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My Squirting Maid Neela

You must have enjoyed my earlier two real life stories with the maids in my house. I have had multiple sex partners, but I am only publishing stories with the ones I have enjoyed most, and all the stories that I have published are real life stories. In fact there is one thing that I have found out in my sexual liaisons, most women hardly have enjoyed orgasm with their own husbands or even their boyfriends. In fact what I believe, partly we are responsible for it as we are too busy with our own sexual desire & apetite. I have found that women take a longer time to warm up, and we hardly give them that time.


In fact my experience on sex was by and large helped with my first experience with a much matured lady with 4 children with whom I still share a relationship which has now spanned more than 16 years. I will come to that in my last episode & narrate how my experience with her & urge from both the sides to experiment helped me to be more mature as far as sex is concerned.

Today I am going to narrate my experience with my maid Neela, who joined after Sumitra left. In fact that was my first experience of female squirting.

When Neela joined, I always had a feeling that I would not have much difficulty seducing Neela. I often found that Neela would eye me. So one day may be after about six months she joined, I had a chance. She was all alone as none was there in my house. I remember it was rainy season, and a few days back there was heavy down pour. So that day, when she completed the daily chores and she was about to leave, I asked about her family, if she was facing any problem with her house in this rainy season and so on. She said that she needs to thatch her roof of her house as water was leaking. All along she would talk to me with a smile and I felt that she was also willing to talk & pass time with me. After sometime I asked if she would need some money, she asked for 400 bucks. I readily gave it to her asking her not to tell anybody. She was very happy.

As she left the house and went outside to close the front gate to leave, she gave a couple of glances back to me smiling. I took my chance, and as she was closing the outside gate, I called her.

Immediately she came back. As she came back and came inside, I closed the door of our drawing room and at point blank told her that I like her. Would she mind if I kiss her ? She stood their looking down but smiling, I knew I had hit the bulls eye. I took her hand and we went to my bedroom.

She too like Sumitra was quite short, but her figure was eye catching. Her breasts were not as small as Sumitra. It was beautiful shape, and not the sagging water melon type which I distaste. What was striking was her buttock. I loved the shape.

As I sat on my bed I pulled her close. I started caressing her neck, ear lobes eyes and then started kissing her lips. She as if melted in my arms. As I traced my lips downwards, I reached her boobs I started to squeeze and caress her boobs without opening her blouse. As I was doing so cupping both her boobs, she suddenly moaned and dug her nails at my back. I did not understand at first. But I was in a hurry, so was she, so I just opened her blouse and started licking her nipples which had become as hard as cherry. As I took her & laid her beside me, I pulled her saree up revealing her hairy pussy. I was also surprised to see a a white discharge of her pre-cum juices that covered her entire pussy hair. I did not give much thought, and straight away started pumping my penis into her and discharged my load inside her. She then left and since the next day too our house would be empty till about noon she said she will come during morning by 8’o clock.

Next day at about 7:30 in the morning she arrived. I surprised to see her so early. She told me that she could not sleep the entire night dreaming about today. So she had come early as she wants to spend as much time possible with me.

I again took her to my bedroom, slowly stripped her naked and laid her beside me. As I was caressing her boobs her navels and moved lower down to her pussy she gave again a loud moan and suddenly to my surprise I found her juices squirting out, something like as a women pees. I am not sure how to explain. I again started to squeeze her boobs and licking her juices I slowly licked her clit and then thrust my tongue deep inside her vagina. Suddenly she started trembling and again started to moan, and again she squirted as I was eating her pussy. I could distinctly feel a warm jet of liquid coming out from her pussy. It was awesome friends. I bet any man would be in heaven if he could find women squirting. At least I was !

Then I made her sit, and asked her to suck my penis. She hesitated for a few moment. But as I made her sit in 69 position she slowly started first licking and then after a few minutes sucking my penis. I knew it was her first time and she was probably not feeling good. But my eating her pussy possibly made her suck my penis. When I enquired about her squirting ability, she seemed to be aware about it, but as she said she would have that rarely with her husband. Anyway, she would squirt every time I would have sex with her.

Dear friends I also had anal sex with her. She would discharge so much juices during our foreplay, that I would then mix it with my saliva and it would just start to flow down. I used this discharge to lubricate her anal opening and then put on a condom and slowly push my rod inside her. She also used to enjoy anal sex. She also stayed with us for almost 3 years during which we really enjoyed sex and then left, after my mother sacked her as she would be frequently absent . However, we still continue our relationship as till date she was the only squirting women I could find .