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My sexy aunty Sarita-3

Finally the day has come. Today is Saturday and I was at my terrace
waiting for my Sarita to come from work. It was 5:30 and there she
comes. Her top view was also quiet seductive. Her curves could pull me
down towards her.
I made a call to my mom and said that today I will be staying at my
friend’s house for a party…
She agreed and I went to my friend’s house to pass time. Finally My
watch showed me 11:30 and I went to buy some whisky and snacks.
My friend dropped me at my apartment and he went away. I reached 10
minutes earlier at her door and waited there. At sharp 12:00 am, I
knocked her door. As she opened, I sang the birthday song…
She thanked me and gave me a warm hug… Oh my God!!… That feeling
is not less than heaven to me.
I entered her room and shown her what I brought for her. She smiled
happily and immediately set everything on the table.
“Time is so late. Your parents won’t say anything?” she asked.
“I took mom’s permission to party late night. Don’t worry.” I
We were having peg slowly one by one and we both were making fun of
After having 4 pegs, she laughed unnecessarily saying stupid things.
I laughed with her too and asked suddenly “What were those magazines
She paused. After a moment she said “Look dear, to be frank, I have
desires too like any other woman.”
She added “I was very embarrassed that day when you looked at all
those stuff. I should have hidden it properly.”
I said “Hey don’t worry about that. I understand. And it had not
at all effected your impression on me. I know you are an awesome cool
educated woman. Why don’t you wish for a second marriage? Any man
would love to be with you”

She said “I have applied for second marriage. So many proposals came
but I didn’t liked anyone. Actually nobody can take the place of my
husband. He was so much caring and loving.”
I said “You will surely get one. Wait for him to come. He will be
very lucky to have you. You are well natured with a decent job and
very beautiful. You are an ideal wife for a man can imagine.”
She smiled and said “Thank you very much dear… Thank you for this
treat. I always feel relaxed with you. You are so charming.”
We stared at each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes. I slowly
moved my face towards her looking at her eyes. I gently kissed her
soothing lips. I could feel her warm breath from her nose.
She closed her eyes and stayed calm. Her lips were sweet as straw
berries and smooth as butterscotch.
I opened my mouth and grabbed her lips inside my mouth. I pulled my
tongue into her mouth through her lips. My tongue first hit her upper
teeth, then she opened her mouth and our tongue were sliding over each
other. It tasted so good.
We were drunk and were high. We kissed passionately for about 5
I pulled her lower lip with my teeth and then stopped. We again looked
at each other.She was smiling. I grabbed her shoulders, stood her up
and took her to the bedroom.
I was shivering very badly and my heartbeats were making sound of a
running train.
She laid her on the bed and I kissed her again laying on her stomach.
I slided my lips all over her face, ears, neck and shoulders
repeatedly. She hugged me tightly rubbing her arms on my back.
I pressed her boobies from over her nighty. As usual, she didn’t
wear bra. They were so soft and fleshy that it was like squeezing a
hot wet sponge. I was driving my hands all over her body from her
boobs, stomach, navel, the sensitive area, thighs and yes of course,
her lovely round ass.
I took off my clothes within seconds. I was only on my jockey. I
climbed on her, facing her and grabbed both her arms with mine and
stretched her hands upwards. My chest pressed her boobs and my dick
was lying just below her navel. She was still on her nighty.
I kissed her aggressively like animals. Running my hands from her arms
to shoulder, I squeezed her boobs form over the nighty and pressed her
underarms. Her underarms were wet which made my hands wet too while
pressing those. From lips, I kissed her chin, neck, boob lining,
stomach and reached her garam garam samosa… My hands slided from her
underarms to side stomach and were holding her thighs from both

I moved my hands down and lifted her nighty upwards to her knees,
thighs, panty, navel till I could see her brownish nipples. Those were
stiff and erect and her nipple rings were perfectly round like a
I sucked her nipples left-right-left and wished if I had two mouths so
that I could suck both her nipples together at a time. I moved down,
reached her stomach and dug my tongue into her navel.
I licked, sucked and kissed her deep navel like it was a candy. I
again moved down a little and rubbed my nose on her panty. I smelled
it deeply closing my eyes. It was little wet at the bottom. I kissed
on her sweaty panty. Then I holded her panty strips from both sides
and gently pulled down till her knees.
Her pussy was covered with black curly bushy hairs. I liked it and
smelled it again. The moment when my tongue touched her clit, her body
vibrated for a second. Then I rigorously licked her hairy pussy and
clitoris, she sounded “ eessssshh aaaaaaah haah”. She grabbed my
hairs and pulled my head towards her cunt. I pulled down her panty
from knees to foot and threw it away. She also put off her nighty
lying on her neck and thrown under the bed. Now she was completely
naked in front of me. I grabbed her both knees and stretched them
aside which opened her pussy hole a little. Her clitoris, pussy lips,
pubic hairs everything was clearly seen and was served for me tonight.
I smooched her pussy lips and sucked her clitoris. While sucking, I
moved my hands upwards and pinched both her tight nipples. She was
moaning loudly.
It went for about 15 minutes. Then I moved my face upwards via her
navel, stomach, boob valley and kissed her right neck. I kissed and
licked all over her neck and shoulder. Our body parts were in a pair
like my chest on her tits, stomach on stomach, my solid dick on her
hot spot, thighs on thighs and foot on foot. She was drunk so her
sweat had an alcoholic fragrance. The smell of her sweat were adding
to my excitement. I rubbed my nose over her both tits and passionately
had the smell of her both sweaty soft boobs. Her complete body was
extremely hot and was covered with droplets of sweat. The aroma of her
wet skin made me cruel and wild.

