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My sweet Brother

Hi readers, this is my first time writing a true story happened in my
life between me and my brother. At present I’m married and with a
child and my age is 26 at present and my story started at my age of
Let me tell me about myself. My name is Vasanta and i’m from a small
village from andhra pradesh a typical upper middle class family girl
and one and only daughter for my parents. I also had a cousin brother
named vajeed. From our childhood me and vajeed my brother were very
close and we are habituated sleeping together since childhood. I used
to feel very secure and comfort whenever my brother ebraces and hugs
me while sleeping. years passed and at my age of 10 our families got
seperated due to our studies and my fathers job. 4 years passed and
all these years I felt very uncomfortable sleeping lonely as i missed
my brother and his hug during sleeping. i always used to think about
him all these years while sleeping. now I’m 14years and my brother is
18 years by now. And this is the time my cherry broke and i entered to
my puberty. In our villages we celebrate when girls got puberty. my
father arranged the function and invited all our family members to the
party. My brother and his parents also arrived to my function. I was
very happy seeing my brother for a long period. After the party is
over I was in my bedroom and eagerly waiting for my brother to come. I
heared the door knocking and I went to the door and as expected there
is my brother waiting outside the door. I opened the door and he came
in wishing me and as soon as i closed the door my brother hugged me as
usual as we were childs. But i felt different this time. my tiny
growing boobs just crushed with his chest and i felt a very differnt
sensation in my body, something heavenly.I too encircled my hands
around his back and hugged him very tight. We hugged for about 10
minutes and I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes hearing my
brothers heart beat. Its very lovely for me.My brother broke the hug,
but he didnt remove his hands on me. He just placed his hands on my
waist and kept looking into my eyes. I too matched my eyes with him
and I said”I missed u a lot these years”. Saying this love tears
started rolling my eyes. I asked him to sleep with me tonight hugging
me in his arms. Hearing this he just smiled and agreed to my request.
Suddenly we heared My brothers mother, my aunt calling for him. We got
disturbed in the romance and btorher is about to go out. I held his
hand very tight and asked not to go. He turned around and pulled me to
him catching me by his waist again my boobs crushed to his chest. I
just gave a little moan of happiness and straight away without any
second thought looking into his eyes I gave a kiss on his lips with my
lips. He was shocked and asked what happened to me. I replied I dont
know. He too smiled and lip locked my lips and I too responded to his
kiss chewing his lips. Then he said he must go now and said “wait for
me tonight so we can sleep toghether”. The night arrived and all our
relatives had dinner and slept in all the rooms. My mom aksed to sleep
in their bedroom. But i hesitated and said that I will sleep with
brother vajeed. My mom and my aunt accepted as they know we were very
close since childhood and is safe wtih him. My brother was waiting for
me in the room. I quickly showered and wore a pink silky night dress
and went to the bedroom where my brother is waiting for me. I went
into the bedroom and closed the door and went ot the bed and sat
beside him. I dont know some strange feeling started in my body. all
my nerves are exciting me for something. My brother came close to me
and put his arm around my neck. I looked into his eyes and said lets
sleep in a very low voice. My brother removed his T-shirt and i felt
shy looking to his hairy chest.we swtched off the lights and slept. I
asked my brother to hug me and sleep. My brother stretched his arm and
I laid my hed on his chest and wrapped my right hand around his waist
and slept. I was drawing circles on his hairy chest and it felt very
nice to me playing with his hairs. My brother is taking some deep
breathes while I’m playing on his chest. Mean while he is rubbing his
palm on my smooth silky tender back. Im getting tingling sensation but
felt good. Slowly im feeling sleepy and turned my back to my brother
and slept. My brother also turned to his sideways and put his right
had on my waist such a way that his palm is resting on my smooth
belly. Now he started playing his palm on my belly. I felt like im in
heaven. Suddenly he pulled me towards him by my belly.I moaned aaah
brother. He asked what happened. I said it felt good please hug me
tight. he whispered in my ears ” your belly is as smooth as silk”. I
just smiled and laid there without any word. In the middle of night i
felt something poking into my ass. I kept my hand on my back and
touched it. Its very hard like a rod. With my touch my brother moaned
a bit. Againg i laid down silent. After sometime i felt my brothers
hand moving on to my boobs. as soom a she touched my boobs my breathe
stopped a bit. I felt my boobs tightend a bit and felt heavy in my
boobs. Now he started rubbing his palm on my boobs over my top. it
felt very good for me. I acted asleep againg after some time his hand
started entering through my top. his hand on my naked skin. Ohhhh what
a feeling my body shrugged a bit with his touch.slowy his hands moved
on to my naked boobs and he caught hold my right boob. Wtih this i
moaned very sexily calling his name. Wiith this he grew bold and
started massaging my boobs and he started asking my how was i feeling.
I replied”its very good, keep doing like this”. Now he started
massagind both the boobs and i turned my head a little to my rght
caught his head by hairs pulled his head to me and started kissing on
his lips. We tounged each other tongues exchanging saliva. Now he
turned me facing the roof. with one hand in my top he is squuezing my
boobs and now he started playing my belly with the other hand and
slowly his hand moved into my pants. I caught hod of his hand very
tight unknowingly. But his hand is strong and continued moving towards
my pussy. I didnt wear any innerwears. As soon as he touched my hairs
all my nerves got electrified and my kissing grew wild. I started
pulling his tongue into my mouth very strong. He played with my pussy
hairs for sometime and his fingers touched my very sensitive part, my
pussy. As soon as he touched my pussy i humped my ass and fell down.