interested with my writings or if anyone
wants to be in contact with me. Trust me (this is the only word I can
say as a stranger to you) – I’m the guy from good family just due
to interest in sex I started reading stories in ISS, by reading all
these stories I got inspired to put and share my feelings with you. So
I became an author and posting my feelings.

*Hope to met someone (with smile).

Someone said that “don’t write stories who have no right, don’t
waste your time and our time”. So this is my last story for now, If
anyone whats me to write please ping me I’m waiting for your mails.

I just started writing stories in Indian sex stories to make readers
satisfy and many authors got good friends and more stuff who like them
(I too expected and started to meet new people but failed 🙁 ), but I
think I was not reached to that mark. So I’m paused for now if you
want me to continue… let me know

Shiv, Sending off, waiting for your valuable feedback and feelings.