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My Sexy Young Sis-in-Law

She came home to chill out as it was her first degree holidays. She was 19 years old and the very sight of her turned me on immensely. For weeks I had been fantasising about her body and at every opportunity I would touch her, feel her on the pretext of a pillow fight, smell her clothes and panties and lick them in her bathroom.

I had cummed all over myself a hundred times imagining her as a slut, as too drunk to notice me fucking her, watching her naked through a hole in the bathroom etc. Many fantasies. Today I had been driven enough to plan something to get to fuck her or atleast to see her naked. She was my wife’s younger sister. A divine 19 year old whose tits, navel, legs and butt have, over the last few weeks, driven me crazy with lust for her. Watching her in itsy bitsy clothes at her home made me erect instantly and I would stare at every inch of her exposed body, making sure that i was not noticed.

Anyway, as she came in today,I pretended to be drinking whisky and offered her some tequila. She readily agreed as it is not often that she gets to drink and she was at the stage in life when she thought drinking was cool. After 3 shots she appeared to be tipsy enough and I suggested we watch a movie and asked her to choose from my dvd collection. I had planted a few cds of porn there, which had hardcore pics on their covers. She looked at these intently and said ‘Oh, you have porn’. I said yes, I watch porn regularly. SHe said that she had watched porn herself, but not anything which looked as hardcore as these cds. I said you can watch them if you want, at which she shyly declined. I quickly made a joke out of it and said forget it, lets play a card game. Truth or Dare it was! We went into the bedroom and started playing. After deliberately losing the first few times she was running out of ideas as to what to ask me to do, when I got her another tequila shot. I also spilt some whisky on my shirt by mistake. This time after i lost the turn deliberately she thought a while and said.. i dare you to take off your shirt. My plan was working.

I took my shirt off willingly. The next turn i won and said ‘You take off your socks’ [i had to be careful and make sure that I made no moves to make her think i had intentions of fucking her] I gloated and said that now I will begin winning and you will lose the game.. I let her win the next as I poured her another tequila and she said, ‘You lost again’ I said , ‘But you have no ideas to what to make me do anymore’ Impulsively she said ‘ Take off your jeans ‘ I stared at her, apparently shocked, and said ‘ If you raise the stakes like this you wont be able to anything when i win ‘ She said.. Ha ha. I dare you. Willingly i stripped off my jeans and sat in just my underwear. She didnt fail to notice my 7 inch cock straining at my underwear. I won the next and dared her to take her shirt off. And off it came. The tits I had wanted to squeeze and suck were in front of me, milky white and firm in the constraints of a tight bra. She was about 32 d only but her tits were ripe untouched mangoes. She was red in the face when she lost again and looked at me with anticipation. I said, ‘off go your pants’ and laughed and said I will win again! She took off her pants and revealed a sexy black panty encasing her tight round pert ass which I wanted to fuck too.

The milky whiteness of her body and the young age at which i was seeing her jewels were making my cock gyrate within my undies After losing the next hand, I again said ‘ u have no ideas’ She said ..”ohh yeah. I dare you to take your cock out and wank it for a whole minute.” I agian pretended to be shocked though I was pretty sure she was quite drunk now. As I wanked my cock her eyes never left it and they got a glazed look. I felt like shooting my wad on to her but controlled just the same. I won the next hand and asked her to take off her panties.

She was drunk enough to do this very boldly and I saw her cunt framed by very little hair . Her ass was on display too and I unconsciously wanked my cock. She noticed this and smiled and I could see that her cunt was wet and young virgin juice was leaking down her thighs. I won the next one again and said ” you made me wank, now spread open and finger your cunny for a whole minute” It was as if she was wiating for this and she immediately started finger fucking herself. I was wanking watching her and suddenly found her hand snaking towards my cock. This was all I needed and i immediately freed her tits from her bra and started sucking her nipples while squeezing her butt and pushing a finger up her anus. After this we fucked like there was no tomorrow. I broke her virginity but she didnt have any pain as she was very very wet. I taught her to suck cock and gave her a good tongue fuck too. Her anus I left for some other day.

I could continue and tell you about what an openly sexy creature she has turned into when we are alone and how she has scores of boyfriends she fuck now, barely 7 months after I screwed her, but I am very excited again writing this and must go ahead and wank myself.