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My Unique Experience

First of all I want to clear that I found 90% of erotic stories as cooked up & not real ones. One may take the liberty of language but not of ideas &situations. As you will find I am going to give you REAL STORIES. As far as language is concerned All my lovely ladies stories readers may advice me ’bout that.

Those were the days when Iwas 24 . I am a north indian attractive male, wheatish complexion, atheletic build having 6″ long &2.5″ thick cock.It was my first posting in a small city 200 km away from my home.Being a middle class young boy I still couldn’t get a chance of sex &till now was spending my days by “muth markar” i.e. rubbing the LUND with your own hands.

Since I had to go to my job for whole day so Idecided to employ a servant for all domestic jobs. Hey! Hey! don’t jump on any conclusions. You might think as how Iseduced my lady servant & just like it…………..

Perhaps you know the life of a small city. Here everyone knows everyone and has no business but peeking in everyone’s life. It was impossible to get a lady servant for mine type of AKELA LUND . Ladies servants were available only for family homes.

So I employed a 17 years old south indian boy who was slow but efficient in his job.After2-3 months I became too much dependent on him. But he was not loyal & was indulged in all qualities of a bad servant such as petty theft charging more for house hold things& vegetables etc etc.

When all this became unbearable then on one sunday I dismissed him.He left the house with tearful eyes. Suddenly after 2 hours a lady came She was clad in dark blue saree & matching blouse.She was 35-36 fully ripe lady.

She introduced herself as mother of my servant.So I called her in & watched her carefuly. She was very fair pretty round faced with sharp features &very sensuous lips.Her blouse was unable in holding those DOODHS. Her back was more perfect a tight GAND.In a single sentence she can be any body’s dream. I was thinking when would I fuck her.

She told ” Sahab aapne Ramu ko kam par aane se kyon mana kar diya. Hum logo ko apka hi sahara hai.

I told him in GOLMOL languageabout the deeds of her son. But she was not ready to leave.

She remained silent for half’n hour.And I was thinking ’bout sunday noon CHUDAI. I was on the sofa & she sat near me on the floor.

Suddenly she asked – ‘ Sahab mei apke liye chai banadoo?

I agreed & show the kitchen. As she entered in the kitchen I came out of my home as it was a summer afernoon no one was there. I locked the main door & returned to her. She was at the kitchen’s door & was smiling at me . She appreciated the door closing.

—- ” Sahab I don’t know to use the gas stove .Would you please help me?

I went near her but she was not giving me the way to enter.

So I got her by her small waist and moved her aside.

In the kitchen I lighted the gas & asked her to make the tea.

—— ” Sahab chai bad mei piyenge. Abhi to kuchh aur pina hai!”

And she put her hand at right place on my lungi. I was

totally outspoken. She in a fraction of a second pushed aside my lungi

and grabbed my semi irected LUND. I too caught her in my arms.

gas was still burning and we went to the bedroom. She pushed me on the

bed, removed my lungi and undies. Then my whole LUND filled her mouth.

FOR 10 minutes she sucked like a lollypop. My hands were busy in pressing her GAAND as her doodhs were already pressed by my naked legs.

Then I pulled her above me and put my mouth over her lips.She accommodated by opening her mouth. Soon our tounges were fighting eachother like snakes. Then I started to open her blouse saree and petticoat. She helped me by raising her GANND. As she was fully naked now and I was impressed by her CHIKNI & cleanshaved CHOOT. I kissed her on forhead on knose on ears then on breasts. Than I took her doodh in my mouth & Suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkked.

Soon I was kissing her thighs she spreaded her legs fully and opened her CHOOT. I licked it and she was moaning AHHHHHHHHHHH….. .. .OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. AUR JORSE EEEEEEE




She remained un consious for 15 minutes.Then she placed her hand on my fully tight LUND. I asked ” ab kya pina hai?”

—— Aab to is se CHUDWANA hai. Maine kaha kis se?

——- Tumhare mote aur pyare LUND se.

I said OK.

And we started a heavy first round of CHUDAI.


were the only sounds. Afer fucking for 5 minutes Icried Iam Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming. She removed her choot and

placed my cock in her mouth. I filled her whole mouth & face with my CUM. Then we remained in each other’s arms for one hour.

Afterwards she asked — Kya aab tum aapne bete ko kam par rakhoge? ”

I replied only on one condition ” KI TUM AISE HI USKI SIFARISH KARNE HAR HAFTE AAOGI.