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My sweet sister after her marriage

Hello friends my name is Ravi(name changed) and this story is about me and my younger sister Pooja , let me first tell you about her she is now 30 yrs big boobs and a nice butt. Believe me I have not seen a better girl than her till now she is dam sexy. Now let us come to story. This story is about 5 yrs old when I and she were unmarried. Our parents were searching a good boy for her but we did not succeed and it took us about 4 years to search boy for her.
I started feeling for her when she was 20 yrs, I used to see her from terrace when she used to have bath, and I used to go to terrace when she used to take bath in bathroom. I used to see how she takes off her clothes.

She used to press her both boobs after taking off clothes and then having bath. Her bump was amazing. I used to look for the but crack and masturbate on the terrace. I used to smell her panty and bra whenever I got time. And also jerk sometime on them when I got a chance. She was dam hot. Then after 4 years we got boy for her and she was married. But after a year or so when I used to go there she was not much happy, I inquired few time but she did not tell me.
Time passed but she was not happy then one day when I visited their home I put kasam to her, she please tell me what is the matter why r you not happy but she told me that I will not understand and said don’t worry. But I insisted and give her my kasam, and then she told me she will tell me latter. I said OK. Then at the night when we were about to sleep I went to her room. Let me tell you first that they have small home, only two rooms, one room was occupied by their father-in-law and other by her and her husband.

But whenever I used to go there I used to sleep in her room and jiju in the lobby. That day jiju was not at home.
So I and my sis had to sleep in that room. It was normal as before that also we slept in same room. She said wait I will tell u. Then it was about 11:30 pm when all slept and it was me and sis in room then I asked her again please tell me trust me. If there is any problem I will try to solve it. She started crying. I said what happened she said I can’t tell u. I said pls trust me. If u won’t tell me then with whom will you share it? U can’t tell mom as she is not well. She said ok but promises me you won’t tell anyone. I said I promise.

Then she said your jiju is not. I said what. She said he has no desire for sex. It has been 1 year and we only had 3 or 4 times. Oh god I said. Is that the problem? But I asked why it is so. Have you asked him? She told me number of times but he is not interested at all in it. Oh. And she started crying. I went near to her and hugged her. She was still weeping. I said please don’t cry. I was afraid if I should ask her if I can help her. But I did not say it.
I just kept hugging her and my monster got up. She was so hot I could not hold it. Then she opened her arms and we hugged and her boobs crushed with my chest. This went for some time. And then I pushed her back toward me and now my monster was hard. It was hitting her belly. Then I told something in her ears. I first kissed her on ears and said didi can I tell you something. She said what. I said my monster is hard now. She said I can see. It is hitting my belly. She said what the plan is. I said whatever you say. She said do what you want. I said I was waiting for your green signal. She said I was always green for you. I said is it?

Then I pushed her towards me and was crushing her buts. I said I was dying for this buy. Then I crushed her boobs over her nightie. Then I said can I do whatever I want today she said yes I am yours till 5 am. Then I kissed every part of her body for 15 mins. She was moaning sometimes. Ahahah. Then I opened her nightie. She was not wearing anything inside. I just went directly to her pussy. And parted two vertical lips and kissed them. She said your jiju never did that. I said I am here not you don’t need to worry.

I then told her do you have some honey at home. She said yes but it is in kitchen. I said bring it. She said why you need it. I said get it first them I will tell you. She wore the nightie again and got the honey. Then I again opened her nightie and she slept with her belly upwards. I again parted her vertical lips and put some honey in the pussy. She said what you are doing. I said just enjoy. She said ok do what you want. I then put my tongue in the pussy. And honey wants deep, and then did tough fucking for some time. And then I started licking her pussy like a dog. She was morning. She said that I am so good; she is enjoying it a lot.

This went for 10 mins when all the honey was finished in the pussy and then I told her to do same to me. She said what. I told her to get up and I put some honey on my little master and told her to suck it. She first said no but there was yes in his no.

Then she held my gun and started licking. It felt so good. All this went for 10 mins and I told her let us start the real action she said she is ready. Let us know waste the time. I put my throbbing little master in her pussy and started stroking. After 5 or 6 pushes it went inside. And it was so good. I told did that I was thinking that real brother and sister will not taste good but I was wrong. She smiled and said “do it fast”. It was puch puch sound in the room.
She was at its peak and I told her that I am about to come she told me come inside me. I said r u sure. She said yes! Do it. Then I loaded all my juice in her pussy. I was exhausted and so was she. After 1 hour we did again in doggie style and then again in morning at 3 a.m.
After that I felt didi was happy day by day.