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My sexy bhabhii

Hello, how are you friends? I am Bobby.all girls and auntie can
contact me for fun email. I’m from bangalore.

and coming here to share one of my interesting sex encounter with one
bhabhi. She used to reside just in front of my home. Friends, let me
tell first tell you about myself. My age is 251and I am graduate. I
live in Karachi. I am 6 feet tall and have good built. My dick is 9
inch long and 3 inch wide. Female loves my dick as it is drilling tool
for them.

Now friends, let me come to story. It happened few days before. She is
Sheeba. She used to live just infront of my home. She was staying at
her parent home and she was divorcee. She had 6 year old son but no
one could say that she had a son. She was so pretty and beautiful. She
had very beautiful and curvy body. She was 28 and her body shape was
36 – 32 – 36.

I went to her home due to some work. I used to go to her home. We were
friends and very opened to each other. We used to share each and every

She was bathing that day and she was alone at home that time. Her son
went to market with her Nana ji. I called her by her name. Where are
you Sheela bhabhi? She called me back. You sit now. I am bathing. Just
coming in few minutes.

I sat but i was thinking something else. I got up and went up to
bathroom. I was trying to see inside from bathroom window. She was
busy and was just bathing. She was nude. I was seeing her like that
first time.

She was looking awesome. My dick was been hard. She was rubbing soap
on her pussy. She was doing fingering. I got that she was hungry and
her pussy wanted dick now. She was very thirsty and her pussy was very
hot and horny.

I was seeing her and when she started clean herself. I went back and
sat. I was trying to do like that i had not seen anything. But
friends, all of you know that when you see a sexy nude body. You dick
never support you. My dick was very hard and it was visible.

She came there after 5 minutes. She was still in towel. She was
looking so awesome.

I saw her and said – Bhabhi, you are looking so hot today.

She smiled and came to me. She sat next tom me and was talking to me.
I had noticed that she was seeing my hard dick. Even she was knew that
i was starring her boobs.

Bhabhi smiled and asked – what are you thinking? I said – no,
nothing. She smiled and laughed and said – hmm, i know what are you
seeing? I was feeling very embarrassed.

She smiled again and said – don’t worry. It happen in this age and
took my lund in her hand.

hmmm… opppps…. What a sexy touch?My dick was so hard and just
wanted to come out and wished to turn my pant. She saw me horny and
unzipped my pant and pulled out my dick out. She was so thirsty and
just put my dick inside her mouth.

She was thirsty since long and she was passionately sucking my dick
and balls too. She made me nude. She was playing with my dick and she
dropped her towel too.

I was just starring her. I was not able to remove my eyes from her
sexy body. I took her boobs in my hands and was pressing them hard.
She started smooching me. I was enjoying very much.

Then, she came over me and was kissing me whole body. I was getting
mad with the touch of her lips everywhere on my body. Then we came in
69. She was sucking my dick.

She gave me a tablet to hold my timing for long. I had taken it.

Her sexy fair pussy was in front of my eyes. Wow friends, what a sexy
pink pussy it was. I kept my lips on her pussy. I was licking her
pussy. She was moaning in sexy pleasure ahah ahah ahha.. hmmm…
ahahha ahahahhhh… I was so desperate for her. I was so horny and i
was sucking her pussy hard and was fucking her pussy with my tongue.
She was getting sucked after long and she got cum instantly. Her cum
came over my face. I had licked her entire cum with my tongue.

I was smooching her and she was horny again. I was pushing and pulling
my 2 fingers in her pussy. She was getting mad. She was saying to me..
please fuck me… fuck me now. She was bagging me now to fuck her