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My sexy aunty Sarita-1

Hi…My name is Abhinav Mishra and I am 21.Today I am going to tell
you an unbelievable incident that took place with me 2 years ago. I
feel my life fulfilled whenever I recap those memories…
Everybody during their teenage fantacise about someone to have sex
with that person anyhow. Well I too had the same feeling towards a
woman of 32. She lived in our apartment two storey above my flat. I
dreamt about different ways of seducing her but never ever thought
that one day I would really fuck her as many times I wanted with her
I am the only son of my parents. My dad is in real estate business and
my mom is a housewife. Mom is an LIC agent but hardly works for it.
It all began when I saw her for the first time…I was 19 and was in
12th class…
One day, while returning from school, I entered directly to my house
and there I saw a fair lady in blue transparent silk saree. My mom
introduced her to me. She was little taller than me. Her boobs were
greeting me namaste as both were joining so tightly forming a line in
between her lowcut blouse. Her tummy was neither flat nor skinny. Her
navel was exposed. It was so deep that half of my thumb would enter it
completely. She had long legs with massive thigs and a perfectly round
ass. Her figure was like a bottle of coke. She literally had the excat
body of Aishwarya Rai at present.

We shook hands and she said “I am Sarita, nice to meet you.”
Her voice was so sexy that it gave an electric flow through my dick
for a moment.
I said “nice to meet you too” still holding her hands. I wanted to
hold it for long but… anyways I did a formal talk and came to know
that she was a bank employee. She got transferred to our area. She was
a widow and had no children.
While talking I was looking at her dark brown eyes though my whole
focus was on her busty boobs… Her eyes were round and big like kajal
Very often she used to call me for buying her homely products and I
never missed a chance to have her glance. I would think all possible
ways to have an overall check out of her incredible body.
From school boys to middle aged men, everybody would madly check out
her whenever she came out of her room or went outside.
Her butts always played see-saw while she walked. The ups and downs of
her butt were like calling for a hug. Her boobs jumped a little
everytime she patted the ground with her feet.

Whenever she returned from her work, even our innocent watchman who is
Mr clean in our society would explore her body with his eyes and end
up by focusing on her nice round butts.
She was aware of everything and she enjoyed it very much. Though
almost everyone fantacised her, she was well respected in our society
Days passed and after about one and half month, my final exams
completed and vacations started…
I had a lot of free time and my most of the time was spent in
imagining my Sarita dancing nude, sitting on my face, sucking my dick
deep throat and lot more…

I wondered if ever I would get a chance to fuck her, I would prefer
only doggie style…Her asset is her curvy well shaped ass… her
hubby died happily…I mean Cmon… nobody would pass away unsatisfied
after having enjoyed that amazing ass…
I used to be at her home every weekends during her office leave. At
her home she wears a polyster type nighty… The entire geography of
her body could be studied from that. It was like she is wearing a
whole wet nighty stuck to every curves and corner of her body. Her
body movements made my heart and stomach to feel the butterflies…
We would do smalll talks and gossips in her kitchen while she was
cooking…I asked about her husband looking at her stomach as the
nighty made a perfect round groove at her belly…
She told me that her husband had an accident. “He was very much
caring. He loved me so much more than anything in the world” she

I wondered who would not love this sex goddess? It was quite obvious
for me anyway.
She continued describing her husband blah blah blah and I pretended
like listening to her focusing on her boobs though looking straight
into her eyes…
She continued and suddenly started crying. I didn’t know what to do
at that time. I went close to her and tried to calm her down saying
something relieving then suddenly, OMG!!… she hugged me… I became
stiff like a statue…Her boobs squeezed into my chest and her nipple
was poking mine…our stomach were kissing each other…
I gently patted my hands on her back… I could feel her bra
strips…She kept on crying and hugged me tightly…I was silent and
was enjoying her warm soft body… My nose was resting on her shoulder
and my left cheek was touching her neck and her thin golden chain. The
fragrance of her sweat on her neck was adding pleasure to the moment
for me…