I took off my jockey and made her turn around. Her perfect round heart
shaped ass was before me wihout any cloth on it. I was a big fan of
her ass and my dick was saluting her ass. I hurrily grabbed her butt
cheeks and buried my face into her butt line. I kissed all around her
butt and played with it like a kid. I moved up and kissed her back
neck grabbing her boobs from behind. My hard dick was sliding on her
butt line.
After cuddling for about 20 minutes, I made her lay on her back as
before. When she turned round, her boobs were dancing and shaking. I
gave a light kiss at her left lower boob and turned my face down
towards her thighs. Her face got trapped between my legs and my knees
were close to her ears.
I sucked her pussy again and slowly spread my knees apart. It brought
my dick closer to her face and finally, my dick head was touching her
lips. Yes right, We were in 69 position. I gently inserted my stiff
iron dick inside her mouth. She sucked and licked my dick. My dick was
dipped in her saliva and her tongue massaged it. Her mouth was like a
hot honey well. She was also giving me a nice blowjob. I pushed my
cock in and out of her mouth while licking her pussy. Suddenly I
pushed my cock entirely inside for a deep throat. She coughed a
little. I could feel her warm wet throat and tongue. Oh my god… what
a feeling it was… From then my favourite was deep throat. I did the
same deep throat about 8 to 10 times. My lips and tongue were stoned
licking her pussy so long.

Then I changed my position to missionary. Her saliva was all over my
dick. My lips were on her lips, my hands and legs were playing with
her sweaty hot body.
She folded her legs and spread them wide. My dick was resting on her
pussy lips. Her saliva was all over my dick.
I moved my hips little backward, set my dick head between her pussy
lips. Her pussy was very hot and wet. I could feel her hotness on the
tip of my dick. I locked lips with her smooching, gripped both her
hands with mine and pushed my cock inside her. My cock entered inside
her wet pussy completely in one stroke. She moaned in my mouth
“uummmmhhhh”. Her pussy was very tight and slippery as for many
years she has not got fucked. My head was bursting with combination of
pleasure, excitement, joy, relief, and many more feelings all
together. That feeling cannot be explained by words. I was completely
in a heavenly world. I started stroking my dick in and out. She cried
loud “mmhh mmmm mhhhm mm”. At every stroke, the skin of my dick
was sliding on her pussy walls inside. Every single stroke made sound
“chuk pach kach pach” which took me to the peak of excitement.
I continued stroking for about 4 minutes and then increased my speed.
I was fucking her like a brutal animal. She shouted terribly “aaahh
ooooh uyeee aahhh eeeeahhhh”. I was going to cum, I doubled my
speed, the last stroke hit my dick inside her and flooded her vagina
with my fluid. I shouted “aaaahhh oh yeah”. My fluid was flowing
inside nonstop for about 10 seconds.
After filling her up, I laid there on her relaxed with my dick still
inside her. Whole room was silent. She was breathing heavily and I was
still holding her both hands. After few minutes, I pulled my dick out
of her pussy. My dick was dead and soft by now. I got up and slept
next to her. We both were relaxed and speechless and I don’t know
when did I fall asleep.

Next morning I woke up. I was on her bed sleeping nude. She was not
there with me. Suddenly the door opens, there she comes with a cup of
tea wearing a silky navy blue nighty. I took the cup, had a sip and
didn’t say a word. She said “look, whatever happened last night
was just ok. We were drunk and I don’t think I will be marrying
again. So it is ok for me and you are such a nice guy.” I smiled and
thanked her. She hugged me and lightly kissed on my lips.
That morning we had bath together. After breakfast we watched porn
together and fucked again the whole day. We did doggie style, anal sex
and tried many different positions. From then onwards, I slept with
her 3 times in a week. I fucked her for about 5 months then sadly she
got transferred to another place far away.
It had been 2 years and I am living with those memories. I still have
that bathing video of her. I often jerk off watching my sexy